Christmas Wreath Cookies

These Christmas wreath cookies are decorated with pretty fondant poinsettia flowers and twigs on a deliciously buttery and soft sugar cookies. An awesome tutorial for anyone wanting to learn how to decorate wreath cookies.

Christmas Wreath CookiesChristmas Wreath Cookies

I made this wreath cookies for Christmas. The inspiration for these cookies came from a wreath I saw in a shopping mall last weekend. It was made of dark brown twigs with lovely red poinsettia flowers at the bottom and holly berries randomly placed all around the twigs.

And so I translated that wreath into my sugar cookies which I baked using my perfect homemade sugar cookies recipe

This is the best sugar cookies recipe for anyone wanting to get hold of a good cut out cookies recipe. The baked cookies remain the same shape after baking and are therefore perfect for making any cut out cookies. 

In my other post on snowflake sugar cookies (which I decorated with fondant cut outs using the same cookie cutter I used to cut out the cookies), you will see that the fondant cut outs fitted the cookies perfectly. This just proves my claim that my sugar cookies hold their shape so well, you do not need any other recipe for cut out cookies. 

How to Make Christmas Wreath Cookies

These were the main supplies I used to make the cookies:

  • Sugar cookies - I used my homemade sugar cookies recipe to bake the cookies. For the recipe amount mentioned on my recipe page, I was able to make approximately 44 cookies measuring 6.5 cm in diameter and with the hole in the center measuring 2.5 cm in diameter.
  • Round scalloped cutter set - I used 2 cutters from this set to cut out my sugar cookies. A larger one for the outer diameter and a smaller one to cut out the hole in the center.
  • Fondant - I used Satin Ice fondant in dark chocolate for the twigs, and red and yellow for the poinsettia flowers and holly berries. I also used white fondant which I tinted green for the leaves.
  • Teardrop plunger cutter set - I used 2 cutters from this set, the smaller one for the poinsettia flowers and the larger one for the green leaves.
  • Star fondant tool - I used this tool to shape the fondant poinsettia flower centres before adding the yellow centers.
  • Star sprinkles - These are tiny star shaped, gold sprinkles which I used randomly on the wreath.
  • Scriber needle tool - I used this tool to mark the lines for the leaves as well as to attach the star sprinkles onto the fondant wreath. You will see in the tutorial below how to use the needle tool to effectively attach the tiny star sprinkles onto the cookies.
  • Fondant glue - This was the gluing agent for this cookie decorating project.

And this was how I baked and assembled these Christmas wreath cookies:

  • Start with the cookies. With my sugar cookies recipe, the cookies can be baked up to one week in advance. Store them in an airtight container and they will remain crisp and fresh as freshly baked. For the recipe amount on my sugar cookie recipe page, I was able to make 44 wreath cookies. 
  • To make sure all your cookies are of a standard height, place 2 dowel rods on either side of your cookie dough when rolling it. The rods will make sure you do not roll your dough too thin nor too thick and the thickness will follow the diameter of your rods. 
  • Also, when rolling the dough, do it between 2 parchment sheets. That helps prevent the dough from sticking to your work space and rolling pin, and it also helps to release the cookies better after cutting.
Round cookiesTo make the wreath cookies, start by cutting out a medium sized round cookie dough.
Cut a hole in the center of the cookiesUse a smaller round scalloped cutter to cut out a hole in the center of the cookies.

  • Once the cookies are baked, if you intend to decorate them immediately, let them cool down to room temperature first.

How to Make Fondant Poinsettia Flowers

  • Start the decorating by making the fondant poinsettia flowers first. Since these are mini-sized, there is no special cutter for these flowers. I used my teardrop plunger cutter set to make them.

  • Knead and roll some red fondant thin. Cut out 12 teardrop petals for each poinsettia flower. 
Cut poinsettia petals

  • It is faster to make the flowers all at once, so you can actually cut out all the flower petals at once and keep them covered as you make the flowers. 

  • Once the petals are all cut, pinch the pointed ends to make them slightly more pointy.
Pinched ends of the petals

  • Start by placing 3 petals as shown below.
First layer of petals

  • Apply some fondant glue at the rounded ends of each petal. 
  • Arrange another 3 petals on top of the first set of petals, making sure these are placed right in between the earlier petals set. 
The second layer of 3 petals

  • Repeat the process with another set of 3 petals, making sure the petals are placed in between the earlier set of petals. 

