Marvel Superheroes Cake

Need a Marvel Superheroes cake idea? Here is a 4 tier Marvel Avengers  themed birthday cake design you can use.

Marvel Superheroes Cake

I made this cake for my son’s 12th birthday. We had a Marvel Superheroes themed party for his 12th birthday and so when I asked him which superhero he wanted on the cake, he said all! So, I designed a cake, trying as much as I could to incorporate as many of his favorite superheroes on the cake as possible. We had Thor, Captain America, Iron man, Hulk, Spiderman, Wolverine and the Agents of Shield represented on the cake!

Making or sculpting the superheroes figurines was not exactly my cup of tea, so I negotiated and succeeded in making my boy agree to have his cake decorated with the superheroes’ logos and symbols instead. And as a bonus, I made a 3D Thor hammer as the cake topper.

This was a large cake. The top tier was 8 inches in diameter, and the bottom tier was 14 inches in diameter. We did not need so much of cake at the party, so only the 2nd and 3rd tiers were real cake, which were 10 inches and 12 inches cake each. These were still quite a lot for the crowd we had at the party, but by the time the party ended, there was hardly any cake left. I had friends and family packing extra slices to bring back home and eat it the next day!

How to Make Marvel Superheroes Cake

These were the main supplies used to make this Marvel Superheroes cake:

  • Cake – Out of the 4 tiers, only 2 were real cake, i.e. the middle 2 tiers. Both measured 10 inches and 12 inches in diameter each and were about 4 inches high each. I used my butter pound cake recipe for the 10 inch tier and chocolate cake recipe for the 12 inches tier.
  • Styrofoam dummies – The top most tier and bottom most tier of this cake were Styrofoam dummies and measured 8 inches and 14 inches in diameter each.
  • Buttercream icing – I used buttercream to fill the cakes as well as to crumb coat them.
  • Royal Icing- I used this to make some of the logos on the cake
  • Fondant – the entire cake was covered in fondant including the dummies. I used Satin Ice fondant in white , red , black and baby blue . For the rest of the colors on the cake, I tinted white fondant with Wilton and Americolor food coloring.
  • Pizza cutting wheet – I would say this was my most used tool for this project. The cutting wheel, together with my sugar craft knife were used to make most of the logos and deco on the cake which were cut by hand based on my own templates and not with ready-made cutters.
  • Extruder tool – This was also used quite a lot on the cake. As you can see, all the borders on the cake were done with the help of this tool.
  • Alphabet cutters – I used two types of cutters in this project. The first set in block letters were used to make the 3D upright standing Happy Birthday message, my son’s name and the number 12 on the cake. These were purchased from a local cake decorating shop and therefore I am unable to provide a link to an online store for these. The other type was Clikstix alphabet cutters in block letters. I used this to cut out the words “MARVEL SUPERHEROES” on the other side of the cake.
  • Silver color mist – I used Wilton Silver Color Mist to spray paint Thor’s hammer as well as the 3D letters on the side of the cake.
  • Round cutter set – Where possible for the logos, I used these round cutters to assist with the cutting especially all the round outlines of the logos. I could also use these cutters a bit more for Captain America’s logo as there were a few circles in the logo and also used it for hulk’s radioactive logo.
  • Marvel superheroes logo templates – these were all printed from the internet. I made sure I resized them to the size I wanted before printing them out. I used these templates to hand-cut the logos on the cake.
  • Styrofoam block and styrofoam cutter – I purchased the foam block from a local craft shop. It was a standard piece flat styrofoam measuring about 1 inch thick. I used this to make Thor’s hammer and used a battery operated styrofoam cutter to shape the hammer.
  • Hot glue – this was used for sticking together the Styrofoam pieces I used to make Thor’s hammer cake topper.

And this was I assembled the cake:

  • To begin with, I got all my templates ready. These were gotten from the internet and I made sure I resized them so that they were all of the same size and were of the size I wanted them to be on the cake.
  • Next, I made Thor’s hammer. I drew the hammer by hand (by looking at images on the internet) and used it as a template to cut out my Styrofoam block. To get the thickness I wanted, I had to stick a few layers of the Styrofoam sheet and then use my Styrofoam cutter to cut out the shape of a hammer.  I then covered it with fondant. I used white and brown fondant. The white fondant was later painted in silver. As you can see, there are some designs on the edges of the hammer, and these were made by randomly imprinting my 5 petal flower cutter into fondant.
  • Next were the cake dummies. Since these could be decorated much in advance, I completed these ones first before the actual cake. I covered them with fondant. I used light blue for the smaller one and a combination of yellow and very dark green for the bottom tier.
  • And then I prepared my royal icing logos. I used royal icing color flow technique to create 2 of my logos i.e. the Hulk’s fist and the Iron Man face which I felt were very tedious to be cut out by hand in fondant. The color flow technique was the exact same technique I used to create my royal icing butterflies.
  • Three days before the party, I baked the cakes. Once they were completely cooled, I leveled, filled and coated them with buttercream. And then I covered them in fondant. For the second tier, I covered it with white fondant and the third tier was covered half in maroon and half in bright red. At the corner of the bright red section, I cut out a small section of the fondant and added some yellow fondant. This was for Iron Man.

Marvel Superheroes Cake
  • And then I went on to decorate the rest of the cake. I cut out all the logos in fondant and used my extruder tool to pipe our borders for each of them. I also used the extruder tool to pipe out the cake borders and well as to cover the joints where two different fondant colored were joined on the cake.
Marvel Superheroes Cake
  • As for the wordings, the 3D upright standing ones were made in advance so that they have time to set and harden. I used maroon fondant for the “HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ and then painted them in silver edible paint. My son’s name was entirely made with white fondant which I then painted in silver.
Marvel Superheroes Cake
  • As for the ‘MARVEL SUPERHEROES’, I used Clikstix cutters and attached them to the cake with fondant glue.
Marvel Superheroes Cake
  • I finished off the cake by attaching all the deco pieces together including Thor’s hammer.


And that was how I decorated this Marvel Superheroes cake.

Hope you find this useful. Please leave your thoughts and comments in the section below.  

Marvel Superheroes Cake

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