Gold Fondant Lace

I made this gold fondant lace for a square wedding cake. Its all hand made, meaning I formed the lace by hand, using fondant, airbrushed it gold and then attached each individual component onto the cake.

It took me more than a day to get this lace done and put on the cake, and that was not because it was difficult to make. It was simply because the fondant needed time to set before I could transfer it onto the cake. The lace itself did take a few hours to form but the end result, once it was put on the cake, made every minute spent on making the lace worth it!

The trick in getting this right is to make sure that fondant lace pieces are all set and completely dry before being attached to the cake.

How to Make Gold Fondant Lace

These are the supplies I used to make the gold fondant lace:

  • Lace template - I drew the template by hand. In drawing it, I made use the height and the length was fitting for the cake I was making. And since I have the same lace pattern on all 3 tiers of the cake, I made 3 copies of the template so that I could make the lace for all 3 tiers at one time.
  • Parchment paper - The parchment paper was used to form the lace on. Since my template was drawn with a marker pen, I place a parchment over the design when forming the lace so that the fondant does not touch the marker pen ink on the paper.
  • Fondant - I used Satin Ice "ivory" fondant. The reason I used ivory is because I was going to paint it gold, and ivory highlights the gold tone better than white fondant.
  • Clay extruder - I used this tool to make the fondant strips for the lace. It not only helps in saving time from having to roll the fondant strips by hand, it also helps to produced consistent-sized strips.
  • Shortening - This was the 'glue' for the fondant lace. I used it to attach the lace pieces on the cake. I also used shortening when forming the lace on the parchment paper. A thin coating of shortening made it easier for me to remove the lace pieces from the parchment paper once they were set and dry.
  • Airbrush - I used airbrush to color the fondant lace gold. It was definitely faster to use an airbrush compared to hand painting as the amount of lace to be painted was quite a bit. Also, airbrushing helped in providing a smooth finishing for the gold color on the lace.
  • Gold sheen airbrush color - I used Americolor Gold Sheen color and love the way the color turned out on the lace.

And here is how I made it:

  • First and foremost was the lace template. I drew mine by hand, and then made a few copies of it so that I could work on all the lace pieces on the same day.
  • I taped each template to a cake board and then placed a sheet of parchment paper over the designs. I secured these papers in place with blue tack.

  • After that, I brushed the parchment paper with a thin coating of shortening. I used shortening so that the fondant lace pieces detach easily from the paper once they were ready to be put on the cake. Also, having shortening on the paper helped to keep the fondant pieces in place while I was forming the lace.

  • Once the templates were ready, I started with the lace. I used small circle disc for the clay extruder.

  • In forming lace, I started with designs on the inside of each lace piece. These pictures below show how I did it, step by step:

  • Once the lace was done, I airbrushed it using Americolor Gold Sheen paint.
  • If you notice, I did not complete the middle section of the lace. This was because the center of the lace should be at a 90 degrees angle as it will be placed on the side corner of the cake and therefore must be formed curved at a 90 degrees angle.

  • Next was the middle section of the lace. I traced the pattern onto another paper. I then folded it into half and taped it to a Styrofoam such that it is curved at a 90 degrees angle. 

  • I then taped a piece of parchment paper over the design, formed the lace and airbrushed it.  

  • I left all the lace pieces aside overnight to set and for the paint to dry. The next day, I assembled the lace on the cake. 
  • For a guide, I used the same lace template, folded it into half and placed in on the cake, exactly where I wanted the lace to be.

  • To make sure the template stayed in place, I used shortening to stick it to the cake. 

  • Next, using a needle tool, I poked tiny holes on the template and the fondant underneath. marking the main points of the lace.  

  • I then removed the paper and applied shortening where the holes were marked.

  • And then I started attaching the lace. I started with the middle section of the lace, from the bottom.

  • Once the center was complete, I moved to the sides. Where the lace pieces were not sticking well on the cake, I applied some shortening directly on the lace pieces for them to stick securely on the cake.

  • I completed both sides of the lace and repeated the process for the other 2 tiers of the cake as well. Here's how the gold fondant lace looked on the cake when completed.

And that was how I made gold fondant lace.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorials as much as I enjoyed making it.

How to Make Gold Fondant Lace

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