How to Safely Transport a Tiered Cake

How to transport a tiered cake? This is quite a common question I often get from new cake decorators. 

I have made and transported tall tiered cakes many times, and the one thing that really stresses me up in the whole process of decorating and delivering a cake is definitely the process of getting the cake delivered to the event venue in one piece.

And so I totally feel the pain when others struggle with the process of transporting tiered cakes. 

How to safely transport a tiered cakeHow to Transport a Tiered Cake

Over time, I have learned a couple of tricks to reduce the stress of delivering cakes and those are the tips and tricks I am sharing on this page.

My Tips on How to Transport a Tiered Cake

  • I always only assemble tall tiered cakes at the wedding hall or event venue. It is OK to transport a two or three tier assembled cakes, but taller cakes are best assembled at the event venue. I transport each tier on its own, either in a cake pan or a cake box. And in circumstance where I don't have a choice but to assemble the tiered cake upfront before delivery for whatever reason, I always insert a long dowel rod through the center of the stacked cakes for additional support and drive extra slow on the road. Click here to learn how to insert a dowel rod through a stacked cake tiers.
  • Another important tip (to reduce the stress of transporting a cake!) is to find out the distance of the event venue or wedding hall in advance so that adequate time can be allocated to reach the event venue on time. I normally allocate a good one to hours to assemble the cake at the event venue, so in deciding on the delivery time, I make sure I have enough time to drive to the event venue and assemble the cake. And if its a wedding cake, I always try to complete all the assembly at least 2 to 3 hours before the start of the function. That way, I have enough back up time should there be any delay caused by bad traffic or other unforeseen incidents. It also allows me to complete the cake before any guests arrive for the function. 
  • Driving speed is another important factor is ensuring safe transportation of tiered cakes. I normally drive at a slow speed and try to avoid sudden jerks or brakes to prevent my cakes from sliding and hitting the sides of the boxes. And if I am travelling with an assembled cake (normally only 2 tiered cakes), I  drive at an extra slow speed and always use non slip mats. These mats provide good grip and avoid my cakes from moving or sliding as a result of sudden movement.
Learn the tips to transport tiered cakesThis 5 tier wedding cake was transported as separate tiers and I only assembled it at the wedding venue.

Additional tips when assembling cakes at the event venue:

  • Always make sure that you bring all your cake decorating tools with you in a tool box and also remember to bring extra cake icing (the same type you used for the cake). Always bring extra flowers, if you are using any, (be it fresh flowers, gum paste flowers or royal icing/butter icing flowers) to replace any broken or damaged ones on the cake.
  • When you have finished assembling the cake , be sure to inform the event manager at the venue (this is particularly important in the case of a wedding cake, as the bride and groom will not be there to see the cake until after the party has started) before you leave the venue to make sure the cake is well taken care of and not knocked down by staff who are busy with other deco, music and stuff. 
  • Always take a few photos of the completely assembled cake (in different angles) and send the images to your customer before you leave the venue, just in case someone knocks down your cake while you are gone and blames it on you. At least with the photo, your customer will know that you have done a good job and does not blame you for any mishaps.
Learn how to transport tiered cakes safely with this tutorialHow to Transport a Tiered Cake, the stress free way!

Hope you enjoyed this sharing on how to transport a tiered cake and may your cake transporting process be a stress free one!

Happy decorating:)

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Transporting tiered cakes

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