Tropical Beach Wedding Cake

Here is a gorgeous tropical beach wedding cake I made for a really sweet couple sometime back. 

It's a 3 tier cake and consistent with the tropical beach theme, the cake itself was decorated with fondant strips that gave the cake a sea-like feel, with the colors of the strips resembling that of the sea water itself. And for the tropical theme, I added 2 types of tropical flowers made in gumpaste, the plumeria and the hibiscus. I left the hibiscus flowers white to match the rest of the cake and the plumeria flowers.

This was a fun cake to make, and the thing I like most about this tropical beach wedding cake is the gradually deepening colors of the sea waves.

Here is how I made the tropical beach wedding cake

These were the main supplies I used for this tropical beach wedding cake:

  • Cake - This is a 3 tier cake however, only the top 2 tiers were real cake, the bottom tier was a Styrofoam dummy as the couple wanted a tall cake but not so much of real cake. The cakes (including) the dummy measured 6 inches, 9 inches and 12 inches in diameter each, with the height of each tier measuring approximately 6 inches. The top tier was baked using my butter pound cake recipe while the second tier was a chocolate cakeBoth recipes are available on my site here.
  • Buttercream - I used buttercream to fill the cakes and crumbcoat them. Click here for my buttercream recipe.
  • Fondant - Fondant was the main icing for the cake. I used Satin Ice fondant in white for the base covering and then tinted it into the sea water shades accordingly.
  • "Mr & Mrs" topper - I bought this from a local cake decorating shop. I was made of glitter paper and attached to a lollipop stick.
  • Gold ribbon - This was store bought and I used it to cover the sides of the cake board. 
  • Gumpaste plumeria and hibiscus - I made both types of flowers with Satin Ice gumpaste. I have prepared separate tutorials for these flowers. Click here to learn how to make the gumpaste plumeria and here for the hibiscus flowers.

And this was how I assembled the cake:

  • First of all, I prepared the gumpaste flowers. In fact, I had these flowers made one week in advance. Click on each of the images below for step by step tutorial on how to make them.

  • Closer to the delivery day, I baked the cakes, layered and crumb coat them with buttercream and covered each tier, including the Styrofoam tier in white fondant. I then stacked the tiers on top of one another. The first tier was supported by the second tier with bubble tea straws. Support was not necessary for the second tier as the third Styrofoam tier was able to take the weight of both the top two tiers.

  • Next were the fondant sea waves. I tinted white fondant on the following colors (except for the white, off course):

  • I started with the white waves. I rolled white fondant into 1/8 of an inch thickness and cut out medium sized fondant strips. The ones shown here are about 15cm long.

  • I applied shortening on each strip and attached them to the cake, starting right from the top. And then, using my finger, I curved the top edges lightly (on both top ends of each strip).

  • Also, as I attached each strip, I adjusted the top of the strips so that they don't lay too flat on the cake, instead form light frills to resemble sea waves. 

  • I made 4 layers of white sea waves before moving on to the next color.

  • I continued the waves with the same blue color until the bottom of the first tier. 

  • And then, I rolled a long piece of fondant in the same shade of blue in a curved form as shown.

  • This strip was to cover the top of the second tier. I applied it to the cake with some shortening.

  • And then I continued with another layer of waves, still in the same shade blue.

  • After that, I moved on to a darker shade of blue. I made a total of 6 layers of waves in this shade.

  • Next color was the light turquoise. I made 3 layers of waves all the way to the bottom of the second tier. 

  • And as in the top of the second tier earlier, I covered the top of the third tier with a strip of the turquoise colored fondant. 

  • And I continued with 2 more rows of the same turquoise layers of waves before moving on to a darker shade of turquoise.

  • And I made a total of 5 layers of waves in dark turquoise.

  • The final shade I put on the cake was a deep green color. I added layers of waves in this color until it reached the bottom of the third cake tier. 

  • Using the same shade of green fondant, I covered the cake board. And I repeated the waves effect on the cake board by curling the edges of the fondant strips that I positioned on the cake board (I used 3 strips of fondant for the cake board intentionally so that I could form the curls at consistent intervals all around the board. 

  • I trimmed the excess fondant off the cake board and attached a gold ribbon around the cake board. 

  • Next was the cake topper and flowers. Before attaching the "Mr & Mrs" topper, I positioned the plumeria flowers first. And this was how I did it. 

  • I placed 2 small lumps of fondant as shown.

  • I then attached one plumeria flower to each of the fondant lumps with shortening. 

  • And I repeated the same process with 2 other plumerias on the other side.

  • As for the sides, I attached one flower on each side, as shown:

  • This was how the topper flowers looked from the top. I then poked in the "Mr & Mrs" topper in the center.

  • As for the sides, I used 2 hibiscuses - one on each side, flanked by 2 plumerias.

This was how the completed tropical beach wedding cake looked like:

Hope you enjoyed this tropical beach wedding cake tutorial. If you have any comments, please leave them in the comments section below, I will try to respond as soon as I can.

Thank you for reading!

Happy decorating :)

Tropical Beach Wedding Cake

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