Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake

I made this Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake for a first year birthday. The cake was requested by the parents, off course, and they gave me a specific image they wanted me to recreate for their little boy.

The original image had the same 3D Mickey face on the cake but the sides of the cake had the design of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on a blue background with white clouds. I changed the background to white and instead of the clouds, I added stars and round fondant cut outs.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake

Other than that, the cake was pretty much the same as the image I was provided with. And as usual, I tried to trace the original designer of this cake but much to my disappointment, there were just so many of this cake design recreated all over the web, it was impossible to find out who the original designer was!


Anyhow, this was a really fun cake to make and I truly enjoyed decorating it.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake Decorating Guide

These were the main supplied I used to decorate this cake:

  • Cake – This was literally a 2 tier cake, with Mickey’s face being the first tier and the bottom tier being the second tier. Both cakes were baked using my butter pound cake recipe. The top tier was baked in bowl while the bottom tier was baked in two 8 inches round cake tins.
  • Buttercream – I used buttercream to sandwich the bottom tier and crumb coat both tiers.
  • CMC powder – I added this to the black fondant when making Mickey’s ears.

And this was how I put the cake together:

I started by baking the cakes. The cake I used for Mickey’s face was rounded so I used a stainless steel bowl to bake it. The bottom layer cake, was baked using 2 round cake tins measuring 8 inches in diameter each. 

Once the cakes have baked and completely cooled down to room temperature, I leveled and sandwiched them with buttercream and gave both a thin coat of buttercream crumb coat. 

I covered the bottom layer 8 inch round cake with white fondant and set it aside while decorating the ‘Mickey face’ cake. 

For Mickey’s face, I covered the dome shaped cake with black fondant. Next, I drew the light brown portion of Mickey’s face on a parchment and used it as a template to cut out the light brown portion of the face. I also drew Mickey’s eyes, nose and mouth on the paper and used it as a template to cut these features in black and white fondant accordingly. 

I attached the eyes, nose, mouth and eye browns on the light brown fondant and then, attached the light brown portion of the face onto the head. It is easier to add the facial features this way rather than putting them on directly on the cake.

Next, I made Mickey’s ears. These were cut entirely in black fondant (that has been added some CMC in to allow it to set hard and firm). And I cut each ear using a round cutter and made each one of them to about 3mm thick. This was to allow a thin wooden skewer to be inserted through the centre of the ears to help position them on Mickey’s face as well as to hold them in place on the cake (I brush the skewers with some fondant glue before poking them into the fondant. I did not poke the ears into the cake immediately after making them. I let them rest until they have hardened so that they don’t break or tear off from the wooden skewers when placed on the cake.

While waiting for Mickey’s ears to set, I went on to decorate the bottom layer of the cake.  

I started with the Clubhouse image. I cut the components of the Clubhouse using my round cutters and sugar craft knife and attached them to the cake with fondant glue. 

I then added tiny fondant stars in red, blue and yellow on one side of the cake. While on the other side, I cut out fondant rings (using my round cutters) and attached them to the cake. 

For the border, I pinched red, white, black, blue and yellow fondant in equal sizes, formed them into round balls and attached them all around the cake. In attaching these fondant balls, I arranged them such that they colors matched on the deco on the sides of the cake. 

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake

Finally, I added “Mickey’s face” cake on top. Since the ‘face’ was quite big, I supported its weight on the bottom tier cake with dowel rods. 

I then added the wordings on the cake which I cut using the Clikstix alphabet cutters in blue fondant. I added the birthday boy’s name on the cake while the message “Our baby turns 1” was added on the cake board. 

After that, I added a medium sized long strip of fondant in black as the border for “Mickey face” cake. The border was only attached to the black portion of the cake and no border was added to the front side of Mickey’s face. 

And with that, the Mickey Mouse cake was complete.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake

Happy decorating

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