Baby Stroller Baby Shower Cake

Here is a baby shower cake I made recently. It was for a girl, with theme colors of yellow, green and brown. And my customer wanted a baby stroller, hence I came up with this design.

How I made this baby stroller baby shower cake

These are the main supplies I used in coming up with this baby shower cake:

  • A single tier 6 inch round cake, with a height of 6 inches. I used my butter pound cake recipe and made one and half times recipe for 6 inches round cake so that I get 3 cakes. I stacked them all together to form a cake that is 6 inches high.
  • Buttercream icing - I used this icing to fill the cake layers as well as to crumb coat the cake.
  • Fondant - The cake was covered in fondant and I used Satin Ice white fondant.  I also used Satin Ice Yellow fondant and Chocolate fondant for the cake decoration. The rest of the colors, i.e. the dark and light green as well as the light yellow were achieved using Wilton and Americolor gel paste colors.
  • Baby Stroller topper - I made this topper ahead of time using fondant and attached long wooden picks to its wheels. Click here to read how I made this baby stroller cake topper.
  • Fondant bow - This was also out of fondant and again, made ahead of time so that it is dry and hard by the time I put it on the cake. Click here to read how I made the fondant bow.
  • Round plunger cutters - I used a few sizes for the polka dots on the cake.
  • Yellow ribbon - This was for the cake board.

And here is how I assembled and decorated the baby shower cake:

  • I made the fondant stroller and bow a few days in advance. Click on the images below for step by step tutorials on how I made them:

  • Next, I prepared all the fondant colors I needed. These were the colors I used:

  • For the pale yellow I mixed 1 part of Satin Ice Yellow fondant with 3 parts of white fondant, for the bright yellow, I used Satin Ice Yellow fondant, for the pale green, I mixed Americolor Avocado green gel paste to white fondant, for dark green, I mixed Wilton Juniper green and a tiny hint of Satin Ice chocolate fondant to white fondant and for the dark brown, I used Satin Ice chocolate fondant.
  • And then I moved on to the cakes. Once the cakes were baked and cooled, I leveled them, filled each layer with buttercream and stacked them together. I then covered the stacked cake with a thin layer of buttercream. For added stability (since the cake was 6 inches high), I inserted a bubble tea straw right in the middle of the cake. 
  • I then covered the whole cake with white fondant, trimmed the edges and smoothed the sides. 
  • Once the cake was ready, I started with the decoration.
  • First to go on the cake was the brown fondant ribbon on the sides of the cake. Since the ribbon was to be placed two thirds up the sides of the cake, I used a guide to make sure the fondant ribbon is placed in a level horizontal line all around the cake and not slanted.
  • The guide I used is a piece of paper. I measured the diameter of the cake.

  • Then, I measured the height at which I wanted the ribbon to be on the cake and cut out a long strip of paper. The paper was long enough to be wrapped around the cake, and at the height at which I wanted the ribbon to be on the cake.
  • I taped the paper strip so that it stays in place.

  • Next, I rolled chocolate fondant into a long strip. The length had to be the same as the diameter of the cake I measured earlier. I cut out the strip to a width I wanted. For this cake, I used my ruler as a guide for the width. 

  • Since the fondant strip was long, lifting it that way will stretch it out of shape. To avoid that, I dusted some icing sugar on the strip and rolled it up loosely as shown below.

  • I then lifted the roll and slowly unrolled it as I attached it to the cake. I used fondant glue to attach the ribbon to the cake. And I used the paper strip taped to the cake earlier as a guide to ensure the ribbon is placed level on the cake.

  • To tidy the ribbon further, where it was not very straight, I used a ruler to push the ribbon into a level line. I also use a fondant smoother to make sure all parts of the ribbon are well attached to the cake. You can do this with your hands, but there might be dents since our fingers and palms are not flat, so a fondant smoother is the best means to do this.

  • One the fondant ribbon was done, I covered the cake board with fondant. I rolled a long strip of white fondant and placed it on the cake board all around the cake and trimmed the edges neat.

  • I then went on to add the polka dots on the cake. The polka dots were cut out of fondant using my round plunger cutters in two sizes.

  • I attached the dots to the cake with shortening in random order but made sure the colors are well distributed. 

  • Next were the fondant balls for the cake border. These were rolled by hand and in random sizes. When placing them on the cake, I followed the colors in an order - brown, dark green, dark yellow, pale green & pale yellow. These balls were attached with shortening.

  • After that was the bow. I attached the bow to the cake as shown with fondant glue. Since the bow was heavy, it needed support until the glue has dried completely. For this purpose, I used 'support' (two fondant containers that happen to be of the right height to allow the bow to be rested on) to hold the bow in place while it was drying. 

  • Once the bow was dry, I then poked the baby stroller topper on the cake. I attached tiny pale yellow flowers on the centers of each wheel with shortening for added decoration.

  • And then attached a yellow ribbon all around the cake board. And that's it. My baby stroller baby shower cake.

Baby Stroller Baby Shower Cake

Hope you enjoyed this baby shower cake tutorials.

Happy cake decorating!

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