Wedding Cake with Fresh Flowers - Red and Champagne Fresh Roses Wedding Cake

Here is a pretty wedding cake with fresh flowers (roses to be exact) I made a for a pretty couple in 2014. This was a tall cake, made up of 3 tiers of cake that was stacked on 2 sets of pillars.

Wedding Cake with Fresh Flowers - Red & Champagne Fresh Roses Wedding Cake

I love decorating wedding cakes and totally loved decorating this one. The design of this cake was very simple – there were no elaborate piping or fondant work involved yet the use of fresh roses in champagne and dark red added so much elegance and made so much difference to the final look of the cake.

I still remember when the bride came to see me for the cake order, her mom and aunt followed and all three ladies were set on getting a wedding cake that was all real cake, set on pillars and used fresh roses.

The aunt was very set on the cake being all real cake - she did not want any part of the cake to be made of Styrofoam dummy. And the use of pillars was to give the cake the height they wanted. Since they wanted all real cake, the only way to get a tall cake without having too much cake is by supporting the cake with pillars. As for the roses, they wanted the flowers on the cake to match the flowers they were going to use for the rest of the wedding deco (which were dark red and champagne roses) and so requested that I use the same flowers on the cake.

I happened to have decorated a similar wedding cake in the past, and when I showed them some sample images, they immediately agreed on the design. 

When I delivered the cake to the wedding hall, I was glad the bride had chosen to have the cake stacked on pillars. It was a large wedding hall, and had the cake been a normal 3 tier cake stacked cake without pillars, it would have been very insignificant in the wedding hall. Overall, the cake matched the rest of the deco in the wedding hall perfectly and looked absolutely elegant with the fresh roses bundled on each tier.


Wedding Cake with Fresh Flowers - Red & Champagne Fresh Roses Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake with Fresh Flowers - Red and Champagne Roses

These were the main supplies used to decorate this cake:

  • Buttercream – Each tier of the cake consisted of 2 layers of cake and I sandwiched them with vanilla buttercream. I also used buttercream to crumb coat each tier.
  • Fondant – All three tiers of the cake was covered in white fondant. I used my own homemade fondant recipe to make the fondant.
  • Royal icing – I used royal icing to pipe the dots all around the cake. Click here for my royal icing recipe.
  • Pillars and plates – The ones I used were Wilton crystal pillars but they are no longer available now. I used 2 sets of pillars and plates for this cake. The first set which I used between the first and second tier was with a 6 inches round separator plate and 4 pillars while the set set which I used between the second and third cake tiers was with an 8 inches round separator plate and 4 pillars. Each set I used consisted of 4 pillars measuring 9 inches long.
  • Fresh roses – These were supplied by the bride’s florist. I used dark red and champagne fresh roses.
Wedding Cake with Fresh Flowers - Red & Champagne Fresh Roses Wedding Cake

And this was how I assembled the cake:

  • Once the cakes were baked, I leveled, filled and crumb coated them with buttercream.  And then I covered each tier with fondant.
  • Since the cakes were to be placed on pillars, the cake boards I used for the top 2 tiers were in the exact same size as the cakes. This is so that the cake boards do not show once I place the cakes on the pillars.
  • Once the cakes were covered in fondant, I piped tiny royal icing dots all around the cakes and a tiny bead border for the third tier. 
Wedding Cake with Fresh Flowers - Red & Champagne Fresh Roses Wedding Cake

  • I then placed the top and second tier cakes on their respective separator plates. These separator plates have special plugs underneath them that sort of locks them in place so that they remain secured and stable when placed on the pillars. 
  • To ensure the pillars are poked in the right position on the cakes underneath, I used the separator plates as a guide to mark the positions in which to poke the pillars. To do this, for the bottom most tier, I used the second tier separator plate as a guide. I placed the plate directly on the fondant covered bottom tier, made sure it was positioned right in the center and then lightly pressed it to leave the slight marking on the fondant. I then lifted the plate and used the 4 markings made by the plugs underneath the separator plate earlier as a guide to poke my pillars.
  • I used the same technique to mark the second cake tier, but this time I used the top tier separator plate as the guide.
  • Another important point to mention here is that I only assembled the cake at the wedding venue. It was much safer that way, so I packed all the cakes in different boxes and only assembled it at the wedding venue. Since I had the markings and holes for the pillars ready, assembling the cake was quite fast. And once the cake was all up on pillars, I arranged the roses on it. For each tier, I started with a circle row of dark red roses, followed by another row of champagne colored roses before topping them them again with deep red roses. I did this for the top and bottom tiers. For the middle tier, I stared with the dark roses, and topped with champagne colored ones. I did not add another layer of dark red like I did for the first and third tier cakes. 
  • For the finishing touch, I scattered some rose petals on the cake board.
Wedding Cake with Fresh Flowers - Red & Champagne Fresh Roses Wedding Cake

And that was how I decorated this wedding cake. If you have any queries, please leave them in the section below. I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Happy Decorating :)

Wedding Cake with Fresh Flowers - Red & Champagne Fresh Roses Wedding Cake

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