Simple Dog Birthday Cake for Kids

Looking for ideas of simple dog birthday cake for kids? Here is one I made a while ago for my sister’s friend. She wanted me to make this cake to celebrate her daughter’s second birthday. This was one of the many cakes I have made for her and it is always a pleasure to bake and decorate for her as she truly appreciates my work.

Simple Dog Birthday Cake for Kids

I am guessing that the daughter must really like dogs that the mother requested for a dog themed birthday cake. Anyhow, I for sure, truly enjoyed decorating this cake. This was not the first dog themed cake that I have decorated. I made a 2 tier cake with a dog topper and matching dog themed cupcakes for my niece’s first birthday and another one here, so this cake was the second dog themed cake for me.

Simple Dog Birthday Cake for Kids - Decorating Guide

These were the main supplies I used to decorate this cake:

  • Buttercream – I used buttercream to fill the cake as well as to crumb coat it.
  • Flower plunger cutters – I used these to cut the tiny 5-petal flowers I placed on the border of the cake as well as the dog’s head.
  • Round scalloped cutter set - I used this cutter to cut out the brown and pink scalloped round cut outs on which the fondant dog topper was placed on the cake as well as where the number ‘2’ cut out was placed on the side of the cake.

And this is the decorating guide for this simple dog birthday cake for kids:

I started by making the fondant dog topper a few days in advance. The dog was made entirely of fondant and I used my homemade fondant. The good thing about my fondant recipe is that it dries really nice and firm and does not require any CMC, even in humid environment. And it sets pretty fast too so that makes it easier to assemble the dog.

And so I set on making the fondant dog, in a sitting position (sitting on all for legs). The dog itself was white and had one large brown spot on its back. It's face also had large spot of brown and the tail was in the same brown too. 

I don’t have any step by step images on how I made the fondant dog as I didn’t think of taking any then and I so regret it now, but all I can say is that it was pretty easy to make this little cutie.

To make the dog, I started by estimating the size of the finished fondant dog. From there, I formed the dog’s body first. To make the body, I rolled my fondant into a thick short sausage and then made one end of it pointed upwards. That end is to be the dog’s neck. The other end of the sausage was left rounded.

And then I made the head. Again, in making the head, I made sure it was proportionate to the body. I started by rolling my fondant into a smooth round ball and then rolled the front portion to be slightly pointed. This was to form the nose and mouth portions of the dog.  Next, I rolled some brown fondant thin and wrapped it around the dog’s head from the bottom, ending right after its ears on the head. Using the same colored fondant, I added a large brown spot on the dog’s body. And using the same brown fondant I formed the dog’s ears.

After that, I using my fondant shaping tools, cut a small slit for its mouth and inserted the dogs tongue. And then I added the nose and the eyes and attached the head to the body with fondant glue. But before attaching the head to the body, I took some pink tinted fondant, formed a small smooth ball which I then flattened slightly and added in between the body and the head. This pink fondant was to form the dog's collar.

To make the tongue, I pinched a small piece of pink fondant, pressed it thin in a longish rounded shape, used by sugar craft knife to mark a line in the center and carefully pushed in one end of it into the dogs mouth. And then I curled the portion that was jotting out to give it a more natural tongue look.

Next were the dogs legs. To make these, I pinched 4 equal sized white fondant pieces for the 4 legs. I then rolled them into medium sized sausages, flatten the ends, folded them slightly and attached them to the dog ( I know its hard to follow with mere words description like this, but its pretty much the steps I took to make the dog). Once all the four legs were on, I used my sugar craft knife to mark the paws on each of the dog’s legs and then formed and added the dog's tail, which I rolled by hand in brown fondant and attached to the back of the fondant dog.

And finally, I added a tiny pink flower on the dog’s head. I cut the flower using my flower plunger cutter. With that my fondant dog was ready. I left the little fella to rest aside while I decorated the remainder of the cake.

Simple Dog Birthday Cake for Kids

For the cake, once it has baked and cooled down, I filled and crumb coated it with butter cream and then covered it with white fondant and placed it on a white fondant covered cake board.

Next, using the same flower plunger cutter I used to cut the flower on the dog’s head, I cut out lots of tiny brown flowers and placed these all around the base of the cake as its border. In the centre of each of these flowers, I added a smaller pink flower. All these were attached with fondant glue.

After that, I cut out a round fondant piece in brown using my scalloped round cutter and attached it to the centre of the cake. On it, I added a smaller cut out in pink. I then placed the fondant dog on these cut outs and secured it to the cake with fondant glue. I did another set of similar cut outs in brown and pink and placed them on the front side of the cake.


Simple Dog Birthday Cake for Kids

Next, I added the wordings on the cake. These were cut out using my TAPPIT letter cutters in Funky font in pink tinted gum paste. The birthday girl’s name went on the cake while the birthday wishes went on the board. And the number ‘2’ which is the birthday girl’s age, went on the round cut outs on the side of the cake. All these were attached to the cake with fondant glue.

Simple Dog Birthday Cake for Kids

Finally, I added the brown and pink dots on the cake. The dots were cut using my round plunger cutters in various sizes and were placed randomly on the cake.

And with that, my dog birthday cake was complete.

Simple Dog Birthday Cake for Kids

Hope this simple dog birthday cake for kids has inspired you to make one of your own.


Happy decorating :)

Pin this birthday cake idea for later here:

Simple Dog Birthday Cake for Kids

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