Sprinkles Inside Cupcakes

Here is a sprinkles inside cupcakes decorating idea for you to try as your next cupcake project. 

This is a fairly easy technique and the only skill that is needed for this cupcake decorating idea is piping skills, and even that, its the skill of piping simple buttercream rosette swirls.

As you can see, the sprinkles I have used on the cupcakes are in 2 shades of blue plus some gold ones. These sprinkles mix is one which I custom created, meaning, I colored the blue ones on my own (I purchased white sprinkles and colored them to the needs of my cupcake project. Click here to read how I colored the sprinkles) while gold ones are store bought. I mixed all three colors together for this combination of sprinkles.

Here is how I made the sprinkles inside cupcakes:

These were the supplies I used to come up with this sprinkles inside cupcake decorating idea:

And this was how I decorated these sprinkles inside cupcakes:

  • Once the cupcakes were baked and cooled, I cored the centers. You can use a cupcake corer for this but if you don't have one, you can either cut out a round hole in the middle of each cupcake with a jam knife. I did not have a cupcake corer, so I cut the holes out using a jam knife. To make sure the hole size is uniform for all cupcakes (if the holes sizes differ, the amount of sprinkles that go inside each cupcake will differ), I used the back of my Wilton #2D tip to mark the holes (to do this, I simply press the tip into the cupcake lightly so that it leaves a round mark on the surface of the cupcake).

  • Once the marking was in place, I removed the tip and cut out the hole using a jam knife right to the bottom (taking care not to rip the bottom of the cupcake casing with the jam knife - and this is also why I am using a jam knife instead of a kitchen knife).

  • Next, I filled the holes with a bit of buttercream ( I piped the buttercream using a piping bag (my picture below shows a star tip attached to the piping bag but there really is not need for the star tip. Just cut out a small hole in your piping bag and fill the bottom of the cupcake). The idea is to just cover the bottom of the cupcake, as such there is no need to pipe too much, suffice if it covers the hole bottom.

  • Once I had the base filled with buttercream, I then filled the holes with a generous amount of my sprinkles mix.
  • I filled each cupcake with sprinkles right up to the top.

  • And then I covered them up with buttercream and went on to cover the entire top with buttercream (you can just cover the hole and not bother with the rest of the cupcake, but I prefer a flat surface to pipe my buttercream swirls, so I covered the tops of the cupcakes with even layer of buttercream.)

  • Next was the rosette swirls. Using Wilton tip #2D, I piped one large rosette swirl on each cupcake.

  • And for the finishing touch, I sprinkled the same sprinkles I used for the insides of the cupcakes on top of each cupcake. I only did this sparsely as I did not want the sprinkles to cover up the rosette swirl and also because there are enough sprinkles on the inside of the cupcakes, there is not need for more on the outside.

  • And that's it. The cupcakes were done. And don't forget to see the reaction on  your guests' faces when they take a bite into the cupcakes!!

Hope you enjoyed this sprinkles inside cupcakes tutorial. 

Here is my post on how to color sprinkles:

Happy Cupcaking :) :)

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