2 Tier Rustic Buttercream Wedding Cake

I made this rustic buttercream wedding cake for a customer who requested for a simple wedding cake for her wedding reception party. The party was held at a restaurant and the reception package included a large decorated dummy cake (with a small portion of real cake solely for the purpose of cake cutting), but my customer wanted a real cake for her cake cutting ceremony. And so, she requested that I make a simple floral themed cake for her.

Rustic Buttercream Wedding Cake

The request was quite at the last minute, about one week before the function, and though I was reluctant to take up the order, she managed to persuade me into accepting it. And one of the reasons I accepted the order was because she was not picky about the cake design which meant that I am free to design it for her but wished for the cake to be decorated with flowers. Coincidently, I had some left over gum paste roses and gum paste hydrangea flowers which I made for another wedding cake, so I had ready gum paste roses which could be used to decorate the cake fairly quickly. So I came up with a simple design, agreed on the colors and she was all ok for it. 

Rustic Buttercream Wedding Cake

This was how I made this rustic buttercream wedding cake:

There were the main supplies I used to make this rustic buttercream wedding cake:

  • Cake – This was a two tier cake with the top tier measuring 6 inches and the bottom tier measuring 9 inches. Each tier was 4 inches high. I used my butter pound cake recipe for both tiers.
  • Buttercream – the entire cake was filled and coated with buttercream. I have 2 versions of buttercream recipe that I use for my cakes. The first version is an all-butter buttercream while the second version is butter-shortening buttercream. Since I live in a hot and humid climate, it is quick tricky to work with all butter buttercream so when it comes to covering a cake with buttercream, I prefer to use my second version of buttercream recipe, which is the butter-shortening one. Shortening is much stable in hot weather so it definitely helped in keep the buttercream texture consistent throughout the decorating process. Click here to go to my buttercream recipes page. Both are on the same page so do scroll down to find both recipes.
  • Gum Paste – I used Satin Ice gum paste to make the roses and hydrangeas on the cake.
  • Silver dragees - I bought these from a local cake decorating supplies shop.
  • Butterflies – these were also bought from a local craft shop. There were made of wire and soft cloth and not edible.
  • Petal dusts – I used a number of colors for the flowers on this cake, namely pink, violet, blue, orange and yellow.

And this was how I put the rustic buttercream wedding cake together:

  • First step in the process, just like all other cakes was getting all those steps and deco and can be prepared ahead of time ready in advance. For this cake, it was getting the gum paste flowers ready. I had some left over roses and hydrangeas flowers from another wedding cake order that I could use for this cake, but those were not enough to complete the design so I went ahead and made a couple more roses and a bunch of hydrangeas. All the flowers were made using white gum paste so it was pretty convenient to use them for this project.
  • I have separate tutorials for the roses and the hydrangea flowers. Click here for the gum paste roses tutorial and here for the gum paste hydrangea tutorial or click on the images below. The gum paste roses shown in the tutorial were made using pink gum paste but the flowers on this cake were made using white gum paste. I did not show any petal dusting steps in the tutorial. But you can see how I did it in the hydrangea flowers tutorial and follow the same steps to dust your white roses into any color your like. 

  • The roses were wired while the hydrangeas were not all wired. The tutorial I have above is for non-wired version. I do not have a tutorial for wired hydrangeas for now, but basically, if you want to make wire hydrangeas, attached the flower center onto a wire first in a similar way I showed on how to attached the wire to the rose bud. But, you a smaller gauge wire and the loop as the end of your wire should be as small as possible as the hydrangea flower centers are very small. Leave the buds to dry completely before attaching the petals. To attached the petals, simply cut out one petal and insert the wired hydrangea centre right through the center of the flower. Apply glue lightly on the base of the wired flower center to securely attached the petal to the center.  To dry the flowers, hang them upside down on a flower drying stand. Once the flowers were all set and dry, you can dust them. The hydrangeas were dusted in blue (some in light blue and some in darker blue) while the roses were dusted in violet, pink, yellow and orange. To match the rustic theme of the cake, I dusted my flowers such that each flower had a deeper hue in the center and at the tip of its petals as compared to the rest of the other parts. 

  • Next in the process was stacking the cakes. I used bubble tea straws as the support structure for the bottom tier.  And finally, I added the flowers. Since the roses were wired, I inserted the wires into lollipop sticks before poking them into the cake. The same with wired hydrangeas. The roses went on the cake first, starting right in the middle of the cake between the first tier and second tier. And then I worked my way down and after that, upwards is a swirling cascade. The roses were concentrated more on the bottom tier while the top tier and top of the cake had hydrangeas. Attaching the unwired hydrangeas to the cake was very easy, the buttercream on the cake helped to hold them in place without the need for any fondant glue. 

  • Once the flower arrangement was done, I attached the 2 butterflies. Since these were also wired, I used lollipop sticks for them too. And finally, to add the finishing touches to the cake, I attached silver dragees all along the flower arrangement at random intervals.

And that was it, my 2 tier rustic buttercream wedding cake.

Happy decorating :)

Rustic Buttercream Wedding Cake

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