3D Fondant Guitar Cake Topper

I made this 3D fondant guitar cake topper for a musical themed birthday cake. The cake was a 2 tier cake, and the 3D fondant guitar was the topper. I made the guitar entirely in fondant (except for the guitar strings that were made using thread) and it was placed in an upright position on the cake. 

3D Fondant Guitar Cake Topper

This was the first time I made a guitar topper and I must say, I was quite happy with the way it turned out.  Here is my step by step tutorial on how to make a 3D fondant guitar cake topper:

3D Fondant Guitar Cake Topper Tutorial

These were the main supplies I used for the topper:

  • Fondant - I used fondant in 2 colors, white and black . Both were Satin Ice products.
  • CMC powder - Since the guitar was meant to be standing upright, I added CMC to the fondant to help the fondant hold its shape well and dry really firm.
  • White sewing thread - I used thread for the guitar strings
  • Guitar template
  • Fondant glue and shortening - these were the glues for this project and I used them interchangeably.

And this was how I put the 3D fondant guitar cake topper together:

I started by getting the guitar template ready. I got mine from the internet and I traced the shape onto a grease proof paper. In drawing the template, it is important to ensure the size of the guitar is exactly how you want it to be on your cake. If you need help with resizing your template, here is my tutorial on how to do it.

Once the template is ready, I cut it along its outline and then cut the fingerboard off the body.

Next was cutting the guitar body in fondant. I used white fondant that has been mixed with CMC. And I rolled fondant to about 1 cm thickness. I placed the paper template on the rolled fondant and used my sugar craft knife to cut it along its outline. For the top part of the body, I did not cut the square indentation out. Instead, I just marked the lines on the fondant with my sugar craft knife. 

And then, I carefully cut a thin layer of fondant off the square indentation. This was how it looked it after cutting:

Once I had that done, I turned the body over and I applied a layer of fondant glue all around the sides of the guitar body. 

Next, I rolled some black fondant thin and cut it into a 1 cm wide strip. And then in rolled it loosely into a circle and carefully unrolled it as I attached it around the body of the guitar. I started at the top of the body and finished at the same point. 

I then turned the body over and carefully cut off the black strip to match the thickness of the body at the top.

And then I inserted a lollipop stick (I dipped it into some fondant glue first so that the stick would dry in place inside the fondant) into the body of the guitar at an angle I wanted the guitar to be poked into my cake later.

Next was the finger board. I used my earlier cut paper template and cut out a black piece of fondant in the exact same size as the paper template.

The applied some glue to the guitar body and attached the finger board  to it.

And then I turned the guitar over so that the finger board could dry in a flat position. 

For extra support, I cut out a triangle piece of black fondant and attached it to the base of the fingerboard as follows:

While waiting for the finger board to set, I prepared the rest of the deco on the guitar. I started with the sound hole by cutting 3 round fondant pieces using my round plunger cutter set - 2 black circles and 1 white circle in descending sizes.

Using the medium sized cutter, I cutter a hole in the largest black fondant circle.

And then I used the smallest round cutter to cut out a hole in the white fondant circle.

And this was what I had after all the cutting.

To make the sound hole, I placed the smallest black circle fondant into the white cut out.

And then, I inserted that into the largest black fondant circle as follows:

I attached the sound hole onto the guitar body, followed by a black rectangle piece of fondant below it. I used shortening to attach all these pieces onto the guitar.

Next, using the finger board paper template, I cut out another piece of fondant, this time in white and in a slightly smaller size than the earlier black one. And I cut that white piece into 2 pieces and attached the first piece onto the black finger board as shown below. 

After that, using my sugar craft knife, I pressed the blade into the white fondant (making sure it did not cut through the black fondant underneath) to form lines on the fondant.

And carefully, using my needle scriber tool, I removed the thinly spaced white fondant cuts to leave evenly spaced black lines on the finger board as shown:

After that, I attached the second part of the white fondant cut out. 

And similar to the finger board earlier, I cut a thin line in the center and then made a few horizontal lines as shown:

This was how the finger board looked like after all the lines were completed.

Next were the tuning keys. To make the keys, I rolled a long black piece of fondant into a thin rope and cut out tiny square fondant bits. I cut a total of 6 such bits.

And I attached 3 keys on each side of the finger board. I used fondant glue for this as I wanted them to be totally secure on the sides of the finger board.

For the guitar strings, I used white sewing thread. I cut the thread into equal lengths, long enough to run from the top to the bottom of the guitar. I only needed 4 strands for the guitar but cut a few extras for contingency.

I dipped the strands into fondant glue. This helps to not only stick the thread onto the fondant guitar, it also helps them remain straight.

I straightened a total of 4 strands of thread on my fondant guitar and made sure they were equally spaced out. 

Next, I cut 2 long rectangle pieces in white fondant.

I attached one of the pieces onto the black rectangle on the fondant, on top of the guitar strings. And then I cut off the excess thread.

After that, I added the other white rectangle piece on.

And for the final step, I trimmed the excess thread on the top.

With that, the fondant guitar cake topper was complete. I let it harden completely in a horizontally flat position until my cake was complete before putting it onto the cake.

This was how the completed guitar cake topper looked like on my cake:

3D Fondant Guitar Cake Topper

Hope this was useful.

Happy Decorating :)

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