Puppy In a Box Cake

I made this puppy in a box cake for a lady who loves her dog to bits. The cake was ordered by her daughter and she specifically requested for a dog to be incorporated into the cake design, hence I came up with this puppy in a box design.

Puppy In a Box Cake

The cake was pretty straightforward to decorate, I had the box cover that is leaning against the cake made in Styrofoam and covered in fondant so that saved me the trouble of having to structure and support the piece had it been made with cake. And the puppy head was made of fondant that has been added CMC. The lollipop was hand made with fondant and the pink roses on the cake were store bought.


Here is how I decorated the puppy in a box cake:

These were the main supplies needed for the cake:

  • Cake – I baked a 7 inches square cake. The cake itself is approximately 4 inches in height and I used my butter pound cake recipe.
  • Buttercream – As in almost all my cakes, I used buttercream to fill the cake as well as to crumb coat it.
  • Fondant – The whole cake was covered and decorated in fondant. I used Satin Ice fondant for every deco piece on the cake including the puppy head and the lollipop. For these 2 items, since they were in 3D shapes, I added some CMC to help them hold shape better. I also used CMC added white fondant to make the ‘tissue’ paper in the box.
  • Gumpaste roses – I used a total of 5 small gumpaste roses. These were store bought.
  • Extruder tool – I used the extruder tool to make the fondant rope border for the cake.
  • Plaque cutter – I used the plaque cutter to put the birthday message on the cake board
  • Alphabet cutters – I used tappit cutters for the alphabets on the cake. These were cut out using gumpaste.
  • Styrofoam – I used a flat square Styrofoam piece in the same size as the cake to be used at the lid for the box cake. 
  • Round plunger cutters – These were used to create the polka dots on the box lid.

And this was how I decorated and assembled the cake:

  • As usual, all deco elements that could be made ahead of time were prepared in advance. These included the puppy head and his birthday hat, the lollipop and the box lid.
  • Next was the cake. I baked it in 2 separate tins. Once baked and completely cooled, I layered and sandwiched them with buttercream. And then I crumb coated the cake before covering it with fondant.  For the fondant, I did not cover the entire cake like how I normally do for all cakes. Instead, I only covered the sides with white fondant and attached the vertical strips of purple, pink and brown fondant all around the cake. Once the strips were completed, I attached a rolled fondant border on the top edges of the cake. For the bottom border, I used my extruder tool to pipe out a rope border in purple fondant and attached it to the cake with shortening. 
  • Next to go on the cake were the fondant tissues on top of the cake. To do this, I rolled my white fondant really thin and cut them into random square and rectangle pieces. I then placed them slightly crumpled all over the top of the cake until it is well covered with them.
  • Then, on one corner, I attached the fondant lollipop with at the other corner, the puppy with party hat went on.
  • I completed the rest of the deco (the gumpaste roses and name plaque) before placing the box lid on the side of the cake. To make the the lid does not move, I attached it to the cake and the cake board with fondant glue.


Puppy In a Box Cake

And that was how I decorated my puppy in the box cake.


Hope you enjoyed this sharing.

Happy decorating:)

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