Butterfly Wedding Cake

This cake is my first butterfly wedding cake. It was designed to match the wedding theme color of dark purple and gold and the bride's request to have lots of butterflies on the cake. She did not want too many colors on the cake, and so I decided to come up with a white cake adorned with decorations in shades of dark purple and gold.

The cake itself was quite easy to assemble, the only time consuming process was making the flowers and the butterflies. Even then, once I got the hang of it, they were pretty fast to make.

How to Make Butterfly Wedding Cake

These were the supplies and decorations I used for the butterfly wedding cake:

  • Cake - This was a 3 tier cake, with the tiers measuring 12 inches, 9 inches and 6 inches in diameter. Each tier was approximately 6 inches high. The cake itself was made using my butter pound cake recipe and since the height of each tier was 6 inches instead of my normal 4 inches, I multiplied my recipe for each tier by 1.5 times.
  • Buttercream - Each tier was layered and sandwiched with buttercream. I also used buttercream to crumb coat the cake.
  • Fondant - All the 3 tiers of the cake were covered in white fondant. I also covered the cake board with fondant. I used Satin Ice white fondant.
  • Gold ribbon - I purchased this ribbon from a local craft shop and is non edible.
  • Gumpaste hydrangea - I made these a few days in advance. They were made using white Satin Ice gumpaste. I dusted them with violet food dust in the centres to match the overall theme color for the wedding cake. Click here for step by step tutorial on how I made these flowers.
  • Gumpaste butterflies - These butterflies were also made in advance. I made them in 3 sizes - large, medium and small. They were made using white gumpaste and then dusted with violet food dust once they were dried. Click here for step by step tutorial on how I made these butterflies.
  • Fondant glue - I used fondant glue to adhere the flowers and butterflies to the cake. I did not use shortening this time as I wanted to be certain that the wedding cake decorations are completely secured to the cake.

And here is how I assembled the butterfly wedding cake:

  • I started by preparing the cakes. Each tier was leveled, sandwiched, crumb coated and covered in fondant separately. I then stacked them and used bubble straws as support for each tier. I also covered the cake board with fondant and then attached gold ribbon around the base of each tier and the cake board. I used fondant glue to attach the ribbon around the cakes and hot glue for the cake board.  

  • Once that was done, I used white fondant, rolled it into thin strips and attached them to the cake with some shortening. The strips were not meant to be seen after all the flowers and butterflies have been attached to the cake. They were purely a guide for me to position the flowers and butterflies so that I get them all in a consistent curve around the cake.

  • Once I was happy with the guide line, I started with the flowers. 

  • I attached the flowers with fondant glue close to the fondant strips earlier, and in doing that trying as much as possible to cover the strips so that they are not visible once the flowers were all attached.

  • I then added more flowers on the sides such that I get a wider arrangement at the bottom of the cake and a gradually narrower arrangement as it reaches the top tier.

  • This was the arrangement on the second tier:

  • And this was the arrangement on the top tier. I ended the flowers on top of the first tier.

And here was how the completed hydrangea flowers arrangement on the cake looked like:

  • Once the flowers were all put on the cake, the next step was to attach the butterflies. As I have mentioned above, I had the butterflies in 3 sizes. I used the largest ones for the bottom tier, the medium sized ones for the middle tier and the smallest for the top tier. 

  • I started with the bottom tier. I attached each butterfly to the cake with fondant glue.

  • Here was how the bottom 2 tiers looked like with butterflies attached:

  • And I used the smallest sized butterflies for the top most tier.

  • And finally, I attached one large butterfly on the cake board, on the right side of the cake.

And that was how I made my butterfly wedding cake. 

Hope you liked this cake design!

For more details on how to make the gumpaste butterflies and gumpaste hydrangea flowers, click on the posters below. 

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