70th Birthday Cake Idea

Here is a 70th birthday cake idea I choose and decorated for a close friend’s mum recently.  This dear friend of mine whom I have known since my college days requested me to make a simple fondant covered cake for her mom’s 70th birthday. She wanted to have a special celebration with close family members to mark the memorable special occasion for her mom and wanted the cake to be special too. Having said that, she was not too picky of the design, and only requested for a single tiered cake covered in fondant with simple maroon themed design.

So I suggested a few designs and she picked one with a floral theme. And this was how the cake turned out:

70th Birthday Cake Idea

There is a bit of a story behind this cake. It was originally supposed to be covered in white fondant instead of ivory as in the picture above. That was what my friend wanted anyway. And at the back of my mind, I knew I had enough stock of white fondant to cover the cake so I did not check on it until just one day before the order was due. And I realized (at night that is!)then, when I opened my fondant container that I forgot to seal the bag when I opened it the last time I used it which was like 2 or 3 weeks ago. To my horror, the fondant was already crusted on the outside and I knew it was not going to work for the cake. And there was no way for me to get another batch because it was already 7pm and I promised I would deliver her the cake the next day.

I quickly thought of an alternative and decided to cover the cake with butter icing. I couldn’t even make my own fondant at that time as I did not have enough stock of icing sugar and gelatine to make the fondant. I then called up my friend to ask if she was ok with butter icing, to which she agreed but I could sense that she was not 100% ok with it. I felt really horrible for having to disappoint her and decided to go through all my fondant containers one more round to see if I had white fondant or any other colors that would work with Maroon. I did not find any white fondant, but had enough ivory colored fondant to cover the cake. And I knew ivory is a pretty color and would match perfectly with Maroon. So I called her up again and told her not to worry, I had the fondant issue sorted out.

That was quite a few hours of stress I went through and reminded me of how planning well ahead and checking on stock well ahead of time is very very important.

Ok, so lets get on with this 70th birthday cake idea.

70th Birthday Cake Idea - List of Supplies

These were the main supplies I used in coming up with this cake idea:

  • Cake – this was a 7 inches round cake and measured 4 inches high. I baked the cake using my marble cake recipe.
  • Buttercream – I used buttercream to fill the cake as well as to crumb coat it.
  • Fondant – The entire can was covered in Satin Ice Ivory Fondant. The cake board was covered in maroon fondant (a mix of red and black fondant). I used the same maroon fondant for the small blossoms on the cake as well as the cake border.
  • Lollipop sticks – these were used to insert the wire on the gum paste roses before putting the roses on the cake.
  • Gold dragees – these were purchased from a local cake decorating supplies shop.

70th Birthday Cake Idea - Decorating Guide

  • I started by making the gum paste roses first. I used white gum paste and tinted it with a combination of maroon and electric purple food colors to achieve the deep hue of maroon. I wanted to the rose petals darker on the inside towards the center and slighter lighter on the outer petals. And I used a Styrofoam ball as the core in making these roses. Click here for my full tutorial on how to make gum paste roses. The tutorial does not use Styrofoam balls, so if you plan on using them for your roses, you would need to attach them to your floral wire as shown. I prefer to apply hot glue to my wire before inserting it into the Styrofoam balls. This way, the foam balls remain totally secured to the wire.

  • Next was the cake itself. I baked the cake in 2 separate tins, and once baked and completely cooled down, I levelled and sandwiched them with buttercream. And then I gave the cake a crumb coat before covering it with fondant.
  • After that, I covered the cake board. For the cake board, I used Satin Ice Red fondant and added a little black to it. I started with very little black and kept adding it little by little until I got the right hue of maroon.
  • Next step was getting the lettering done for the cake. I used FMM Tappit letter and number cutters to cut out the birthday message in gum paste. I used the same maroon gum paste that was used to make the roses.
  • After the lettering, I prepared the rest of the flowers for the cake. All these were made using fondant and I used a combination of Ivory and 2 shades of Maroon for these.  I had a total of 4 different types of flowers on the cake. The first two largest ones were the hydrangeas and simple blossom. Click here to see how to make the hydrangeas and here for the simple blossom flowers. Both these were made using  cutters and veiners. The other 2 types of flowers on the cake were slightly smaller ones. Both these flowers were cut using my 5 petal plunger cutters. Of these two, I veined the larger ones using the same veining mold as my simple blossom flowers. And the smallest ones were left plain.

  • Once I had all the deco pieces ready, I assembled the cake. I started with the roses, followed by the lettering on the cake and then the fondant swirls. 
70th Birthday Cake Idea

  • These swirls were rolled and shaped by hand and I attached them to the cake with shortening. 
70th Birthday Cake Idea

  • Once all the swirls were done, I put on the flowers. I used fondant glue for the flowers to make sure they are totally secured to the cake. This was because some of the flowers were placed on the cake edges and had I used shortening, there is no guarantee that the flowers will stay in place where transporting the cake.
70th Birthday Cake Idea

70th Birthday Cake Idea

70th Birthday Cake Idea

  • After the flowers, I attached the gold ribbon and added the red rope border around it. I attached these with fondant glue.

  • And finally, I added the gold dragees randomly on the cake edges. I did not use any glue to put these on the cake, I merely pressed them into the fondant to hold them in place.
70th Birthday Cake Idea

And that’s it. A 70th birthday cake idea for a charming lady.

70th Birthday Cake Idea


Hope you enjoyed this. Happy Decorating :)


70th Birthday Cake Idea

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