Pink Starry 21st Birthday Cake

Here is a pink starry 21st birthday cake I made for a customer who wanted to present this gorgeous cake for his girlfriend’s 21st birthday. I did not design this cake, it was recreated based on an image shared by my customer with some tweaking to the design.

Pink Starry 21st Birthday Cake

Nevertheless, I was totally pleased with the way the cake turned out. The first 2 tiers were dummy and only the bottom tier was real cake. Everything on the cake was edible except for the wired stars – and that is because they were wired hence not safe for consumption.

Here is how I decorated this pretty pink starry 21st birthday cake:

These were the main supplies used:

  • Cake – Only the bottom tier was cake, measuring 12 inches in diameter. For this cake, my customer chose coffee flavoured butter cake and so I baked it using my coffee cake recipe.
  • Styrofoam dummies – Both the top and second tier of the cake were Styrofoam dummies. 
  • Buttercream – I used buttercream to fill the bottom tier layers as well as to crumb coat the cake. For the dummies, there was no crumb coat. All I did was brush them with water and cover them with fondant. The water was sufficient to help the fondant stick well.
  • Fondant – The entire cake was covered in fondant. I used Satin Ice fondant in pink, white and black. I also used fondant for the stars, the ribbon and the tiara, however, for these items, I added a bit of CMC to the fondant so that they set hard and firm.
  • Extruder tool – This tool helped me in producing even sized fondant roll for the tiara. I also used the extruder for the pink rope border and white plain border as well as the key.
  • Gold dust & lemon extract – I mixed these two to make gold paint and used it for the key on the cake as well as the tiara
  • Star cutters – these were used to make the bursting stars on the cake. Each star was attached individually to white floral wires. I also used tiny stars for the back of the second tier of the cake. These were cut out using star shaped plunger cutters.
  • Heart shaped cutters –  I used 2 different sizes to make the pink bow on the second tier.
  • Round scalloped cutters – These were used to cut out the black fondant circles on the sides of the 1st and 3rd tiers where I attached number ‘21’ and the gold key respectively.
  • Floral wires – These were used for the bursting stars on the cake. I used gauge 18 so that they could hold the weight of the fondant stars and not bend away.
  • Alphabet cutters - I used Clikstix cutters for the name on the cake board as well as the number ‘21’.
  • Diamond embossing mat – I used this mat to imprint the diamond patterns on the sides of the second tier.
  • Fondant glue & shortening

And this was how I decorated and assembled this pink starry 21st birthday cake:

  • Since the first and second tiers of the cake were dummies, I could decorate them ahead of time. I covered the top tier dummy with pink fondant while the second tier was covered in white. I used my diamond embossing mat to imprint diamond shapes all around the tier and attached tiny pink fondant balls (hand shaped) at equal intervals.  At the back of the cake where the imprint didn’t quite align, I used little pink stars to hide it.


Pink Starry 21st Birthday Cake

  • I also made the stars and the tiara ahead of time. This was so that they could have enough time to dry and set hard. For the stars, I used 2 different sized star cutters and cut out the stars using pink and black fondant (that has been mixed with CMC). I attached one wire into each star and let them set completely, lying flat.
  • As for the tiara, I used fondant (again I mixed a bit of CMC to it) and used my extruder tool to pipe out long thin roll of fondant. I used a template for the tiara, drew it on a piece of paper and glued the paper template to the sides of a 5-inch round cake dummy. And then, I guided the piped fondant to follow the design on my template. I used fondant glue to attach all the pieces of the tiara together.
  • Once done, I left the tiara to set completely (I left mine overnight). And then I slowly removed it from the template, placed it on a cake board before painting it with gold edible paint (gold dust mixed with lemon extract).
Pink Starry 21st Birthday Cake

  • I made the gold key in the same way as the tiara. 
Pink Starry 21st Birthday Cake

  • As for the cake, once it was baked, I levelled the layers, sandwiched them and crumb coated the cake with butter cream. And then I covered it with white fondant. Next, I measured the circumference of the cake and drew out a scalloped template. I placed the template on the sides of the cake and marked the scallops using my needle tool.
  • And then I cut out black fondant strips and attached them to the cake with some shortening.
  • Once the strips were done, I piped out a long thin fondant roll using my extruder tool and attached it to the cake, following the scallops’ markings I made earlier. To attach the fondant roll, I used shortening.
  • As for the round black plaque on the first and third tiers, I used my round scalloped cutter and poked tiny holes all around them. I then used my fine tipped brush to paint dots of white on the holes. For this purpose, I used Americolor liquid food color.
  • Next to go on this pink starry 21st birthday cake was the bow. I used heart shaped cutters for the loops and attached them to the cake with shortening.
  • Finally before placing the stars and the tiara on the cake, I added the borders for all three tiers and the wordings on the cake.


And that was how I decorated this pretty pink starry 21st birthday cake.

Hope you find this sharing helpful. If you have any comments or questions, pls leave them below, I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Thank you for reading :)

Pink Starry 21st Birthday Cake

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