Tools Birthday Cake

I made this tools birthday cake for my dad’s birthday. This was made a few years back (and I cannot recall which year, and so don’t recall which birthday it was for him!) and the idea of making a tools cake came from one of this favourite activities which is carpentry.

He loves carpentry (so I guess!) for he was always up to making something at home, and in fact, he literally made most of the furniture we had at home on his own. His had his own workspace at the back of the house and he owned all sorts of carpentry tools! So on his birthday, I decided that a tools birthday cake would be suitable for him!!

Here is how I made this tools birthday cake:

Here is what I used to make this cake:

  • One 8 inch square cake – I baked this cake using my butter pound cake recipe. The cake itself was a single layer one.
  • Buttercream & butter icing – I used buttercream to crumb coat the cake and used butter icing to cover the whole cake. I did not tint the icing, hence the natural ivory hue to it. In case you are wondering what the difference between buttercream and butter icing is, the only difference is in the consistency of the icing. Butter icing is much more to stiffer than butter cream and I prefer to work with it to cover cakes. 
  • Fondant – I used fondant to create all the tool toppers on the cake. Each and every tool on the cake were handmade and edible and I made them using my homemade fondant.
  • Wilton Alphabet cutter – I used these cutters for the birthday message. The messages reads “Happy Birthday Tataiyya”. "Tataiyya" simply means granddad and I used it instead of Dad because the cake was like more from my kids to their grandfather rather than from me to my father!
  • Wilton Food colouring in yellow, red, brown and moss green.
  • Silver edible dust – I mixed this with some lemon extract to be painted on the ‘steel’ parts of the tools.

And here is how I assembled the cake:

  • I started off with the tools a few days in advance. All the tools were made of fondant. I chose to make them all in white fondant and paint them later once they were set.
  • I regret not taking closer pictures of the tools but if you can see them on the cake, I made ladders, screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, nuts and bolts and spanners. I hand molded these and then painted them.

Fondant Hammer

Fondant Plier

Fondant Screwdriver

Fondant Bolt

  • Once the tools were ready, assembling the cake was quite straight forward. I covered the cake with a thin layer of crumb coat and then with a layer of butter icing. I then arranged the birthday message on the cake and then went ahead to place the fondant tools on the cake. I did not use any ‘glue’ to attach the tools to the cake as the party was at my place and we did not have to move the cake. Had I had to move it elsewhere, I would have used buttercream to attach the tools to the cake.

And this is how I made the tools birthday cake.

My father had a big smile on his face when my children and I presented the cake to him.

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