Fondant Unicorn Horn Tutorial

This fondant unicorn horn tutorial is part of my unicorn birthday cake decorating tutorials. In fact, I have 3 separate tutorials on just that cake, one for the unicorn eyes, one for its mane (which I made using simple sugar flowers) and the last one is off course, this tutorial on its horn.

Fondant Unicorn Horn Tutorial

Frankly speaking, making the horn is a very straight forward technique and does not require any special tools or cutters. And off course this is not the only method of making the horn, but this was how I made it and I am happy to write all about it here.

Fondant Unicorn Horn Tutorial - Here is how I made it

Like I mentioned earlier, there are no special tools required to make this fondant unicorn horn. These were the main supplies I used to make it:

  • Fondant & CMC powder - I used Satin Ice fondant in Ivory and mixed some CMC powder into it. Tylose powder will work equally good as an alternatively to CMC powder. I used about 3/4 tsp CMC powder for this horn. 
  • Wooden stick - This is a food grade stick and I used this stick to support the horn as well as to attach it to the cake.
  • Edible gold paint & lemon extract - Since I wanted the unicorn horn to be gold in color, I painted it with a mixture of edible gold paint and lemon extract.
  • Paint brush - Again, this was a food grade brush and I used it to paint the gold dust onto the horn.

And this was how I made the horn:

  • Firstly, I mixed CMC powder into my fondant and kneaded it well. I then divided the fondant into 2 and shaped them into sausages, with one point narrower than the other. 

  • I then put the two rolls together and twisted them with both hands as shown below:

  • I twisted the rolls and then rolled them such that one end forms a sharp point and the other end remains wide and flat.

  • Since I rolled the pointed end more than the other end, the twisted lines were faded and to enhance the lines, I used my needle tool to mark the lines so that they become a bit more obvious.

  • And this was how the horn looked like after all the rolling and shaping were done. 

  • Next, was inserting the stick into the horn for support. The stick I used was long enough to not only fit the horn but also to be inserted into the cake.

  • I applied fondant glue to the stick and carefully inserted it into the fondant horn.

  • The next step for the fondant horn is painting. For this purpose, I poked the horn in an upright position on a styrofoam as I would do on a cake. Since the stick was longer than the height of the styrofoam,  I used a long glass to support the styrofoam. I did not want to cut the stick any shorter as a longer stick provides better stability for the horn compared to a shorter one, especially for tall fondant toppers.

  • For the gold paint, I used edible gold luster dust and mixed it with some lemon extract to form a thick mixture.

  • For the painting, I used a wide tipped brush so that I could cover a larger area within a shorter period of time. I applied two coats of the gold paint on the horn. 

  • And this was how the completed fondant unicorn horn looked like. I left it in this position for it to set before placing it on the cake.

  • And this was how the horn looked like when put on my unicorn birthday. 

Want to see how I made and assembled the cake with the eyes, mane and the upright standing font? Click here or the image below for a full tutorial on how I made the cake.

Hope you enjoyed this fondant unicorn horn tutorial. Please leave your comments below and let me know your thoughts.

Thank you for reading :)

Happy decorating!

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