Simple Fathers Day Cake

This is my simple Fathers Day cake for 2018. My siblings and I decided to throw a small Father’s Day party in my home this year to celebrate my dad as well as our husbands who are also dads. We had a pot luck gathering and I took up the cake as well as a few other light dishes while my sister and brother contributed the rest of the food. In the rush of doing groceries and cooking, the cake kind of got pushed towards the afternoon for baking and decorating and so I had to really rush with the decoration to finish it on time.

Simple Fathers Day Cake

I know I could have done better with the cake decoration but overall, no one had any complaints. We were all so glad to be able to get together and spend the evening as one family.

My parents are both vegetarians and to cater for them, I decided to bake an eggless cake. I was looking out for eggless cake recipes on the internet and saw a couple with some good reviews. Some of these recipes used pretty much the same ingredients so I finally picked one recipe, modified the ingredients as I did not have some of those ingredients listed at home and came up with my own version of vegetarian chocolate cake recipe.  I was not quite sure if the cake would turn out well since it was my first try and I have modified the recipe quite a bit, but I was so glad that it turned out absolutely delicious. Click here for the eggless chocolate cake recipe.

The best part about this recipe was that mixing it up was a super easy process, no creaming or beating with whisks was necessary. I only used a hand whisk to mix the wet and dry ingredients together and the batter was ready in no time.

Once baked, I levelled the tops and put the cakes into the refrigerator, to cool them down faster.

While the cakes were cooling down, I prepared my buttercream.

This was a 6 inches round cake, and I made the butter cream with 12 ounces of icing sugar and 8 ounces of butter. I also added 3 ounces of cocoa powder to turn it into chocolate buttercream. Now, this is not exactly the measurement I have for the buttercream recipe on my buttercream recipe page, but I was planning on making butter icing initially as I wanted to cover the cake with a smooth coat of icing and have the piped decoration only on the lower part of the cake. So that was how I started with a much higher ratio of sugar to butter. I started with 12 ounces of icing sugar, 3 ounces of cocoa powder and 6 ounces of butter. Halfway through mixing the icing, I changed my mind and decided that covering the sides with piped decorations will be faster and so decided that I would do buttercream instead. I only had one package of butter at room temperature and given that I was rushing for time, decided that I will make do with what ever remaining butter I had at room temperature. I added the remaining butter I had which was an additional 2 ounces, so that made the total butter in the buttercream be 8 ounces.  

Once the cakes have cooled down completely, I assembled the cake. I filled it with the chocolate buttercream and crumb coated the sides with buttercream. I then filled the remaining icing into a disposable piping bag fitted with Wilton star tip number 21.

Simple Fathers Day Cake

To be very frank, piping the icing was hard as it was still pretty stiff. That is why the icing appeared rather serrated on the cake as well. It was too rush for me to add more butter into the icing so I just went ahead with the stiff piping.

Before I continue with the decorating process, lets look at the main supplies I used for this cake.

Simple Fathers Day Cake

Simple Fathers Day Cake – Main Supplies & Decorating Guide

These were the main supplies I used for this simple Fathers Day cake:

  • Cake  - 6 inch round eggless chocolate cake. (recipe coming soon)
  • Fondant – I used Satin Ice fondant in blue and that was only for the lettering on the cake as well as the blue hearts cut outs I placed randomly on the top and sides of the cake.
  • Sprinkles & dragees – I had some leftover blue sprinkles which I prepared for a cupcake project. These sprinkles were originally white and I colored them myself to suit the cupcake project I was working on (click here to see how I did it). The gold dragees were store bought and I purchased them from a local cake decorating supplies shop.
  • Disposable kitchen towel.

So, after the crumb coat, I applied another layer of buttercream to the cake top and smoothed it with a spatula. And then I placed my disposable kitchen towel on top of the icing and used a fondant smoother to gently smoothen the top. This is an effective  way to get a smooth surface for buttercream covered cakes but the kitchen towel used should not have any patterns on it. Mine had so you can see the pattern on my cake top. I thought it was quite nice anyway so I left it that way.

For the sides, since I was planning on covering it with piped patterns, I did not add anymore icing than the crumb coat I had applied earlier. I then used my skewer to divide the sides of the cake into 8 sections and then within each section, I drew a diamond shape.

I started the piping decorations on the background first before moving to the diamond shapes.

For a contrast in the pattern, for the diamond shapes, I filled them with vertical zigzag lines, starting from left to right, while the background was piped in horizontal lines. Here is a close up of the cake side:

Once the whole cake was covered, I did the wordings in blue fondant. Again, the plan was to put up the words “Happy Father’s Day”, but there was just no more time. So I decided to stop with “Father” instead.

I then decorated the edges with some blue sprinkles and gold dragees I had on hand. I sprinkled these randomly  the top edges of the cake as well as the bottom edges. And finally, I cut out a couple of blue fondant hearts using my hearts plunger cutter set and placed them on the cake randomly, both on top of the cake as well on the sides.

And that was how I completed my simple Fathers Day cake for 2018. 

Happy Decorating  :)

Simple Fathers Day Cake

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