Airplane Cake

Here is an airplane cake I made for a 5 year old boy’s birthday a couple of years back. It was the boy’s wish to have an airplane themed cake for this birthday and so his mom requested that I make one for him.

Airplane Cake

This cake was very different from all my other cakes and that is simply because the birthday boy was lactose intolerant which means no butter and milk and milk related ingredients in the cake or the icing. All my cakes were made using butter and has milk in them (see my cake recipes here), so I was reluctant to accept the order at first. I also told the mom that I do not have a separate set of utensils and cake pans to cater for her order and she was ok with me using my existing ones.

We discussed further on the cake and agreed that I would bake the cake using margarine (hydrogenated palm oil) and that I will use water instead of milk in the cake recipe. Margarine produces cakes in the same way as butter does and I know this because my mom used to bake cakes using margarine when I was a kid. So, to cater for my customer’s need and to make sure none of the ingredients I use in my recipes could cause allergy to her son, I gave her the list of ingredients that go into my cakes and she then confirmed the ones that were ok to be added and the ones that were not. So it turned out that only butter and milk from recipes had to be substituted. So I baked a chocolate cake for the boy using my chocolate cake recipe but substituted butter with margarine and milk with water.

As for the frosting, since I fill and crumb coat my cakes with buttercream before covering it with fondant, I had to substitute the butter with margarine and use a margarine based butter cream as the cake filling and crumb coat.

Airplane Cake Decorating Guide

These were the main supplies I used for this cake:

  • Cake – This was a 10 inches square cake based using my chocolate cake recipe (with the butter and milk substituted for margarine and water).
  • Buttercream – well, this is not really buttercream because I did not use any butter in it. The original recipe uses butter, but for this order, I had to substituted butter with margarine. My original buttercream recipe is here.
  • Fondant – This is homemade fondant. Again, I presented the list of ingredients to the boy’s mother and she confirmed that all the ingredients in my fondant recipe were ok for her boy.
  • Royal icing – This was used for the airplane. I used the colorflow technique to create the airplane design on the cake.
  • Airplane template – I hand drew this based on a few images I found on the internet.
  • Food coloring – I used Wilton and Americolor food colors in royal blue , black and maroon for the project.
  • Block letters alphabet cutters – These were purchased from a local cake decorating supplies shop and are the same set I normally use make 3D lettering on cakes. For this cake, instead of the letters standing upright, I did them in the normal horizontally lying position.

And this was how I decorated the airplane cake.

  • Before starting with the cake or the decorating process, I got the airplane template readied first. I searched for a suitable image over the internet and based on a few I found, I drew the airplane on a paper. In drawing the image, I made sure it was in the right size to fit the cake. Next, I cut a piece of parchment paper that was large enough to cover the airplane template and placed it on the template and secured both together with a stapler.  I then filled my piping bag with black royal icing (in stiff consistency) and piped the outline of the airplane as can be seen in the image below.
  • Once the outline was done, I filled the white sections of the airplane with diluted royal icing. And that was followed by all the marron sections. And finally, I filled all the black ones. And finally, before putting the airplane aside to dry and set, I piped another round of black outline for the airplane.
  • I left the airplane aside to set overnight. In fact, I made 2 such airplanes to give allowance for breakage.
  • While the airplane was drying, I went ahead with the cake. Once baked and cooled, I leveled, filled and crumb coated the cake with buttercream. And then I covered it in fondant. Next, I cut a long strip of maroon fondant and attached it all around the lower edge of the cake. I used warm water to attach the fondant strip. After that, I shaped tiny white fondant balls an attached them all around the cake as the border, also with warm water. Once that was done, I peeled my royal icing airplane off the parchment paper very careful and placed it on the cake. And as I feared, the first airplane broke but luckily the second one remained intact. I used royal icing to stick the airplane to the cake.
Airplane Cake

  • Once the airplane was in place, I went on the place the lettering. I used maroon fondant for the letters and attached them to the cake with a damp brush. And finally, for added decoration, I added white clouds randomly on the top of the cake as well as the sides. These clouds were cut out of white fondant free hand using the sugar craft knife.

And that completed my airplane cake decoration.

Hope find this guide useful. If you have any questions, please leave them in the section below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Happy Decorating :)

Airplane Cake

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