Spring Cupcakes

When I was asked to make a set of spring cupcakes, the first thing that came to mind was greenery and white fresh pretty blossom. And that was the inspiration for these pretty spring cupcakes I made a for friend.

These were not hard to make at all and did not take much time to make either. 

Here is how I made these Spring cupcakes:

These were the main supplies I used to decorate the cupcakes:

  • Cupcakes - I made the cupcakes using my butter pound cake recipe. The cupcakes were baked in silver cupcake foils. 
  • Royal icing - I made the royal icing with meringue powder instead of egg whites (see the recipe here) and tinted it green and yellow. I used the green icing to cover the cupcakes and the yellow for the flower centers. 
  • Fondant - I used my homemade fondant here. And it was to make the daisies. Since the daisies were white, my fondant was not colored. I also did not add any CMC or gumtex to the fondant because my homemade fondant holds shapes very well without these additional help.
  • Daisy flower cutter - I used this cutter to cut out my fondant daisies, and the size I used is small.

And this was how I assembled the cupcakes:

  • I made the fondant daisies ahead of time and I left them to set in flower formers in a cool and dry place.  In fact, the good thing about this design or any other design that uses fondant figurines or flowers is that they can be made in advance and this really saves time on the day the cupcakes are assembled. So, on the day the cupcakes need to be served or delivered to customers, all that is left to do is to cover the cupcakes with the icing/frosting of choice and stick the fondant figurines or flowers on top of each cake with a little royal icing or butter cream. 
  • For this particular project, I also baked the cupcakes in advance, and it was one day in advance to be precise. This helps is making sure the cupcakes have cooled down completely and are ready for icing the next day.
  • On the day I assembled the cupcakes, I covered the top of each cupcakes with green royal icing. And I left the icing rough on purpose because that was how I intended to decorate the cupcakes.  
  • By the time I completed covering all the cupcakes with the green icing, the icing has already started to set. And since royal icing sets to a crust, I had to dab a little royal icing underneath each flower to attached them to the cupcakes. I attached one daisy on each cupcake. 
  • And I finished off the deco by piping a round yellow center for the daisies using my yellow tinted royal icing. 

And that was how I made these spring cupcakes. 

Happy Decorating :)

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