Halloween Cupcakes

I made these Halloween cupcakes a while ago. They were decorated using royal icing and were pretty easy to put together.

The first ones are a batch of cupcakes with spiders on them. The second one was with a Halloween pumpkin design.

Both designs were created using royal icing and fondant. I use quite a bit of royal icing in my piping work on cakes and that is simply because I find it easier to work with royal icing than with buttercream due to the weather here. I live in Malaysia and the temperatures are ever so unforgiving for buttercream. Royal icing sets nice and hard and I don’t have to worry about working in an air-conditioned room or keep running to the fridge every now and then to keep my decorations from getting too soft to work with.

Now back to the Halloween cupcakes.

Here is How I Made the Halloween Cupcakes

The Inspiration: Spider Cupcakes

The inspiration for this cupcakes came from this Halloween spider cake I made. The cake theme was spider and the colors were literally black and white so I used the same concept on these cupcakes.

The cupcakes were made using my chocolate cupcake recipe and baked in silver cupcake liners. Once baked and cooled, I covered them with a thin layer of chocolate buttercream. The purpose was to make sure the fondant cut outs I was going to cover the cupcakes with adhere to the cupcakes. I cut some fondant circles in white and the others in black. Next, I filled 2 piping bags fitted with Wilton tip #3 with black and white royal icing respectively.

Using a round nozzle, I piped the spiders onto the cupcakes, starting with the body and then all the 8 legs, finishing off with the eyes. I piped white spiders on black fondant and black spiders on white fondant. These spiders were piped free hand, there was no sketching or markings on the cupcakes before piping. That is why you see that the spiders are all in different positions and sizes (the legs, especially), which I thought was not too bad. 

The Inspiration: Halloween Pumpkin

This was a trial design. I only had one cupcake done. I had some left over icing in orange and black and thought may be I could create something out of it.

I tried with a pumpkin first. It was piped free hand. I started with an outline and then went on and filled it up with icing. I used a round icing tip for this. And then I took some black icing and piped the pumpkin’s eyes and its crooked mouth. The pumpkin looked rather plain on the cupcake, so I decided to add a simple border. Since I cut the fondant covering on the cupcake with a scalloped cutter, I decided to pipe a simple border that followed the shape of the scallops and so using black icing and again the round piping tip, I finished the cupcake decoration with a black curly border.

I created both the designs above with free hand piping, meaning, I did not use any templates or trace any outlines onto the cupcakes before piping. If you are not very comfortable with free hand piping, you can actually draw the designs on a piece of paper. Once you are happy with the design, trace it onto a parchment paper. Turn the paper over and using royal icing, pipe the design out following the outlines on the paper. Let the designs set completely, and then carefully peel them off the paper and use on your cupcakes. I have used this technique for one of my cupcakes. You can see how I made these soccer ball toppers for the cupcakes here.

And that's it on my Halloween cupcakes!

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