Castle Birthday Cake

A pink castle birthday cake that is a dream come true for a little girls!

I made this castle birthday cake for a 4 year old girl in 2012. The mother wanted a simple castle cake, but I went on to make this one for I knew it will surely make the birthday girl very happy. And indeed it made not just her happy, but also her mom.

The cake was brought to the girl's school and I thought what better way to surprise all the kids in the class than lots of candies and marshmallows!

Here is how I made the Castle Birthday Cake

These were the main supplies I used to decorate the castle birthday cake:

  • Cake - I baked an 8 inch square cake for the bottom tier of the castle. And then made another 8 inch square cake, half of which I used for the top tier and the balance I cut using round cutter to make the 8 towers on the sides of the castle. The cake recipe I used is my butter pound cake recipe.
  • Buttercream - I used buttercream to fill the cakes as well as to crumb coat. Click here for my buttercream recipe.
  • Fondant - The fondant I used for this cake is homemade. I tinted the fondant in pink, brown, green, purple and yellow. Click here for the recipe and instructions.
  • Flower plunger cutter - I used the plunger cutter for the flowers around the door to the castle as well as on top of the top tier.
  • Round cutters - I used these cutters in 2 sizes for the towers on the first tier as well as the second tier of the cake.
  • Fondant glue 
  • Letters and Numbers cutter - I used the FMM Sugarcraft cutters for the wordings on the cake.
  • Silver edible dust and lemon extract - I used the silver dust mixed with lemon extract and painted the wording on the cake.
  • Toothpicks - I used toothpicks for the flags on the castle. 
  • Ribbon - I used pink satin ribbon for the cake board. The ribbon was purchased from a local craft shop.

And this was how I assembled the castle birthday cake:

  • For the first tier, once the cake was baked, I layered it with buttercream and then using my round cutter, I cut off the corners of the cake to give space for the side towers. After that, I crumb coated the cake and covered it with pink fondant.
  • The second tier was also prepared in a similar manner. 
  • Once both tiers were ready, I stacked them. 
  • Next were the towers. I cut out individual circles from a square cake, and stacked them with the help of buttercream. I used 3 layers of cake to achieve the height I wanted for the towers and then, wrapped each tower with fondant and added the fondant square pattern around the top of each tower. I then filled the top of the 4 larger towers at the bottom tier with M&Ms.
  • The towers on the top tier were not filled with candies. Instead, I added another tier of short tower and a cone shaped roof with flags. These towers were made only of fondant and were hollow. The coned shaped tops were also hollow. To make the cones, I cut out round pieces of fondant, and then cut each into half circles. I used one piece of the semi circle fondant to form the cones, attaching the ends with fondant glue. To hide the joining line, I rolled thin strips of fondant and placed four lines on each roof as a design, including one on the joining line.
  • As for the flags, I cut out triangle pieces of fondant and wrapped one side of the flags to a toothpick each. I let the flags set completely before inserting them into the cones.
  • Before attaching the towers to the top tier cake, I used dark pink fondant and attached 2 rows of bricks all around the base of the cake. And then I attached the towers with fondant glue. The bottom tier cake and towers were also attached using fondant glue. 

  • With that, the main structure of the castle cake was completed. What was left was the decoration on the castle as well as the wordings.
  • Before placing the wordings on the cake, I covered the cake board with green fondant. And then I worked on the wordings.
  • For the wordings, I used FMM Sugarcraft cutters and white gumpaste. Once the alphabets and the number 4 were cut out, I painted them in silver using the silver edible dust and lemon extract. I left them to dry before arranging them on the cake. The words "Happy Birthday" were placed on the cake board while the birthday girl's name as placed on a brown fondant plaque. 

  • I used the same brown fondant to make the castle doors (the wood grain pattern was done using my needle tool) and windows. 

  • The flowers on the cake were made using a flower plunger cutter. I randomly placed purple and yellow flowers on top of the top tier as well as all round the door. 

  • And finally, I arranged a row of mini marshmallows all around the base of the castle cake.
  • I finished the cake decoration by attaching a matching ribbon in pink all around the cake board. 

And that was how I made this castle birthday cake. 

Hope you find this tutorial helpful. If you have any comments, please leave them below, I will try my best to help.

Happy decorating :)

Castle Birthday Cake

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