Twins Princess Castle Cake

Here is another one of my castle cakes and I call this one twins princess castle cake. It was made for a set of twin girls for their first birthday and the design and colors were made to match that of the image shared by my customer.

Twins Princess Castle Cake

This was the design my customer referred to. The castle itself was a ready made topper. In fact, this image itself was taken from an online store selling the castle topper. 

Based on the image, I figured out that the cake was decorated with buttercream but since my customer wanted fondant, I recreated it as close as possible to the image and colors provided. And the image also shows the cake being airbrushed. My airbrushing skills are nowhere near good, so I told her I can only make single toned color and my customer was OK with it. She also wanted the castle to be made out of cake, so that was how I made it for her.

Here is how I made the Twins Princess Castle Cake

These were the main supplies used for my twins princess castle cake:

  • Cake – the cake itself measured 10 inches by 6 inches rectangle. I baked it in two layers and the overall height of the cake was 4 inches. I also baked another 8 inches by 8 inches square cake for the castle. I used my marble cake recipe for the cake.
  • Buttercream – I used buttercream to fill and crumb coat the cake.
  • Fondant – the entire cake was covered in fondant. I used store bought fondant for this project and tinted it to make the colors requested by my customer. 
  • Gumpaste – I used gumpaste (tinted in red) for all the wordings on the cake. 
  • Cardboard – I used cardboard to help form the castle towers.
  • Cutters – I used quite a number of cutters for this cake and they were all used to make the details on the cake. The main ones I used were 5 petal flower cutters in a few different sizes and  heart shaped cutters.
  • Brickstone and wood grain impression mats – I used the brickstone mat for the stairway and the wood grain mat for the castle dor. 
  • Star piping tip – I used this tip to make the fencing plants at the back of the castle as well as on the sides and front of the cake. 
  • Extruder tool – I used extruder for all the border work on the cake, including the castle and the tiara. 
  • Tappit alphabet cutter – I used this to cut out both the birthday girls’ names as well as the happy birthday wording. 
  • Shortening and fondant glue – I used these interchangeably, using the fondant glue for heavier items and shortening for lighter ones.
  • Food coloring – I don’t quite recall the exact colors I used for this project but used them to not only tint my fondant but also paint the stairway.

And this was how I made and assembled the twins princess castle cake:

  • Once the cakes were baked and cooked, I leveled them. For the base tier, I place one rectangle layer on my cake board, filled it with buttercream and placed the second layer on top. I then carved the stairway and the front garden. For the bottom 3 steps of the stairway, I used the cake that was carved out, mixed some buttercream into it and used it to form the steps. And then I crumb coated the whole cake.
  • Next was the castle. I measured the size I wanted the castle to be, and cut 2 same sized pieces from my square cake. I sandwiched both with buttercream to form the base of the castle. For the smaller second tier of the castle, again, I cut 2 pieces of small squares and sandwiched them with buttercream. I then crumb coated both separately and covered them with pink fondant. For the base, I cut 5 pieces of pink fondant squares, drew the blocks line with my needle tool and attached it to the sides and top of the cake. Then, using my extruder tool, I piped out long thin roll of dark pink fondant and attached it all round the edges (with shortening). I did the same for the top tier but did not add any rolled fondant at the edges. 
  • As for the towers, I made 4 cardboard rolls in the same size as the towers in the image. And then, I rolled my pink fondant, cut it into 4 rectangles and wrapped each around every cardboard roll. I used water to attach both ends of the fondant rectangles and let them dry. Once dried, I slowly removed the cardboard, leaving only the fondant towers. I did the same for the short tower on top of the castle. For the pointed roofs, I cut out circles using my circle cutter and sliced each circle into half. I rolled each half circle piece to form a con and ‘glued’ the joints with some fondant glue.

Twins Princess Castle Cake

  • Next was the tiara. I drew the template on a piece of paper and then used the template to cut out my fondant. I used my heart and flower plunger cutters to decorate it. And then, I shaped the tiara by wrapping it around a glass bottle I had at home ( I had to choose a bottle with a diameter not larger than the bottom tier of the castle and not smaller that the top tier of the castle in order for the tiara to fit well on the castle). I place the bottle lying horizontally for the tiara to dry and set. Once set, I removed my tiara from the bottle, and used my extruder tool to pipe out long thin roll of fondant and attached it to the top of the tiara with fondant glue.
  • For the cake, I covered the sides with blue fondant and the top with green. I cut out leaves and plants using dark green fondant and used my flower plunger cutters for the red flowers. 
  • For the 3D flowers with the “happy birthday’ wording, each flower was attached to a toothpick so that I could easily poke them into the cake.
  • The two roses at each side of the steps were formed by hand using fondant. 
  • For the font, I used tappit letter cutters and gumpaste tinted in red and for the steps, I covered it with white fondant, used my needle tools to draw the bricks lines and then hand painted the lines with purple food coloring. 
  • Once the base cake was done, I carefully placed the base tier of the castle on the cake (I placed the castle on a cardboard and had bubble straws to support its weight underneath).  And then the rest of the castle tier went on before I attached the towers and roofs to the castle with fondant glue and added all the doors and windows.
  • And finally, I placed the tiara on the cake (used fondant glue to keep it in place).

And that was how I made this twins princess castle cake.

If you have any comments or queries, pls leave them below, I will get back to 

Twins Princess Castle Cake

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