How to Make Fondant Flowers with Stems and Leaves

Want to learn how to make fondant flowers with stems and leaves? Here is an easy idea for simple fondant flowers I used for a butterflies and flowers themed birthday cake. 

I made the cake for an 8 year old girl and the flowers design was meant to be as simple as how a child would draw them. Hence I came up with the simple flowers, the stem and the leaves design on the cake.

How to Make Fondant Flowers with Leaves and Stems

The flowers on the cake were of 2 sizes; the larger ones had 3 layers of petals and these were attached to a flower stem. The smaller flowers, on the other hand, had 2 layers of petals and were attached to the cake, in between the larger flowers, but had no stems and leaves.

Here is my guide on how to make fondant flowers with leaves and stems

These were the main supplies I used for making the fondant flowers:

  • Fondant - I used Satin Ice white fondant and colored it red, purple, yellow and green for the flowers and leaves
  • Food color - I used Wilton and Americolor gel food colors to tint the white fondant for the flowers.
  • Flower and leaf cutter - I used the simple 5 petal flower cutters for the flowers and Wilton Lily flower petal cutter for the leaves. The 5 petal flower cutters I used were in 3 sizes - small, medium and large.
  • Fondant smoother - I used fondant smoother to help in rolling an even sized green fondant strip for the flower stems.
  • Needle tool - The needle tool was used to mark veins on the leaves.
  • Ball tool and flower sponge - these 2 tools were used to thin the edges of the flower petals.
  • Flower formers - I used these in 2 sizes. The small ones were for the  top and middle layer of petals on the flower, while the larger ones were used for the bottom layer. The flower formers helped the petals to dry in a natural curved shape.
  • Shortening - I used shortening to stick the flowers, stems and leaves on the cake. 

How to make fondant flowers with stems and leaves - Here is how I did it:

  • First of all, I got the petal cutters and the leaf cutter ready. For the flower petals, I used 5 petal flower cutter in 3 different sizes. 

  • Next, I rolled out some red fondant and cut out petals using the medium sized 5 petal flower cutter. 

  • I thinned the petals using my ball tool and flower sponge and used my fingers to form slight folds on the sides of each petal.

  • I then placed the petals in a small flower former (as I mentioned earlier, I used 2 different sized flower formers).

  • Next, I rolled out some purple fondant and cut out petals using the smallest flower cutter. And similar to the red petals above, I thinned the petals using my ball tool.

  • I then form small folds on the sides of each petal, similar to the red petals above.

  • Using a damp brush, I attach the purple petals to the red ones I made earlier.

  • For the flower centers, I used some yellow fondant, formed it into tiny balls and then flattened each ball down with my thumb to form a circle.

  • I attached the yellow center to the flower with some water and then left the flower aside to set. 

  • Next, I made the largest flower petal. For this, I used the largest petal cutter and cut out petals in purple colored fondant (similar to the purple fondant used above).

  • I thinned the petals, and then formed folds on the sides.

  • I then placed the petals in the larger flower formers and left them aside to set

  • And then, I attached all the petals together as shown.

  • And this is how the completed flowers looked like:

  • I also needed smaller flowers for the cake and made smaller ones by omitting the largest layer of petals. And I made these flowers in 2 different combinations of red and purple as shown below:

  • While waiting for the flowers to set, I went on to make the flower stems and leaves. For the stems, I rolled some green fondant into a thin strip. To achieve an even strip, I used a fondant smoother to roll the fondant. 

  • I then cut the strips into shorter strips of equal length. These were to form the stems for the flower plant.

  • I attached the stems to the cake with shortening. And I used an icing scraper to make sure the stems were vertically straight on the cake.

  • Once the stems were done, I then did the leaves. For the leaves, I used lily petal cutter. 

  • I placed one petal on the cake, and when the position was right, I cut of the excess from the leave.

  • And I used the first leave as a guide to cut the rest of the leaves for the cake.

  • Before sticking the leaves on the cake, I created veins on the leaves with my needle tool. I did this free hand, started with the center vein and then did the sides. 

  • And similar to the stems, the leaves were attached with shortening as well.

  • Once the leaves and stems were all done, I attached the fondant flowers to the cake as shown:

And that was how I made easy fondant flowers with stems and leaves. 

See how I completed the rest of the cake here:

Hope you find this tutorial on how to make fondant flowers with leaves and stems useful.

Happy decorating :)

How to Make Fondant Flowers with Leaves and Stems

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