Another set of 3 petals

  • Finish off the petals with a final set of 3 petals.

  • This is how the flower should look like with all the 12 petals on. Notice how the petals are all well distributed and the pointy ends visible from the top.
12 fondant petals on a fondant poinsettia

  • Next, lift the flower, put it onto a flower former (or any container that is rounded to help the flower set in a rounded form) that has been well dusted with cornstarch and use a star fondant tool to press in the centre of the flower.

Using star tool to make fondant poinsettia

  • For the yellow flower centers, use some yellow fondant to form 3 tiny balls. Apply fondant glue to the center of the flower and place the yellow centers right in the center of each flower. 

Fondant poinsettia flower center

  • Complete all the flowers and leave them aside to set while you complete the rest of the cookies deco. If you wish, you can even make these flowers in advance.

Completed fondant poinsettia flowers

How to Make Fondant Twigs for a Fondant Wreath

  • Next is the twigs for the wreath. Roll some dark chocolate fondant into a long thin strip or a few shorter strips. 
A long thin strip of brown fondant

  • Gather 4 layers of the strips together and twist them gently to form a twisted rope. The twisting does not have to be perfect nor does it have to be closely formed. 
4 layers of fondant strips
Twisted fondant strips

  • Brush your cookie with some fondant glue and attach the twisted brown fondant as shown. Place it towards the outer circumference of the wreath and cut off the excess. 

Applying fondant glue to the cookie
The first layer of fondant twigs on the cookie

  • Repeat the process for another layer of twisted brown fondant, this time with only 3 strips of the fondant. Attach the strip below the earlier one and trim off the excess. In deciding on the length of the twigs on the cookie, place 3 of your poinsettia flowers on the cookies and trim off the brown twigs fondant right where the flowers row starts and ends. 

A second layer of twisted brown fondant

How to Assemble Christmas Wreath Cookies

  • Once all the twigs are done, its time to attach the leaves and flowers. To make the leaves, tint some white fondant with Americolor Olive food color until you achieve the desired depth of color. Roll the fondant thin and use a slightly larger teardrop cutter than the one used for the flower petals to cut out the leaves. You will need 6 leaves for each cookie. Again, you can cut all the leaves for all your cookies at once and keep them covered as you work on them.
Fondant leaves in green fondant

  • For each leaf, use your needle tool (or a toothpick or skewer) to imprint a line in the middle as shown. Start from the round end to the pointy end of each cut out. Next, pinch the pointy ends slightly to make them look like leaves. 
Using a needle tool to mark lines on a fondant leaf
The pointy end of a fondant leaf.

  • Attach the first 4 leaves to the cookies (with some fondant glue) in the order shown below:

4 fondant leaves on a cookies

  • Next, add 2 flowers on either side of the twigs' ends (with a light brush of fondant glue). Place another 2 leaves after the flowers.
2 fondant poinsettias on a cookie

  • And complete the circle with the final poinsettia flower in the center. Adjust the flowers and leaves as necessary. 
3 fondant poinsettias on a cookie

  • Once the poinsettias and the leaves are all in place, make the holly berries. Pinch tiny bits of red fondant and form them into smooth balls. 
  • Group them into 3s and attach 3 sets onto each cookie. Start with the first set directly opposite the center most poinsettia flower.  Apply a light brush of fondant glue so that the berries stay in place. Attach another 2 sets of the fondant berries on either side of the wreath as shown.
Fondant holly berries on a wreath cookie

  • Once the berries are done, its time to add on the star sprinkles. Since these are so thin and tiny, attaching them with fingers can be quite hard. Best way is to dip your needle tool in fondant glue, touch the star sprinkle with the tip (the stars will stick to the needle tool tip easily) and press it gently onto the wreath where you want to position the star (make sure to apply some fondant glue to the wreath before placing the star on). 

Using a needle tool to attach tiny sprinkles
Attaching star sprinkles onto the wreath cookies

  • Attach the stars randomly on the wreath, making sure they are well distributed on the wreath. After that, brush off any excess cornstarch on the fondant with a soft brush.
Brush off excess dusting flourChristmas Wreath Cookies

  • And with that, the Christmas wreath cookies are complete. 

Poinsettia wreath cookie

Hope this Christmas wreath cookies tutorial was useful. Happy decorating :)

Decorated Christmas Wreath CookiesChristmas Wreath Cookies

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Christmas Wreath Cookie Decorating TutorialChristmas Wreath Cookies

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