Snowflake Sugar Cookies

Pretty snowflake sugar cookies made with the most perfect sugar cookie recipe. These cookies are painted on with edible gold, making them absolutely gorgeous cookie gifts for Christmas!

Pretty decorated snowflake sugar cookiesSnowflake Sugar Cookies for Christmas

I baked and decorated this snowflakes cookies for Christmas. I choose to decorate them with fondant and embossing mat, so there is no piping work required!

I used the same cutter used to cut out the cookies to cut out the blue and white fondant background for the cookies. I used an embossing mat for the snowflakes design on the fondant, and painted on the gold pattern with edible gold dust. If you don't have an embossing mat, you can always paint the cookies free hand.

You will see in the tutorial below how my fondant cut outs fitted perfectly onto my sugar cookies. That is all thanks to my sugar cookie recipe that produces baked cookies in the exact same shape and size I put them into the oven. So if you are looking for a perfect cut out sugar cookie, my homemade sugar cookie recipe is all you need! 

All in all, I really love the way the cookies turned out. The gold snowflakes pattern on blue and white background of the cookies make the cookies look so gorgeous, these will make great cookie box gifts for Christmas.  

How to Make Snowflake Sugar Cookies

These were the main ingredients I used to make the snowflake sugar cookies:

  • Sugar cookies - I baked the cookies using my homemade sugar cookies recipe. For the amount stated on the recipe page, I was able to make 72 snowflake cookies, with each cookie measuring 6 cm in length (the longest points on the cookie). 
  • Snowflake cookie cutter & embossing mat - I used the snowflake cookie cutter texture set by Autumn Carpenter. This set comes with a number of snowflake cookie cutters in various sizes along with matching embossing mat.
  • Fine tipped cake decorating brush - A fine tipped brush will help you achieve fine painting on the cookies, so it is important to use a food grade, fine tipped brush for the painting work.
  • Gold dragees - I used gold dragees in 2 sizes; a slightly larger one for the cookie center and smaller dragees all around it.
  • Fondant glue - I used fondant glue to stick the fondant cut out onto the cookies as well as to stick the gold dragees on the fondant. 

Fondant decorated snowflakes cookies

And this was how I decorated the cookies:

  • The cookies can be baked in advance, and that was exactly what I did it. I used my homemade sugar cookies recipe to bake the cookies and baked them one week in advance. For the recipe amount on my recipe page, I was able to make a total of 72 cookies. Each cookie measured approximately 6 cm in diameter (at its longest length). Do bear in mind that the final number of cookies you get for that recipe will depend very much on the size of the cookie cutter you use.
Cookies cut into snowflakesUnbaked cookies
Baked snowflakes cookiesBaked cookies

  • To decorate the cookies, I started by dividing my white fondant into 2 and tinted one part with Americolor Silver Spruce while the other part was left white. 
  • I decorated all the 'blue' cookies first and then went on to the white ones. Since the decorating method is the same for both colors, this tutorial shows the 'blue' snowflakes design. You just need to replicate the steps for the white snowflakes.
  • Begin by rolling the tinted fondant thin. Make sure you dust it well with either icing sugar or cornstarch ( I used cornstarch) to prevent it from sticking to your work space.
Rolled fondant

  • Next, dust the embossing mat generously with cornstarch or icing sugar (with the raised pattern on the mat facing down). Turn the mat over onto the rolled fondant and gently but firmly press the pattern on the mat onto the fondant.

Fondant embossing matEmbossing mat with intricate pattern
Dusting the fondant embossing matDust the mat generously with cornstarch. The raised pattern on the mat should be facing down.
Embossing mat on fondantTurn the mat over onto rolled fondant (the raised embossed pattern on the mat should now be facing up).
Press pattern onto rolled fondantPress the pattern onto the rolled fondant gently with your fingers or using the end of a small rolling pin.

  • Lift the mat up and you will see the snowflake pattern embossed beautifully on the fondant.

Embossed snowflake on fondant

  • Using the same cookie cutter used to cut the cookie dough when baking the cookies, cut out the rolled fondant into a snowflake shape, making sure the embossed pattern is well within the cookie cutter .

Use a snowflake cutter to cut out the fondant
Embossed fondant snowflake

  • Next, brush your cookie very lightly with fondant glue and carefully attach the fondant cut out onto the cookie. Start with the pointy ends on one side of the cookie before moving slowly to the center and other parts of the snowflake. Adjust the pointed ends of the snowflake so that they are all well aligned with the cookie underneath.

Apply fondant glue onto the cookies
Attaching fondant cut out onto cookie

  • Once the fondant is attached to the cookie, use a large soft brush to brush off excess dusting flour on the fondant cut out.
Fondant on cookie
Brush off excess cornstarch

  • After that, you can start to paint the embossed pattern on the cookies. I used edible gold dust and mixed some lemon extract to it to turn it into gold paint (start with a little extract at a time so that the paint does not become too diluted).
  • Use a fine-tipped brush (food grade) to paint the embossed pattern on the fondant. 

Painting gold on cookies

  • After the painting is all done, attach gold dragees to the cookie. I used dragees in 2 different sizes. The dragee at the center of each cookie is slightly larger than the sides. Attach these gold balls with a light brush of fondant glue to make sure they stick securely to the fondant. 
Gold dragee in the center of the cookies
Smaller gold dragees on the sides

  • Repeat the process for all cookies, including the white ones. Decorating the cookies in batches helps in reducing the overall decorating time as opposed to decorating one cookie at a time. By batches I mean doing each of the steps above for all cookies, before moving from one step to another. 

Decorated snowflakes cookies

And that is pretty much the tutorial for my gorgeous snowflake sugar cookies. 

Happy Decorating :)

Pin this snowflake sugar cookie tutorial for later here:

Snowflake sugar cookies with embossed fondant in blue and white background and gold painted pattern.Snowflake Sugar Cookies

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