Tenkai Knights Cake

Here is a Tenkai Knights Cake I made for little Lee Guang Qian for his 6th birthday celebration at school. His mother ordered this cake for him, and requested for a specific Tenkai Knights image to be put on the cake.

This was a pretty easy cake to decorate. I remember this cake so well as it was the first cake I decorated after I had my bakery studio renovated (yes, I have a dedicated baking and decorating studio at home where I do all my cake projects ).

I’ll probably write about my bakery studio in another post, but for now, let me get back to the Tenkai Knights cake here.

This was how I decorated the Tenkai Knights cake:

These were the main supplies I used:

  • Cake – Since the image to be put on the cake was square, I baked a square cake measuring 7 inches by 7 inches. The height of the cake was approximately 4 inches. I used my chocolate cake recipe for the cake.
  • Buttercream – The cake was filled and crumb coated with chocolate buttercream. Click here for my buttercream recipe.
  • Fondant – I used Satin Ice fondant in black and red . These were the two colours used predominantly on the cake. The rest were yellow for the stars and the cake border and white (which I painted silver) for the “Happy Birthday” wordings.
  • Gumpaste – I used a tiny bit of gumpaste for the birthday boy’s name on the cake.
  • Tenkai Knights edible image – The image was provided by my customer, and I ordered a print of it in edible sugar sheet.
  • FMM alphabet cutters for the birthday boy’s name while the 3d ones on the cake board were made using larger cutters. I bought these from a local cake decorating supply shop and was unable to locate them being sold online so I am unable to provide you a link to purchase these online.
  • Fondant plaque cutter – This is the cutter I used to cut out the black piece of fondant framed in red where I have put the birthday boy’s name.
  • Extruder tool – I used this to pipe the red borders I used for the edible image, the name plaque and cake base. And I also used this tool to pipe the black border for the cake.
  • Round and star plunger cutters – these were used for the yellow circles on the cake as well as the yellow and red stars on the side of the cake.
  • Styrofoam – this was a flat Styrofoam piece that I cut to create a raised platform for the cake to sit on (covered in red fondant). The purpose was to place the Happy Birthday wording. I couldn’t fit all the letters on a straight line on the cake board, so I had to make the platform so that I could split them into two. I purchased this from a local craft shop.
  • CMC – I added this to my white fondant which I used to cut out the ‘Happy Birthday’ letters.
  • Shortening and fondant glue – These were used to stick the fondant deco on the cake as well as to attached the fondant letters on the cake board and platform.

And this was how I assembled the Tenkai Knights cake:

  • Once the cake was baked and cooled, I leveled, filled and crumb coated it. And then I covered it in black fondant.
  • Next, I attached the edible images, one on top of the cake and the other on one side of the cake. I simply brushed some warm water onto the back of the images and attached them to the cake.
  • And then I prepared the platform. I cut my Styrofoam to fit the size of my cake plus an allowance of about 1.5 inches on the front. I covered it with red fondant and  then placed it on my cake board and placed my fondant covered cake on it.
  • Next, I covered the cake board with black fondant and after that, I attached the borders; red for the cake and black for the platform.
  • And then I did the name plaque and attached it to the cake. For this, I cut out the letters of the name and attached them to the fondant plaque before attaching the plaque to the cake. And then I piped a thin red border around it (with my extruder tool) and attached it with shortening.
  • For the Happy Birthday wordings, I cut them out of white fondant (which I kneaded some CMC into) and painted them by hand using silver sheen airbrush color (had to shake the bottle well and then use a brush to paint the letters). And I attached the letters onto the red platform and cake board using fondant glue.
  • And finally, I used yellow and red fondant for the yellow circles and yellow and red stars. The yellow circles went on the sides of the platform while the stars went on the 2 sides of the cake.


And that was how I decorated this Tenkai Knights cake.


Happy Decorating :)

Tenkai Knights Cake

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