Soccer Ball Cupcake Toppers

I wrote quite a bit about my soccer ball cupcake toppers in my soccer ball cupcakes post. And so here, I will start on directly with the supplies that are required to make these toppers as well as the step by step instructions on how to make them.

Here is how I made these soccer ball cupcake toppers:

These were the main supplies I used to make the toppers:

  • Royal icing - I made the royal icing using meringue powder (click here for the recipe) and I wanted the icing to be in medium stiff consistency so I reduced the amount of icing sugar  I added into the icing. The icing should still form peaks in this consistency, its just that it will be easier to pipe in this consistency.
  • Soccer ball templates - these templates, I would say is the next main supply in making the soccer ball toppers after royal icing. These can be drawn, but I traced mine from an online image and resized it to fit the cupcakes. I drew them slightly smaller than the diameter of the cupcakes so that they fit nicely on the cupcakes.  Once I had the right sized image of the soccer balls, I traced them onto parchment papers. I made a couple of these templates, including an extra 3 for breakage allowance. 
  • Food color - I used Wilton gel paste food color in black for the black sections of the soccer ball. I did not add any color for the white section, I used royal icing in its original white color.
  • Wilton round tip #2 to pipe the royal icing
  • Piping bags - I used 2 piping bags, one for the black icing and the other for the white one. Both were fitted with round tips.

And this was how I made the toppers:

  • First and foremost, I prepared the templates. I traced them on parchment squares. 

  • Next, I turned each template over and attached them to cake boards with some blue tac. The reason for turning the templates over is to make sure the pencil markings do not get transferred to the royal icing as I pipe on it. 

  • And then begin piping. I start with the center foremost hexagon with an outline. 

  • I then I pipe another line of icing inside the first outline.

  • And finally, the third row and complete filling of the first black hexagon.

  • Once the center was done, I moved on to the remaining sections of the ball.The side sections were pentagons, and I filled alternate ones with black royal icing.

  • Once black was completed, I started with the white sections.

  • Similar to the black sections of the soccer ball, I started with an outer outline and worked my way towards the center.

  • And here's how the completed topper looked like. I set these toppers aside in a cool and dry place to allow them to set completely. I normally leave mine overnight to allow the royal icing to dry and set completely. 

  • Once set, I slowly peel off the parchment paper. If the icing has dried well, this process should be easy. Here is how the completed soccer ball cupcake topper looked like after peeling off the parchment paper. 

To attach the toppers to the the cupcakes, I used a dab of royal icing behind each topper and placed them on the cupcakes. This is how my soccer ball cupcakes looked like. Click here to read more about these cupcakes.

And that was how I made my soccer ball cupcake toppers.

Hope you find this useful!

Happy Decorating :)

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