Square Gift Box Cake Tutorial

I made this square gift box cake not too long ago. It was a 2 tier square cake and everything on the cake was made of fondant.

Though it looks like a lot of work, assembling the cake was pretty fast, and that was because I had the fondant loop bow made in advance. It has to be made in advance because it needs time to set before it can be used on the cake.

Square Gift Box Cake with Fondant Loop Bow

Here is how I decorated the square gift box cake:

The main supplies used for this cake were:

  • Cake - the cake is made of two flavors, one vanilla and one orange. I used my butter pound cake recipe for the vanilla flavored tier and my orange cake recipe for the orange flavored tier.
  • Buttercream - I used buttercream to fill the cakes as well as to crumb coat them. 
  • Royal icing - I used very little icing for this project and it was solely to attached the fondant loop bow onto the cake.
  • Fondant- I used my homemade fondant for this project and had the fondant made in advance. I used fondant to cover the cake as well for all the deco on the cake including the loop bow. Since the theme colors were brown and purple (for some reason the colors looks more blue that it does purple in the images here, but in actual fact, it was purple). My homemade fondant always dries nice and hard so I did not have to add any CMC or gumtex to harden it. If you are using store bought fondant, you will have to add CMC or gumtex to it for making the loop bow. I have the bow tutorial in detail in another page. Click here for the tutorial.
  • Round icing tips - I did not have any round plunger cutters at the time I made this cake, so I used my large round icing tips for the fondant circle cut outs on the bottom tier.

And this was how I assembled the square gift box cake:

  • I started with the fondant loop bow a few days in advance. The loops have to be made in advance, individually and once they are set, assembled to form a loop bow with some royal icing. Click here or the image below for step by step tutorial on how to make the bow. 

  • Next were the cakes. Once baked and completely cooled, I sandwiched them with buttercream and covered them with fondant. I then placed the bottom tier onto a fondant covered cake board and decorated it with random round fondant cut outs in varying sizes. As I mentioned earlier, each of the round pieces were cut using my round icing tips.  

  • I then attached the cut outs onto the bottom tier of the cake with some warm water.

  • After that, I stacked the top tier on the bottom one (using bubble tea straws for support). 

  • I did not continue with the circle cut outs for the top tier because I meant to leave it that way. Next was the ribbon. I wanted to make it dual colored, to match the loop bow and the circle motifs on the cake. So, I started with brown fondant strips and attached them on all 4 sides of the cake.

  • And then I added a purple layer on top, this time in smaller width.

Next, I added additional ribbon strips in purple and brown alternately on all the 4 sides of the cake. These strips were short (hanging right before the bottom tier).  

  • Once the ribbon work was done, I covered the cake borders (on both tiers) with round fondant balls. These were shaped by hand, individually. The bottom tier had brown fondant balls border while the top tier had purple ones. 
  • And the final step was to attach the loop bow. I used royal icing to attach the ribbon. This way, I was sure that the loop bow would be securely held in place even when the cake is moved during transportation. 

And this was how the completed cake looked like:

Hope you enjoyed this square gift box cake tutorial as much as I enjoyed decorating the cake.

If you have any comments, pls leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Happy Decorating:)

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