Star Wars Birthday Cake - Darth Maul and His Lightsaber

Finally, a Star Wars birthday cake featuring Darth Maul and his lightsaber! This is an awesome birthday cake idea, one that will surely delight all Darth Maul fans!

Star Wars birthday cake for a 7-year-old boy

This cake was for a 7 year old, die hard Star Wars fan in my family, my little nephew.

When the request came to me for a Star Wars cake, I asked if he had any specific characters that he liked in Star Wars and Darth Maul's light saber was the answer I got.

This little boy, according to his mom, is particularly thrilled with Darth Maul's light saber because it could light up on both sides, hence his choice of Darth Maul and his Lightsaber.

I tried to keep the design as simple as possible as requested by the birthday boy's mom and all in all, was very happy with the way the cake turned out. I was able to put this cake together fairly quickly and the birthday boy was absolutely thrilled with his Star Wars cake.

How to Make a Star Wars Birthday Cake (from scratch)

These were the main supplies I used to make this Star Wars birthday cake:

  • Buttercream - I used vanilla buttercream to sandwich the cake layers and chocolate buttercream (tinted with black cocoa powder and black food coloring) to cover the cake
  • Black cocoa powder - I added this to the buttercream to give it the dark base for a truly black buttercream.
  • Fondant - I used Satin Ice fondant in white and red .
  • CMC powder - I added this to fondant when making the 3D lightsaber
  • Darth Maul face template - This is a paper template I used as a guide to cut and draw Darth Maul's face.
  • Star Wars Logo template - This is also a paper template used as a guide when cutting out the logo in fondant.
  • Star plunger cutter - I used the entire set of 3 cutters to cut out yellow fondant stars in 3 different sizes.
  • Alphabet cutters - This is a plunger cutter set which comes in a full set of capital letters.

And this was how I put the Star Wars birthday cake together:

  • The printed paper templates were basically what I used to cut out the Star Wars logo and Darth Maul's face on fondant.
  • Next was the cake itself. I baked 2 layers of my vanilla pound cake, let it cool down and then leveled and sandwiched it with vanilla buttercream.
  • I then covered the entire cake with black buttercream. I used my vanilla buttercream, added some black cocoa powder to it and then added some black food coloring for a perfectly black buttercream. The buttercream will take some time to turn to its final color, so after adding the food color, let the buttercream rest for about 20 minutes. The color will darken significantly when you let it rest as opposed to the color you see immediately after adding food color to it. 
  • I used this black buttercream to cover my entire cake smoothly.

Vanilla cake covered in smooth black buttercream

  • Next was the Star Wars logo. I cut the logo I resized and printed earlier along the outline of each letter. I placed each letter on thinly rolled yellow fondant (white fondant tinted with golden yellow) and cut them out with my sugar craft knife. The letters are a lot easier to cut when the fondant is slightly dry so if you find it hard to cut the fondant, leave it out for a few minutes before cutting. Also, if you find it hard to keep the paper template in place, apply some shortening to the paper and attach to the fondant. That way, the paper would not move much while you are cutting the fondant. Simply peel off the paper after cutting.
  • Once all the letters were cut, I attached them to the cake and since they were going onto a buttercream covered cake, attaching the letters was easy. All I had to do is press the letters into the buttercream until they are the same level as the buttercream. Pushing the letters in also helped to keep them in place without having to apply any special glue to them.

Attached the fondant Star Wars logo onto the sides of the buttercream covered cake

  • This is a close up of the logo pressed into the buttercream on the sides of the cake:

Press the fondant logo into the buttercream to hold it in place

  • Next was the Darth Maul image in fondant. Initially, I tried to mark the lines of Darth Maul's face onto a piece of white rolled fondant by placing the paper template on it and using my sugar craft knife to cut through the lines on the template so that they lines were imprinted onto the fondant. 
  • After a couple of lines, I decided that there were too many lines of his face, it was taking too long. 
  • I then changed my plan, rolled another piece of white fondant, this time as thin as possible to the point that it was almost 'see through'. I then placed the Darth Maul template underneath the fondant and literally traced the pattern onto my fondant with a black edible mark. This was a much easier way to transfer the pattern onto my fondant. 
  • Once the face was completely traced on my fondant, I used a pizza cutting wheel to cut the face out and painted it red and yellow using slightly diluted red and yellow food coloring. 
  • After that, I used my black edible marker to draw out all the lines again and this was how the fondant Darth Maul looked like upon completion. I let him rest aside to set : 
Darth Maul template in paperPaper template
Darth Maul image cut out in fondant and painted with food colorsCompleted topper

  • Next, I made the fondant lightsaber. The saber was formed by hand with white and red fondant that has been added some CMC powder. CMC powder helps the fondant set quickly and firmly. 
  • I started with the center part of the light saber in white fondant. I shaped it by hand and imprinted a couple of lines on both ends. I formed deep indentations on the ends of each side with the back of one of my larger food painting brushes to attach the red part of the light saber.

Make the fondant lightsaber by forming the centerpiece by hand.

  • I then formed 2 equal-sized thin long strips of fondant in red(rolled these by hand) and attached them to ends of the white fondant earlier with a touch of fondant glue. 

Attach the parts of the fondant lightsaber with fondant glue

  • I then set the lightsaber aside to let the glue dry completely and all the components attached securely.
Darth Maul lightsaber made in fondant

  • Only after it has set completely that I painted the white part of the lightsaber in silver edible paint (silver edible dust mixed with a few drops of lemon extract to form a thick paint).

Apply the silver edible paint onto the fondant lightsaber

  • Again, I set the lightsaber aside for the paint to dry completely before putting it onto the cake.
Let the lightsaber rest aside to dry the paint

  • While waiting, I cut out my stars and lettering for the cake. The stars were cut in 3 different sizes using my star plunger cutter set.
Fondant stars cut out using plunger cutters in 3 different sizes

  • And I used the same yellow fondant to cut out my letters for the cake.

Yellow fondant letters cut using plunger cutters

  • To assemble the cake, I carefully lifted Darth Maul fondant image onto the cake with my icing scraper and placed him on the cake. And then, I placed the letters to form my nephew's name and finally, with the remaining space on top of the cake, I positioned the lightsaber.
Darth Maul, birthday boy's name and lightsaber on a buttercream cake

  • Similar to how I secured the Star Wars logo on the side of the cake, I pressed the Darth Maul fondant cut out, the birthday boy's name as well as the lightsaber into the buttercream on the cake. That way, I did not had to use any special glue to hold these in place.  
Press all the fondant deco into the buttercream on the cake to hold them in place.

  • Once the top of the cake was done, I attached the 'Happy Birthday' wordings on the cake board on the front side of the cake. I used fondant glue to hold these in place on the cake board. 
Attach the

  • And finally, the last deco that was put on the cake were the stars. I pressed these into the buttercream all around the cake, in random order, making sure they were well distributed all around the cake. Letting the stars to set slightly before putting them on the cake helped in making sure they did not loose their shape as I lifted and pressed each one of them onto the buttercream. 

Attach the fondant star onto the cake by pressing them into the buttercream.

  • And with that, the Darth Maul Star Wars birthday cake was complete. 
Completed Star Wars-themed cakeCompleted Star Wars Birthday Cake

Hope this Darth Maul - Star Wars birthday cake decorating guide was useful. 

Happy decorating :)

Pin this Star Wars birthday cake decorating tutorial for later here:

Pin this Star Wars cake decorating idea for later here.Star Wars Birthday Cake

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