Simple Sugar Flowers

I made these simple sugar flowers for a wedding cake, and I say 'simple' because the flowers were not only easy to make, they can also be made quickly and do not require any special sugar flower skills, which means anyone can make them.

It took me less than 5 minutes to make each flower and the only time consuming part was for the drying time. I left mine to dry overnight, and that way, I had the petals completely dry and set to be used on my cake.

How to Make Simple Sugar Flowers

These were the main supplies I used to make the sugar flowers:

  • Gumpaste - I used Satin Ice white gumpaste for these flowers. In fact, I use this gumpaste for all my flowers, and it is my favourite when it comes to making sugar flowers (gumpaste flowers).
  • 3 petals flower cutter - The one I used for these flowers is a Wilton flower cutter and it was part of Wilton flower cutters set I purchased a while ago. 
  • Veining tool - If you notice the flower petals in the images above, you will see that each petal is veined, and I used a poeny leaf veiner for this purpose. I intentionally used the leaf veining tool because the veiner had obvious veins and I wanted to create that effect on the petals of my sugar flowers. 
  • Gold dragees - I used these for the flower centers. These were store bought and has a shiny gold hue to them. The gold centers for the flowers was to match the rest of the wedding cake decoration which was all white and gold. 

And this was how I made the flowers:

  • As in any sugar flowers or gumpaste flowers, I started with the gumpaste. I rolled it thin so that I get thin and natural looking petals. 

  • Using my Wilton 3 petal cutter, I cut out the petals. Each flower requires 2 sets of petals and since I had 5 flowers on the cake, I cut out 5 sets plus an additional set for contingency, in case of any breakage.

  • Using my ball tool and floral sponge, I thinned the edges of each petal. The thinning and the slight frills that formed from the thinning gave the petals a natural look.

  • I then veined each petal. To do this, I used a peony leaf veining tool. And I purposely used a leaf veining tool instead of a petal veining tool because the peony leaf veining tool had obvious lines of veins and I wanted the same texture on my flower petals. Also, I used the leaf veining tool upside down meaning the instead of the vein lines going into the petals, mine were coming upwards.

Peony leaf veining tool

I veined one petal at the time on the largest patch of the veining tool. 

I applied pressure only on the largest patch and held the other 2 patches of the veining tool upward so that they do not leave any marks on the rest of the 2 petals.

All 3 petals completely veined, individually.

  • Once all 3 petals of each set are veined, I set them on a petal former. I then pinched the end of each petal so that the petals have curved and pointed ends. I let the petals to dry out a little for about an hour.

  • Next was assembling the flowers. I placed one set of petals on the other making sure the second set was right in between the first set. I attached both sets with some fondant glue.

  • To make sure the pinched pointed edges of each petal remained pinched and pointed, I applied a tiny bit of fondant glue and re-pinched the petals so that the pinched ends stuck together and remained that way. The pinching not only gave the flower petals a pointed edge, it made each petal curve naturally and the pointed petals matched the overall design of the wedding cake which had pointed filigree pattern on each tier.

  • And finally, I did the flower centers. Again, I brushed some fondant glue in the center. I started with one gold dragee. The dragees were all about the same size, but there were some which were slightly larger than the rest. I made sure I picked the larger ones for the main center.

  • I then added more dragees all around the first dragees such that they completely encircle the first one. 

  • Once the petals were done, I left the flowers to set completely overnight. And when the rest of the cake decoration was done, I attached the sugar flowers to the cake with fondant glue

And that was how I made these simple sugar flowers.

Hope you enjoyed this simple sugar flower tutorial. 

Happy cake decorating!

How to Make Simple Sugar Flowers

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