Minnie Mouse Cake Idea

Here is another Minnie Mouse cake idea for a Disney Minnie Mouse fan. This one was decorated based on an image provided from the my customer who requested for the cake to be made in the exact same design as the image, except that the name is customized to hers.

Minnie Mouse Cake Idea

This cake was decorated a couple of years ago and I tried to locate the image that my customer gave and even did an internet search to locate it, but I could not find it. This cake is almost an exact remake of that cake except for the name on the front of the cake. If you happen to know or have seen similar cake elsewhere, pls let me know below so that I can credit the designer accordingly.

Back to this cake, though it looks simple, attaching the name was quite tricky. If you notice carefully, the name plaque is standing on its own and not leaned against the cake or anything else. And since it was rather heavy, it was quite a struggle for me to put it up. 

Other than the name plaque, everything else on the cake were pretty straightforward.

Lets see how I executed this Minnie Mouse cake idea below.

Minnie Mouse Cake Idea - How I made this cake

These were the main supplies I used to make this cake:

  • Buttercream – I used buttercream to fill the bottom tier as well as to crumb coat the entire cake.
  • CMC – I used CMC to help my fondant set for more firm and hard and used it for Minnie’s ears, the bow on Minnie’s head and the name plaque in black around the cake.
  • Flower plunger cutter - I used this cutter to cut out tiny flowers that were placed on the cake board to hold the candles.
  • Extruder tool – to pipe out the pink strip of fondant for the birthday girl’s name.
  • Round cutters – I used these for Minnie’s ears as well as the polka dots on the cake.
  • Lollipop sticks – These were what I used to hold Minnie’s ears in place.
  • Disney font template – I did a search on the internet for Disney font, printed the letters that spell the birthday girl’s name and used it as a template for my cake.  Before printing, I resized to make sure they are in the exact same size I wanted them on the cake.

Minnie Mouse Cake Idea

And this was how I decorated this cake:

  • I did the bow in advance. I made it using fondant that has been added CMC. In making the bow, I used the stainless steel bowl I used to bake the semi circle cake (i.e. Minnie's head) as a guide so that once set, the bow could fit well on Minnie’s head.
  • I also did the name plaque in advance. To do this, I used the letters I printed out and glued them onto a large piece of paper. And then, I drew a line one inch away from the letters. This was how I decided on the shape of the black name plaque. And I rested it on a cake dummy measuring 9 inches in diameter so that it sets in a curved shaped. By the way, I added CMC to the black fondant here so that it dries hard. Next were the letters. Again, I used my print outs as guide to form each letter. I used my extruder tool fitted with a small circle disc and piped long strips of pink fondant. I then guided the strip by hand to follow the shape of the letters on my template. Where there are joints or connects,  I used fondant glue to secure them. Once all the letters were completed, I left them aside to set a little. And then, I slowly lifted them and arranged them on the name plaque which was still on the cake dummy. Once I am happy with the position of each letter, I carefully applied fondant glue to the bottom of each letter and attached them to the name plaque. I am left the plaque with the letters on it to set and dry completely.
  • Next were Minnie’s ears. I also made these in advance so that on the day I put them on the cake, they are all set and do not bend over. I attached a lollipop stick to each year so that its easier to hold them in place on the cake.
  • As for the cake, once completely cooled, I leveled, filled and  crumb coated it. I did this separately for the base cake as well as for the semi round cake. And then I covered them with fondant. For the base cake, I covered it in pink and added white polka dots which were cut using my round cutter. As for Minnie’s head, I covered it in black fondant and then tier constructed it on the base cake (with bubble straws). And then I attached the borders for both, black strip for the top and pink strip for the bottom tier. Next to go on the cake was the fondant plaque. Since it was heavy, making it stand upright without any support was quite hard. I had to support the front with a strip of white fondant at the base and added 2 layers of the fondant strip at the back of it (cannot be seen in the image from the front). And I used fondant glue to hold all the components together. While waiting for the glue to completely set, I supported the plaque with my food coloring bottles (arranged them in  row, on the front and back so that the plaque sets straight.
  • Once the plaque was stable, I completed Minnie’s head by poking her ears into place and gluing the bow. The bow was attached using fondant glue and the fact that Minnie’s ears were at the back made it so much easier to attach the bow as the ears helped to support the bow while the glue was drying.
  • And finally, I cut out tiny flowers in pink fondant and attached them to the cake board, at the back of the cake. And while the fondant was still soft, I poked the candles into the center of each flower (for this purpose, I cut the flowers quite thick).

And that was it. The cake was ready. 


Minnie Mouse Cake Idea

Hope you enjoyed this Minnie Mouse cake idea.


Happy Decorating :)

Minnie Mouse Cake Idea

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