Easy Rainbow Fondant Clouds

I call this easy rainbow fondant clouds because they really are super easy to make, no cutters, no special tools. Some fondant and a pair of hands is all that is needed to make these clouds. And I call them rainbow clouds because I used them to decorate a rainbow themed cake.

In fact, I had 2 different types of fondant clouds on that cake, one on top of the cake in 3D form, and the other type is the 2D ones I have on this page. And off course, there is a separate tutorial for the 3D fondant clouds, you can read all about how I made them here:

I have also made a separate tutorial on how to create a 2D fondant rainbow, and that, you can read here:

How to Make Easy Rainbow Fondant Clouds

These were the main supplies I used to make the clouds (like I mentioned earlier on, there really are no tools involved in making these fondants clouds, so essentially its only these 2 supplies:

  • Fondant - I used white Satin Ice fondant. No need to tint it as clouds are white and there is also no need to add any CMC or tylose to strengthen it.
  • Shortening - I used shortening to attach the clouds on the sides of the cake. Fondant glue can also be used, but shortening can do the work just as fine. 

And this was how I made and assembled the clouds on the rainbow birthday cake:

  • I started off by pinching out fondant pieces in random sizes (using marbles size as a guide, I had some pieces smaller and some pieces larger, but overall, they were all within such range).
  • I then rolled the pieces to form smooth balls. 

  • One by one, I pressed them lightly with my thumb to flatten them slightly.

  • And then, using shortening, I attached the flattened balls of fondant all around the base of the cake. In doing this, I made sure the sizes of the fondant balls vary such that I had a good mix of the varying sizes well alternated all around cake. 

  • Once the first row of the fondant clouds were completed, I moved on to add more at the base of the rainbow. 
  • Again, I attached another row of fondant balls, this time, overlapping the earlier row and the base of the rainbow. 

  • And then, I added one more flattened ball, this time, overlapping on the second row of clouds. And this was how one side of the clouds surrounded rainbow looked like.

  • I repeated the same process on the other end of the rainbow, with some fondant balls overlapping the first row and the rainbow, while others directly above the first row but overlapping the rainbow.

  • And this was how the completed rainbow fondant clouds at the base of the rainbow looked like.

  • Next were the free form clouds on the sides of the cake. These clouds were made similar to the rainbow fondant clouds. Again, I formed random sized fondant balls and flattened each lightly with my thumb.
  • I picked balls of varying sizes for each cloud and arranged them one by one, as close to one another as possible in a cluster.

  • I used shortening to attach these flatted fondant pieces and in arranging them in a cluster, I pushed them as close to one another as possible with one of two smallest fondant balls overlapping the rest. 
  • And these was how the finished clouds looked like. Wasn't that easy?

Happy Decorating :)

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