Cupid Arrow and Heart Mini Cakes

In this cupid arrow and heart mini cakes tutorial, I will be sharing with you my tips and tricks in decorating mini heart shaped cakes with 3D cupid’s arrows. The cakes are heart shaped and have a 3D arrow literally running through each of them.

The only difference between these two cakes is that one has an arrow made of craft paper and the other, an arrow made of gum paste.

If you are someone who prefer to decorate your cake a much as possible with edible items, then the gum paste arrow is something you could try. But if you need to fix the arrow within a very short period of time, the craft paper arrow would be useful. I have a separate tutorial on how to make these arrows for cake decorating and you can read all about them here and here.

Back to the cupid arrow and heart mini cakes. The whole idea of making these mini cakes was to cater for a single serving, or at most, 2 servings (that is if you and your partner are not big dessert eaters). With an overall measurement of 4 inches width and 4 inches length and a height of approximately 1.25 inches (with frosting), these cakes would be perfect if you are looking into making small portioned cakes for Valentine’s Day, just nice for you and your other half. 

Cupid Arrow and Heart Mini Cakes

Decorating these cakes was nothing fancy nor complicated. I used buttercream to decorate them, in piped rosette designs. And since the cakes were small, I used a smaller star tip (Wilton tip #18) to pipe the rosettes instead of the larger 2D tip that I would normally use for full sized cakes (cakes that measure 6 inches and more in diameter).

And for a change, I chose pink as the main color instead of the typical bright red tone used for Valentine's Day cakes. The cakes were single tiered, and it was convenient that I had mini heart shaped cake tins that I could use to bake the cakes. So, there was no carving required. Since the tins were pretty small, it was not very practical to mix cake batter just for the cakes, so I actually made a moist lemon cake (see the recipe here) and after filling 2 of the heart cake tins I had, I baked the remaining cake in a bowl mold.


Cupid Arrow and Heart Mini Cakes Tutorial

These were the main supplies I used to decorate these Cupids Arrow and Heart Mini Cakes:

  • Buttercream – I used buttercream for pipe the rosettes on the cakes.
  • Gum paste – I used gum paste to make one of the arrows.
  • Gold glitter craft paper
  • Cellophane tape
  • Scissors
  • Arrow template

And this was how I decorated the cakes:

I started by baking the cakes first. Like I mentioned earlier, I had mini heart shaped cake tins with me (3 in total) which I purchased from a local cake decorating supplies shop. I have been having them for a while now and finally, with this cake, I used them for the first time. So it was very convenient for me to bake the heart shaped cakes directly in cake tins. If you don’t have the tins, you can always bake the cake in a round cake tin and carve the shape out.

While waiting for the cakes to bake and cool down, I made the arrows.  To make the arrows, I drew a template on a piece of paper and used it as a guide to cut my gum paste and craft paper. In drawing the arrow template, I estimated the size so that it was neither too big nor too small for the size of the heart cakes. 

I then cut out the paper template and used it to cut out the arrow parts out of gum paste. I made two sets of cut outs for one arrow and had them all painted and dried before inserting into my cake. Click here for step by step instructions on how I made the gum paste arrows.

Next was the craft paper arrow. Again, using the same arrow template, I cut out the arrow (in 2 parts) and attached to lollipop sticks. No drying time was required as I used cellophane tape to glue the sticks to the arrow, and therefore, the arrow was ready to use as soon as it was completed. Click here for the craft paper arrow tutorial.

I left both the arrows aside until my cakes were ready.

Next were the cakes. I chose not to level the cakes as the slight bulge on the top was actually good to give the finished hearts a puffed look. 

And so,  I placed the cakes on white plates and started piping the rosettes all over, including the sides. And I overlapped the rosettes in some parts on the cake to cover all the gaps between the first layer of buttercream rosettes.

For the border, I piped a row of stars using the same pink icing and star piping tip.

With the piping work over, I added one gold dragee in the center of each rosette on the cakes.

And finally, I attached the gold arrows, one set of arrows on each cake. To make sure the lollipop sticks were poked into the cakes in a perfect straight line, I drew a straight line on a piece of paper and used it as a guide for poking my arrows into the cake. 

I placed my cake plates on the paper (one at a time) and adjusted the position such that the line on the paper ran in a diagonal position underneath the cake plate, in the exact position I wanted my arrows be positioned on my cakes.

And carefully, I inserted the front part of the arrow, using the line on the paper underneath as a guide and did the same for the rear end of the arrow. And I pushed both sticks into the cake right until the sticks were no longer visible. 

At this point, initially, I felt that the arrows were a tad too long for the size of the cake and so decided to adjust the lengths. I removed the arrows from the cakes, and cut off a portion of the arrow sticks, both the craft paper and the gum paste. 

And then I reinserted the arrows, and had perfectly sized cupid's arrows for my mini heart cakes.

With that, my cupid arrow and heart mini cakes were complete.

Cupid Arrow and Heart Mini Cakes

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.


Happy decorating :)

Pin this Valentine's Day cupid arrow and heart mini cakes tutorial for later here:

Cupid Arrow and Heart Mini Cakes

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