Plumeria Wedding Cake

Here is a plumeria wedding cake I designed recently. The theme flowers were plumeria (also commonly known as frangipani flowers) and the overall intention was to create a cake with minimal decoration, keeping it simple yet elegant. 

The cake itself was easy to assemble, and having made the flowers in advance, it was quite a breeze to set the cake up!

How I Made the Plumeria Wedding Cake

These are the supplies I used in completing this plumeria wedding cake;

  • Cake - This was a 2 tier cake, with the bottom tier measuring 9 inches round while the top was 6 inches round. The height of each tier was 6 inches, as such the total height of the cake without any decoration on the top was 12 inches. I used my butter pound cake recipe for the cake, and if you intend to use the same recipe, please do note that since my cakes were 6 inches high, I had to increase the calculated recipes for 6 inches and 9 inches round cakes by 1.5 times as my recipes were calculated to produce cakes that are 4 inches tall.
  • Buttercream - Each tier had 3 layers of cake and each layer was sandwiched with vanilla buttercream. I also used buttercream to crumb coat the cakes before covering them with fondant.
  • Fondant - I used Satin Ice white fondant to cover both cakes. Satin Ice works best of me and I use it for all my fondant cakes.
  • Gold ribbon - I used this ribbon for the cake borders. This was purchased from a local craft shop and is not edible.
  • Gumpaste plumeria flowers - I made these flowers in advance using Satin Ice white gum paste and then dusted the centers with yellow food color.
  • 'Love Birds' topper - this was a ready made topper I purchased from a local cake decorating supply shop. It was made of glitter paper and attached to a white lollipop pick.
  • Fondant glue - I made this glue using CMC powder and used it to stick the plumeria flowers onto the cake as well as to attach the gold ribbon on the cake.

And this is how I assembled the plumeria wedding cake:

  • I started with the basics - leveled the cakes, sandwiched them with buttercream and then stacked and crumb coated with buttercream. Each tier was separately covered in fondant and stacked on top of one another.
  • The cake board I used for this cake was 9 inches round, and was the same width as the bottom tier of the cake. 
  • I then wrapped the gold ribbon on the borders of each tier and secure the ends with some fondant glue (if fondant glue does not work well, I sometimes use hot glue to secure the ends of the ribbon and in doing this, I take extra care to make sure the glue does not touch the cake).
  • Next, I poked the glitter "Mr & Mrs" topper in the center of the top tier. And placed two gum paste plumerias on the front of the topper (I secured the flowers with a little fondant glue)

  • Next, I started arranging the balance plumerias on the bottom of the first tier.

  • And I secured the flowers in place with fondant glue. And this is how it looked like:

And that's it. My plumeria wedding cake.

Hope you enjoyed reading this.

Happy decorating!

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