Lion Cake Design

This Lion cake design was created for little Casey who was turning 2. It was a simple 2 tier cake decorated with celebration-themed cheerful colors and a lovely fondant lion topper.

The cake was based on an image provided by my customer and I tweaked it slightly to suit my customer’s request. The original designer of this cake is 

Lion Cake Design for Casey

Now, this cake had extra deco in the form of bursting stars from the sides of the cake but I just realized as I was writing this post that I do not have any pictures of the complete cake! And that was because I only put the stars on the cake upon delivering it to my customer’s place. And then I forgot to snap a photo of the complete cake! So here I am with my not-so-complete cake. Anyway, the cake still looked very beautiful without the stars, thanks to for designing it. 

I definitely enjoyed decorating this cake and totally loved how the lion topper turned out.

Lion Cake Design Decorating Guide

These were the main supplies I used to decorate this cake:

  • Cake – this was a 2 tier cake, measuring 6 inches and 9 inches in diameter. Each tier was approximately 4 inches high and I used my butter pound cake recipe for the cake.
  • Buttercream – I used buttercream to fill the cake as well as to crumb coat it.
  • Gum paste – I used Satin Ice gum paste in white and tinted it blue with Wilton Royal Blue color for the lettering on the cake.
  • Fondant extruder – I used this for the cake borders as well as the bunting string on the cake. All were piped using circle discs in 2 different shapes.
  • CMC powder – I added this to fondant when making the lion figure. CMC helps fondant to set firm and that helps 3D fondant figures to hold shape.
  • Star plunger cutter set – these were used to cut out the fondant stars that were attached at each end of the bunting string on the side of the bottom tier.
  • Oval plunger cutter set – I used this to cut out the lion’s mane in chocolate fondant. Once cut, I pinched the ends to make it pointy before attaching to the lion topper as its mane.
  • Floral wire – This was used to make the bursting stars on the sides of the cake. You cannot see the stars anywhere on this cake as I attached the stars to the cake upon reaching my customer’s venue and then totally forgot to snap the cake photo with the stars on! The pictures I have on this page were all taken at home before the delivery.
  • Star cookie cutter – I used this to make the bursting stars on the sides of the cake (again, these stars are put up on the cake upon reaching my customer’s venue so they were not on at the point I took the pictures on this page).
  • Round cutter set and round plunger cutter set – I used the round cutter set (the smallest size) and my round plunger cutters to cut out the colourful circle fondant polka dots on the first tier of the cake.
  • Pizza cutting wheel – This was mainly used to cut the fondant strips in addition to all other general fondant cutting work for the cake.
  • Shortening and fondant glue – these were the glues for this project. I used shortening for lighter pieces of deco and fondant glue when I had to stick heavier pieces.
Lion Cake Design - Top View

And this was how I assembled the cake:

  • I started by making the lion topper first. In fact, I made this a few days in advance so that the lion was all set and firm by the time I needed to put him on the cake and also to avoid last minute rush in completing the cake.
Lion Cake Design - Lion Topper

  • I also made the bursting stars ahead of time. I used fondant that has been added CMC and used my star cookie cutter to cut the stars out. And then I attached them to one floral wire each. These were let to set in a horizontal position until they were ready to go on the cake, at the customers place.
  • To make the lion, I used white fondant that has been tinted with Wilton Golden Yellow color and kneaded some CMC into for added stability. For the mane, I used chocolate fondant. I started by forming the body of the lion and attached all the four legs to it. And then I did the face. I added all the facial features first, including the ears before attaching it to the body with fondant glue. Only after that did I add the mane. All around the face. For the mane, I cut out oval pieces of fondant using my oval plunger cutter and pinched the ends to make them slightly pointy. And then I attached them all around the head with fondant glue. I also added these to the back of the head. 
Lion Cake Design
  • As for the cake, once it was baked and cooled, I levelled the tops, layered and sandwiched them with buttercream and covered them in fondant. I covered the bottom tier in the same yellow fondant as the lion topper and the top tier in blue tinted fondant. 
  • And then I added the wide and narrow strips alternately all around the bottom tier. I used 3 different colors for the strips namely magenta, green and blue. These strips were cut using my pizza cutting wheel guided by a ruler and were attached to the cake with shortening at equal intervals.
Lion Cake Design

  • Next, I did the large number ‘2’ on the front of the top tier. The fondant was rolled and shaped into number 2 by hand. I used a paper template (which I drew myself) as a guide to form the number. I let the number firm up a little before putting it on the cake with shortening. 
  • After that, using the same magenta, green and blue colored fondant I used for the strips on the bottom tier, I added round cut outs in random sizes and order. I also added yellow colored round cut outs for this tier. And these were again attached to the cake with shortening. 
Lion Cake Design

  • Next to go on the cake was the birthday boy’s name. I made white bunting using white fondant that was cut out using my triangle plunger cutter. The lettering on the cake were cut using FMM block letters cutter. I attached the letters to the bunting before putting it up on the cake. For the string, I used my fondant extruder tool to pipe out a long strip of blue fondant and covered the ends with blue stars cut out using a plunger cutter. 
Lion Cake Design

  • And then I added the borders. For the top tier, I used my extruder tool to pipe out the yellow and green fondant strips separately and then twisted them by hand before placing them around the cake as border. The bottom tier border was also piped out using the extruder tool.  Both the borders were attached with shortening. 
  • And finally, I added the fondant lion topper and the bursting stars on the sides of the cake. Since the stars were only put on the cake at the customer’s venue and I did not capture any photos at my customer’s place, I do not have any images of the cake complete with the stars. Nevertheless, when putting the stars on, I inserted the wires into a lollipop stick each before poking them into the cake. This was to avoid direct contact of the wires to the cake.

And that was that. Lion cake design for 2 year old Casey's birthday.

Hope you find this useful. Happy decorating:)

Pin this Lion cake design for later here:

Lion Cake Design

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