Easy Sugar Flowers Tutorial

Sugar flowers make very pretty cake decorations. While making life like flowers may seem like a daunting task, there are simpler flowers that do not require as much skills as the more complex ones yet work wonders when used to decorate cakes. 

I am sharing on this page, one such ideas for easy to make sugar flowers that anyone can make. I made these flowers for a unicorn birthday cake and while the cake required lots of these flowers in a range of rainbow colors, it was fun to make them and after a few tries, I was able to make them pretty fast.

Here is how I made the easy sugar flowers

These were the main supplies used to make the flowers:

  • Fondant - I made the flowers using Satin Ice fondant. I tinted white fondant in the colors of the rainbow.
  • Food colors - I used gel food paste from both Wilton and Americolor to tint my fondant.
  • Simple blossom silicone mold - The mold to form the flowers and is the main tool to make these flowers. It has 2 parts, has veins imprinted on the inside and both need to be used together for every flower (see the instructions below on how to use the mold correctly).
  • Flower petal cutters - As I mentioned above, I made this flowers for a unicorn cake and I made the flowers in 2 different sizes. For the larger ones, I used a 5 petal metal cutter that came as a set with the silicone mold above. For the smaller ones, I used my existing flower plunger cutter which was purchased separately. 
  • Flower former - since I made lots of these flowers, I used painting palettes to dry the flowers. These palettes are relatively inexpensive and of the right size to hold the flowers in shape while drying.

And this was how I made the flowers:

  • For the larger flowers, I used a metal petal cutter. I rolled my fondant thin (but not as thin as I would if I was using gumpaste as fondant does not work well when rolled too thin) and cut out the petals.

  • I then placed the cut out flower on the silicone mold . 

  • The mold has 2 components, one is concave and the other convex. I dust the both with cornstarch and place the fondant cut out on the convex component.  And then, using my fingers, I loosely press the fondant piece such that the fondant cut out rests loosely on the convex without being stretched. This step helps to avoid the fondant from being stretched too much when the concave mold is placed on top and both components pressed together. And this in turn helps to avoid tears in the center of the flower due to overstretching.

  • Another important tip to remember when pressing both the components together is to make sure not to put pressure in the center. Instead, I only press all the five sides of the petal to imprint the veins on the petals. Again, the pressure in the center of the mold tend to stretch the fondant and this in turn could cause tears.

  • Also, to make sure the top and bottom components of the mold are placed on top of one another correctly, both the components have a small cut each and these cuts are to be inline in order for the flower to be formed properly. 

  • Here is how the flowers looked like after being veined with the mold. 

  • If the fondant sticks to the mold, I normally use my needle tool to gently remove the flower.

  • I then place the flower in a flower former until it sets and holds shape.

  • The silicone mold can not only be used for large flowers, it can also be used for smaller ones. 
  • The process of making the smaller flowers is similar to making the larger ones, except that the fondant cut out needs to be from using a smaller flower cutter. 

  • Again, the mold has to be dusted and the fondant cut out placed on the convex loosely so as to avoid it from being overstretched when the other silicone mold is placed on top.

  • And this is how the flowers look like after veining. Again, if the flowers stick to the mold, I find using the needle tool helps to remove the flowers without damaging the petals.

  • And the sugar flowers are placed in flower formers until they are set and able to hold shape. 

  • And that was how I made my easy sugar flowers. 

These flowers can be placed directly on cakes. I used them as the mane for my unicorn cake and they were attached to the cake using shortening. 

And that was how I made my easy sugar flowers. 

I used these flowers for a unicorn themed birthday cake. Click here or the image below to read more on how I assembled the unicorn cake.

Hope you find this tutorials helpful. Please leave your comments below and I will respond as soon as I can.

Happy decorating :)

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