Teachers Day Cake Design

Here is a Teachers Day cake design I created for my boy for Teacher’s day celebration at school.

This is a super simple cake to decorate. There is nothing very symbolic of teachers day on this cake except for the topper. And that was partly because the cake request cake quite at the very last minute (my son returned home on the eve of Teacher’s day and told me they are having a celebration at school the next day and asked if I could bake and decorate a cake for him to bring to school the next day. 

Teachers Day Cake Design

I so did not want to disappoint my boy. Its not like he asks for decorated cakes often (except on his birthdays, of course), so I had to quickly think of a design that I could decorate quickly. 

But I also wanted something symbolic about Teacher’s day on the cake, so after quick thought, we settled on making  paper topper with Teacher’s Day greetings printed on it. And I set my boy to the task of searching for an image on the internet we could use for the cake. And this was what he choose. I helped him to resize the image and printed 2 copies of it, ready to be turned into a cake topper.

Here is how I put this Teachers Day Cake Design together:

These were the main supplies used:

  • Cake – I baked the largest cake I could. This was a 13 inches by 11 inches rectangle cake. I baked the cake in two tins and afterwards, leveled and filled it with buttercream. I used my butter pound cake recipe and used the ingredients measures for 12 inches square cake tin.
  • Buttercream – Buttercream was the only decorating medium I used on this cake. I used it to fill the cake as well as to pipe the rosettes and flowers all over it.
  • Disposable piping bags, piping tip 2D and piping tip 21 - As in all my buttercream cake projects, I used disposable piping bags for this project too. This saves me all the hassle of having to wash the grease of them. As for the piping tips, I used star tips in 2 different sizes; tip #2D for the large rosettes and tip #21 for the smaller rosettes and filler flowers.
  • Pearl sugar dragees - If you look closely at the smaller rosettes on the cake, I have added pearl sugar dragees in the centers.

And this was how I decorated the cake.

  • Once the cake was baked, I leveled, filled and crumb coated it with a thin layer of buttercream. Next, in a piping bag fitted with large star tip #2D, I piped large rosettes on the cake. For the sides, I piped two layers of rosettes and in between the rosettes, I piped smaller ones using tip #21. This in a way made sure all the gap between the larger rosettes were covered. Next, using the same star tip #21, I piped small flowers randomly on the cake, particularly where there were gaps visible between the rosettes. 
  • And for the final touch, I added pearl sugar dragees in the middle of each small rosette. That was literally it as far as the cake decoration is concerned. 

  • As for the topper, I glued the 2 copies of image my son chose as the topper with the wooden skewer in between. I let the glue dry out before poking it in the middle of the cake.
  • And that was how I decorated this Teacher’s day cake. I wish I had more time to add 3d fondant deco on the cake but time did not permit. My boy was very happy nevertheless, and I was happy for going ahead and making the cake for him.

Hope you enjoyed this Teachers Day cake design. If you have any comments or queries, please leave them in the section below and I will revert as soon as I can.

And if you are keen to pick up buttercream piping skills but not sure where to go to, click here and check out these awesome sources for you to learn and master piping skills. 

Happy Decorating :) 

Teachers Day Cake Design

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