How to Make Fondant Unicorn Eyes for Cakes

This tutorial is on how to make fondant unicorn eyes. I am writing this page to share with you, the steps I took to make this gorgeous and dreamy pair of eyes for my recent unicorn birthday cake

How to Make Fondant Unicorn Eyes

The cake itself was a 2 tier cake, and I had the unicorn's mane going though the top of the cake and coming down to the second tier in a curve that ends on the side of the cake. And since the front of the cake was rather empty, I decided to make a pair of large, round, twinkling eyes for the unicorn. 

How to Make Fondant Unicorn Eyes

These were the main supplies I used to make the eyes:

  • Eyes template - I drew mine freehand guided by images I searched on the internet. 
  • Fondant - I used Satin Ice fondant in white and black. For the purple part of the eyes, I used Americolor Electric Purple food color.
  • Extruder tool - I used the extruder tool for the black outlines of the eyes and the eye lashes.
  • Oval cutters - I used the oval cutters for the white twinkle dots in the eyes. 

And this was how I made the fondant unicorn eyes:

  • First of all, I got the template ready. As I mentioned above, I drew mine freehand. This was the template. If you notice, the eye has both top and bottom lashes, but my final fondant eyes only has the top lashes. I decided not to proceed with the lower lashes as I felt that the top lashes were sufficient to make the eyes cute and dreamy.

  • I then traced each component of the eye onto parchment paper and cut them out. 

  • Once I had the templates ready, I started cutting them out in fondant. I started with the white fondant. I rolled it thin and cut out two pieces of white ovals. 

  • And then, I cut out the purple ovals.

  • And finally, the black ovals:

  • Once I had the oval shapes in white, purple and black ready, I went on assembling them. Before attaching them with shortening, I arranged them first so that I get the order and position correct. 

  • Once I was happy with the position and shape, I attached them together with shortening.

  • The next step was to place the eyes on the cake. The challenge here was to make sure both the eyes were aligned horizontally. To ensure this, I attached the eyes based on rough estimation first, and then adjusted the position by measuring the gap between the top of the cake and each eye. And since the eyes were attached using shortening, adjusting their position on the cake was not a problem.

  • This was how the eyes looked like after measuring and alignment.

  • The next step was to complete the outline for the eyes. I used an extruder tool with a small round disc to produce thin black strips of fondant.

  • To attach the black strip, I applied shortening all round the eyes and carefully attached the black strip all around each eye.

  • I used a spatula to ensure the fondant strip is closely attached to the eyes.

  • Once the outline was done, I went on to complete the eye lashes. I used the eyes template earlier as a guide and marked tiny dots on the cake where each lash would begin and end. 

  • Before attaching the lashes, I added another layer of the black fondant strip to the top portion of the eyes. 

  • And then, I attached the lashes.

  • The final step for making the fondant unicorn eyes to to add the white eyeball and twinkle to each eye. For this purpose, I used oval plunger cutters in two sizes. I cut the shapes out of thinly rolled white fondant.

  • The larger ovals went on first, followed by the smaller ones:

  • And this was how the completed eyes of the unicorn looked like:

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

And if you would like to read on how I decorated the rest of the unicorn cake, click on the image below for step by step tutorial and pictures:

Thank you for reading. If you have any comments, please leave them here and I will respond as soon as I can.

Happy Decorating :) 

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