Snowflakes Wedding Cake

I have always wanted to decorate a snowflakes wedding cake. I think snowflakes make such elegant cake decoration especially those 3D intricate ones.

So I designed this snowflakes themed wedding cake and decorated with intricate hand piped royal icing snowflakes. And, I accented the cake with a touch of dark blue to add a bit of color to the cake.

Snowflakes Wedding Cake

This was a 3 tier cake all covered in fondant. The dark blue vertical lines on the third tier were piped in royal icing while the dark blue horizontal strip on the second tier was cut out of fondant. All the borders and the dark blue polka dots on the top tier were all in royal icing, including the snowflakes. 

Snowflakes Wedding Cake Decorating Guide

These were the main supplies I used to decorate the snowflakes wedding cake:

  • Styrofoam dummies - The entire cake was of styrofoam dummy. I used 4 inches high blocks for each tier. Top tier was 6 inches in diameter, second tier was 9 inches and bottom tier was 12 inches in diameter.
  • Royal icing - I used royal icing to make the snowflakes on the cake, as well as all the piping work.
  • Food coloring - I used Wilton royal blue gel food color to color both the fondant and the royal icing.
  • Parchment paper - This was used to trace my snowflakes and as templates for piping the royal icing snowflakes.
  • Piping tip number 3 and disposable piping bags - I used tip #3 for the vertical lines on the third tier, polka dots on the top tier and the borders for all 3 tiers. I also used the same tip to pipe the royal icing snowflakes on the cake.
  • Pizza cutting wheel - This was used to cut the dark blue fondant strip that was attached to the second tier of the cake.
  • Thread - I used this to guide me in marking the lines on my bottom tier cake which in turn was used as a guide for piping the dark blue vertical lines on the bottom tier.
  • Wooden pick - This was also used to guide me in marking the lines on my third cake tier.
  • Icing sugar - I used this to dust my cake board once the cake was complete.
  • Sieve - This was used to dust my icing sugar on the cake board.
  • Shortening - Shortening was the 'glue' I used in this project.

And this was how I put the snowflakes wedding cake together:

I started by making the royal icing snowflakes first. Since I made these with royal icing, I had to give them enough time to set and harden before I could place them on the cake. 

I used my own snowflakes template which I drew by hand based on images I found on the internet. I made them in a few different sizes and made quite a number of copies of the templates on parchment paper. This way, I could pipe all the snowflakes at once instead of having to wait for the snowflakes to set and dry one by one before I could do more.

In piping the snowflakes, I made sure my royal icing was of stiff consistency and since I was using tip #3, I double piped each snowflakes, meaning after the first round of piping, I repeated the process with a second layer of piping on the first layer. This is so that the snowflakes don't break when I am peeling them off the parchment paper. Too thin a piping will cause the snowflakes to break easily and so instead of making them thicker horizontally, I made them thicker vertically (this helps the snowflakes look thin and intricate while giving them extra resistance towards breaking).

Once I have completed the piping, I chose 2 larger ones and dusted them with gold sparkle dust while the royal icing was still wet. These were meant to be attached to the side of the second cake tier. I needed only one on the cake and the other one was for contingency, in case of any breakages in the first one.

I left all the piped royal icing snowflakes to completely set and harden (I left mine overnight) before removing them from the parchment templates. After that, I kept them aside in a dry container until the rest of the cake was ready. 

Next was the cake itself. This was not a real cake, I used styrofoam dummies for all tiers. And so, I covered each tier separately with white fondant. Click here to see my tutorial on how to cover styrofoam dummies with fondant.

For the decoration, I started with the lowest tier. I piped thin dark blue vertical lines of royal icing all around the tier and to make sure the lines are consistently distributed, I measured and marked the guiding lines on my fondant before piping the lines. I have written a separate tutorial on how I measure and marked the lines and its available here.

For the second tier, I attached a thick dark blue fondant strip all around the middle of the cake sides. This was cut with my pizza cutting wheel and attached to the cake with shortening. Since I was going to place a large royal icing snowflake on this fondant ribbon strip, I made sure the ends of the strip ended at the front of the cake. That way, the ends get covered by the royal icing snowflake, making the fondant ribbon strip seamless all around.

As for the top tier, I used the same dark blue royal icing I used for the third tiers to pipe polka dots all around its sides. 

Next were the cake borders. For the bottom tier, I piped 2 tiny dots of dark blue royal icing (using the same tip #3) in between each dark blue line. 

And I did the same for the second tier border too. This time, it was 2 dots of white royal icing in between each dark blue line.

And for the top tier, I used white royal icing and still the same tip #3 to pipe bead border all around. 

Next, were the snowflakes. I attached one of my gold sparkle dusted royal icing snowflake to the front of my second cake tier with royal icing. The other sparkle dusted snowflake I made broke so I was glad at least this one made it in one piece to  the cake. 

Snowflakes Wedding Cake

I used the remaining snowflakes for the cake board. And I used a large cake board for this purpose. I attached the snowflakes with dots of white royal icing so that they stayed in place. And then I piped dots of blue royal icing before dusting the cake board with a thin coat of icing sugar. 

With that, my snowflakes wedding cake was complete. Overall, I wish I had done better with the lines on the 3rd tier, it needs more practice and I hope to do it better next time. 

Hope you liked this. Pin this for later here and if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. 

Snowflakes Wedding Cake Decorating Guide

Happy Decorating :)

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