Wedding Cake with Pink Gerberas

This wedding cake with pink gerberas was the first ever cake I made using fresh pink gerberas. I love wedding cakes with fresh flowers. And when I made this wedding cake, I must say, I was truly happy with the way the cake turned out.

I did not have any specific design in mind when I was decorating this cake. It just came with the flow. That might sound a little off, but the truth is, this was one of the few cakes I designed all at one go with fresh flowers.


Wedding Cake with Pink Gerberas

Long story short, I purchased a whole bunch of roses and gerberas during one of my trips to a local highland holiday destination. One of the main attractions of the highlands is their fresh flowers farms. Not only were there so many pretty flowers,  they were cheap too. The most commons ones were roses and gerberas. They also had lots of orchids and chrysanthemums and carnations but the ones that really caught my attention were the roses and gerberas. The flowers were so irresistible, so I ended up buying quite a lot of the roses and gerberas and since we drove up the highlands, I was able to bring back quite a lot of them.

Once back home, I set of designing my cakes. And so that was how I came up with the rest of the fresh flower wedding cake designs I have on my site (you can see the thumbnails in my cake designs and tutorials page). Since these cakes were not designed for anyone, I used Styrofoam dummies instead of real cakes and I covered them all in white fondant and used them interchangeably in designing and photographing my collection of fresh flower wedding cakes.

The cake I have on this page was designed with pink gerberas. This is a simple 2 tier cake that was pretty easy to put together. The only rather exclusive point about this cake is the way the cake tiers were positioned. If you notice, while the bottom tier of cake is centered on the cake board, the top tier was, on the other hand,  not centered on the bottom tier. This was done on purpose and the top tier was intentionally pushed right to the end of the back corner of the bottom tier. And also, instead of the flat sides of the cake being the front, back and sides of the cake, this cake had all its pointed corners as the front, back and sides of the cake.

The other point about this cake is that since it was decorated using fresh flowers, you need to know is how to secure the flowers to the cake so that they don’t move or fall off when transporting the cake. What I normally do is arrange them on the cake before transporting and snap photos of the arrangement. I then dissemble the floral arrangement and rearrange them in the same order as in my photographs once I reach the wedding venue. That way, I need not secure the flowers to my cake, thus saving me the time in securing the flowers to the cake. If you are not comfortable with this option, you can always secure them to the cake before transporting. 


Wedding cake with Pink Gerberas – Decorating Guide

These were the main supplies I used to decorate this square wedding cake with pink gerberas:

  • Cake dummies – I used 4 inches high square dummies measuring 6 inches and 9 inches each.
  • Fondant – I used white Satin Ice fondant to cover the cake dummies.
  • Pink gerbera daisies (fresh flowers) – I used a total of 5 flowers for this cake.
  • Satin ribbon – I used 1 inch wide satin ribbon in green as the border for each of the cake tiers.

And this was how I put the cake together:

I designed this cake with Styrofoam dummies. And so I did not need to crumb coat them before covering them with fondant. I have a full tutorial on how to cover Styrofoam dummies with fondant and you can read the step by step guide here

If you are intending to create this design with real cake, you can refer to any of my recipes on my recipes page here and follow the measurement I have provided for 6 inches and 9 inches square cakes.  Once your cakes are baked, level them, fill them with buttercream and crumb coat also with buttercream before covering them in fondant. 

For dummy cakes, you don’t need to provide any support for the bottom tier. All you need to do is simply stack the cakes on one another. For real cakes, you would need to provide the necessary support. 

For this particular design, as I have mentioned earlier, the tiers were not stacked in a centered position. If you see the image below, you will notice that while the bottom tier is placed centered on the cake board, the 2 tier is not. In fact, it is positioned towards the back end of the first tier.

Wedding Cake with Pink Gerberas

So, again, if you are going to do this with a real cake, make sure to take note of the top tier cake position on the bottom tier when doweling your bottom tier cake for stacking or you will end up with some of the dowels being visible at the front of the cake after stacking. 

Once the cakes were stacked, I attached the satin ribbon as the border for both tiers. To secure the ribbon to the cake, I used fondant glue. 

Next to go onto the cake were the royal icing polka dots. I piped these free hand with a round tip number 3. Since this was a square cake, it was easier to estimate the position of the dots and so I did not use any special marking or measuring tools to guide me. 

And finally, the fresh gerberas went on the cake.  I arranged 3 gerberas on the top tier for the cake topper and then added one flower each to the base of front corner of each cake tier. To hold them in place, I merely lifted the tiers and pushed the stalks underneath the tiers. If you are doing this on real cake, you would need to wrap the stalks first. You can do it with cling wrap or foil. Alternatively, you can also insert wires into the stalks, push them into a straw and then push the flowers into the cake. 

And that is pretty much how I decorated this wedding cake with pink gerberas. 

What do you think?

Wedding Cake with Pink Gerberas

Happy Decorating :)

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Wedding Cake with Pink GerberasWedding Cake with Pink Gerberas

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