The Great Gatsby Birthday Cake

I made this the Great Gatsby birthday cake for a young woman’s 25th birthday. The cake was ordered by her family and besides wanting a cake along the theme of the Great Gatsby, they also wanted the birthday girl figurine on a bench as the cake topper. And since the birthday girl was pregnant at that time, they requested for the figurine on the cake to show the baby bump too.

The Great Gatsby Birthday Cake

The cakes was not very difficult to decorate but I did face some issues with the chair!. It was quite tricky to get it to stand on its legs as the chair with the human figure on it was heavy. I managed to put it up somehow but would definitely take note to make sure the legs have had sufficient time to set and harden before I put it up on the cake.

Other than that, everything else on the cake was pretty straightforward. This Craftsy class I took on how to make fondant figures was absolutely helpful in making the fondant figure topper on the cake. And it has also helped me greatly in making my fondant figures for my other cakes too.

The Great Gatsby Birthday Cake Decorating Guide

These were the main supplies I used to decorate this the Great Gatsby cake:

  • Cake – this was a 2 tier cake, measuring 6 inches and 9 inches in diameter. Each tier was approximately 4 inches high. I used my butter pound cake recipe for the cakes.
  • Buttercream – I used buttercream to fill the cake layers as well as to crumb coat the cake.
  • Gum paste – I used gum paste to make the human figure topper as well as the lettering on the cake.
  • Pizza cutting wheel – I used this tool as a general cutting tool, and was particularly using for cutting out the black and gold designs on the sides of the cake.
  • Edible gold paint – I used a store bought ready to use gold paint. Unfortunately, the paint was not very easy to use as it was almost impossible to get a smooth coating on fondant.
  • Floral wire – I used floral wire gauge 16 for the legs of the bench topper. I wire them to make sure the topper would stay in place on the cake when transporting and moving the cake.
  • Edible glitter – I used this dust on the human figure's dress and I attached this to the dress with a medium sized cake decorating brush and fondant glue.
  • Cake decorating brush – I used this brush to add glitter dust onto the human figure’s dress. There is no specific requirement on the size of the brush, so long as it could do the work without much mess and without taking too much time.
  • Shortening – This was the ‘glue’ for this cake project.
  • Lollipop sticks – Since the bench topper was wired, to make sure the wire does not get into direct contact with the cake, I inserted the wires into lollipop sticks before poking them into the cake.
  • Fondant glue - I used this to attach the glitter dust onto the birthday girl human figure topper's dress.

This was how I put the Great Gatsby birthday cake together:

I started with the cake toppers first which were the bench and the human figure. The figure was made using gum paste for the most parts except for the hair and head band which were made using fondant. As for the dress, I sprinkled it with glitter dust for a ‘party dress’ effect. I made the figure in a lying down position with the head propped up against the arm of the bench. In making the figure, I used the techniques I learned in this Craftsy online class and I must say, the techniques I learned from the class were super useful for this topper. Although the class did not cover human figures in a lying down position, the techniques of shaping a human figurine body could be easily applied for any position of the figures.

As for the bench, it was made using fondant and to make sure the fondant dried hard and firm, I added CMC to it. I used white and black fondant. For the white, once it was set, I painted it gold. The legs of the bench were inserted with wires, and to make there was no direct contact of the wire with the cake, I inserted the wires into lollipop sticks before poking them into the cake.

The Great Gatsby Birthday Cake

Closer to the event date, I baked the cakes, leveled and filled each tier with buttercream and gave both tiers a smooth thin coat of buttercream before covering them in white fondant. And then I stacked them up.

Next, I did the borders. I used my pizza cutting wheel and cut out 2 long strips of black fondant and attached it around both cake tiers. Using a medium sized paint brush and my edible gold paint, I painted the tiny gold dots all around the border strips.

After that, I went on to complete the gold and black deco on the sides of the cake. For the top tier, to make sure the cut outs were all in same size all around the tier, I drew a paper template first and used it as a guide to cut out my fondant. I used black and white fondant for these but later painted the white portions in gold.

Similarly, for the black and gold plaque that was placed on the bottom tier, I drew it on a paper as a template first before cutting it out of black and white fondant and subsequently painting the white portions gold. I added the birthday girl’s name and age on this plaque. These letters and numbers were cut using the FMM block letters tappit cutter. I used gum paste for these.

Next was the lace all around the top edges of the bottom tier. These was made using Marvelous Molds Gloria silicone mold. I used fondant to make these pretty lace patterns and they were attached to the cake with shortening.

And finally, for the pearl necklace on the cake, I used the pearl silicon mold to shaped the beads necklace. And I attached it to the cake with some shortening. This was followed by the cake toppers.


With that, the Great Gatsby birthday cake was completed. 

The Great Gatsby Birthday Cake

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The Great Gatsby Birthday Cake

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