Initials Cupcakes Toppers

If you are looking for ideas to make really easy initials cupcakes toppers that are made of fondant, you may want to check these cupcake toppers I made for a Frozen themed birthday party.

Easy Initials Cupcakes Toppers

For those who are not into much fondant cake decorating or who are pressed for time to create initials fondant cupcake toppers, you can decorate your cupcakes with designs made of paper (with images printed using a computer). At least that was the option I had in mind when my customer requested to cupcake toppers with her daughter’s initial on them for a set of  Frozen themed cupcakes but I was not quite happy making them out of paper and so resorted to these simple fondant cupcake toppers instead.

The thing is, these are so easy and fast to make, anyone can make them. You can even get your children to help you out with these.

How to Make Easy Initials Cupcakes Toppers with Fondant

These were the main supplies need to make these picks:

  • Round cutters – I used 2 different types of round cutters, one which were scalloped and the other plain circles

And this was how I put the fondant initials cupcakes toppers together:

  • The color theme for this cupcake picks were navy blue, turquoise and white. I had 6 cupcakes that were decorated with these picks so I used the 3 color to produce 6 different color combo for the 6 cupcakes. For the initial M itself, I have them cut out all 3 colors (2 in white, 2 in turquoise and 2 in navy blue) and similarly for the round and scalloped circle cuts.
  • And these were the 6 color combo I used for the picks:
  1. Combo 1: White scalloped circle, navy blue plain circle, turquoise letter M
  2. Combo 2: White scalloped circle, turquoise plain circle, navy blue letter M
  3. Combo 3: Navy blue scalloped circle, white plain circle, turquoise letter M
  4. Combo 4: Navy blue scalloped circle, turquoise plain circle, white letter M
  5. Combo 5: Turquoise scalloped circle, navy blue plain circle, white letter M
  6. Combo 6: Turquoise scalloped circle, white plain circle, navy blue letter M
  • To begin with, I rolled white fondant, cut out 2 scalloped circles (these were the largest cut outs). And then I cut 2 smaller plain circles and finally 2 initial 'M's.
  • And then I moved to the next color which was turquoise. Again, I cut 2 scalloped circles, 2 plain circles and 2 letter M.
  • And finally for the navy blue color. I repeated the cutting in the same way I did for the turquoise and white fondant.
  • Once I have all the cut out ready, I went ahead to assemble them.
  • To assemble the picks, I start with the largest circle which is the scalloped one. I laid it flat on my work surface, applied some fondant glue in the middle and then put a lollipop stick on it. I then took a plain circle cut out, applied some glue to the back and placed it right in the center of the scalloped cut out. At this point, the lollipop stick is in between the 2 cut outs. Next, I took one of the letter Ms and glued it (applied some glue at the back of the letter) right in the center of the plain circle cut out. And that was it. My first initial cupcake pick was done. I left the fondant pick to dry and set in a horizontal position until the glue has really set and the fondant dry and firm.
  • I repeated the process for all the 6 color combinations above.


And that was it. My super easy initials cupcakes toppers.


Hope you find this useful. If you have any questions, please leave them below and I will respond as soon as I can.

Thank you for reading.


Happy decorating :)

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