DIY Cupcake Stand Tutorial

Here is a DIY cupcake stand cum cake holder I made for a customer who was looking for a stand that could fit both her cakes and cupcakes she ordered from me for her daughter’s birthday. She was actually looking for any stands that are available for rental and since I did not have any for rental, I proposed to make one for her instead.

DIY Cupcake Stand

This was quite an easy cupcake stand, made using wrapping papers, cake boards and Styrofoam dummies.

This tutorial is a remake of my original stand. And that is simply because I did not manage to capture any step by step images while I was making it for my customer and thought it will be easier for you to follow the tutorial if I include detailed images on how I put the stand together. So there will be slightly variations especially with regards to the wrapping papers I used as I was unable to find the ones I used for my original project. 

How to Make DIY Cupcake Stand

These were the main supplies I used to make this DIY cupcake stand:

  • Styrofoam dummies - I used 2 styrofoam dummies, one measuring 6 inches in diameter and the other measuring 10 inches in diameter. Both were 4 inches high and I purchased these dummies at a local cake decorating supply shop.
  • Wrapping papers - I chose silver and royal blue colors for this project because the stand was made for a Frozen themed party. 
  • Cake boards - I used 3 cake boards in total. The first 2 were in the exact same size as the styrofoam dummies, i.e., 6 inches and 10 inches while the third one measured 15 inches. 
  • Glue & Hot Glue - I used 2 types of glue, one is a paper glue which I used to stick my wrapping papers around the cake boards and styrofoam and the other is the hot glue which I used to assemble the cupcake stand.
  • Scissors and Ruler - These were basically to measure and cut the wrapping papers.

And this was how I assembled the DIY cupcake stand:

I used 2 Styrofoam dummies as the main base for the holder. In deciding on the sizes of the Styrofoam dummies, main consideration was the size of the cake that was going on the top tier of the holder and the size of the cupcakes that are to be put on the subsequent tiers. For this project, my cake size was 5 inches round in diameter, and so I used a 6 inch round cake dummy for the top tier of the holder so that my cake could fit well on it. And then, in deciding on the diameter of the next tier,  I measured the diameter of my cupcakes. I had to make sure that the second tier is large enough to hold the 6 inches dummy that made the first tier of the cake stand as well as to fit a row of my cupcakes all around it. My cupcakes measured approximately 2 inches in diameter (pls remember to measure the top diameter and not the bottom one), so that means I had to make sure there was at least 2 inches space all around the 6 inch dummy that was resting on the second tier of my stand in order for my cupcakes to fit on the second tier. This in turn meant that the diameter of the second tier had to be 4 inches larger (2 times 2 inches) than the first tier. So my second Styrofoam dummy measured 10 inches in diameter (6 inches + 4 inches). And finally, for the third tier (which was just a layer of cake board), I added another 4 inches to the second tier dummy which means I had to choose a cake board measuring 15 inches (11 inches + 4 inches).

As for the 3 cake boards I used for the project (as I have listed above), the sizes I used were 6 inches round, 10 inches round and 15 inches round. The 16 inches round was used as the lowest base of the cupcake holder. The 6 inch one was used on top on the 6 inch dummy and the 10 inch board was used on top of the 10 inch dummy.

Hope this explains on how I decided on the sizes of my Styrofoam dummies and cake boards for my cake and cupcake holder.  Next, lets look at how I put the Styrofoam dummies and cake boards together to form the cake and cupcake stand.

  • The first step was wrapping the cake boards with my wrapping wrapping paper. I used blue colored wrapping paper for this purpose. I started with the smallest cake board. I placed it on the reverse side of the silver wrapping paper and drew a circle following the size of my cake board. And then I drew another circle around the first one, giving an extra allowance of 1 inch all around the cake board and cut it out.

  • The extra 1 inch allowance is for wrapping the paper around my cake board. Since its a circle, for ease of wrapping, I snipped the paper in about one inch interval all around, making sure the snipping does not go beyond the inside circle.
  • And then I placed my cake board in the centre and applied paper glue on the wrapping paper that was showing around the cake board. 

  • And then, I wrapped the paper all around my cake board. Here is how I started:

  • And this was how it looked when completed. You would need to adjust and make smaller folds on the wrapping paper as you go around the cake board. The idea is to make sure its snugly wrapped.

  • This was how it looked when I turned it around:

  • I went ahead and wrapped the remaining 2 cake boards in the same way.

  • Next were the styrofoam dummies. I wrapped these with my silver wrapping paper. First step was to measure the height of the dummies. Mine were 4 inches high.

  • And then, I marked it on the reverse side of my wrapping paper, giving one inch allowance at the top and bottom. The idea is to basically cut a long strip of paper that is long enough to wrap the sides of the styrofoam dummy. The extra 1 inch allowances are to secure the edges so that the wrapping paper appears neat once its wrapped around the dummies. 
  • Here is how the strip looked like after cutting. Notice how I made small snips on both ends of the strip. This is to ease the wrapping process. 

  • And then, I applied paper glue all over the strip, placed my dummy right in the middle, and wrapped the paper securely around it. 

  • And then, I secured the ends, similar to the cake boards earlier. This was how I started:

  • And this was how it looked like after completion:

  • I went ahead and wrapped the other dummy in the same way.

  • Next was the assembly process. I started with the largest cake board. And then I placed the larger of my 2 wrapped cake dummies right in the center. I glued this together with hot glue. And then I attached my second largest cake board (same size as the styrofoam dummy it is place on) on top.

  • I continued with the smaller cake dummy and then smallest cake board right on top. All were secured in place with hot glue. 

  • Here is the completed DIY cupcake stand with my cupcake casings on it, just to show how the cupcakes fit well on the stand. 
DIY Cupcake Stand

And that was it. The my DIY cupcake stand is done! Here is the image of the original stand I made for a Frozen themed party order. Click here or the image below to learn how I decorated the entire cake and cupcakes for the party:

Hope this was useful. Please leave your thoughts and comments in the section below.


Thank you for reading :)

DIY Cupcake Stand Tutorial

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