Pig in the Bath Tub Cake

I made this pig in the bath tub cake for my sister’s birthday. The cake was requested by her husband for her 33rd birthday and he let me decide on the theme for the cake. He knew I would choose something sarcastic or humorous and was perfectly ok with it.

I simply love it when I am left to decide on the design of cakes. It allows me to come up with something unique for the cake design and that was exactly what I did for this cake.

My sister used to be nicknamed ‘piggy’ at home and so I decided there could not be a better theme for her than a piggy themed cake for her birthday.

Pig in the Bath Tub Cake
The design of this cake was inspired by this hippo in a bath tub design created by Maisie Parrish in her book Fun and Original Character Cakes. I decided to use some of the elements on that design into my cake and changed the hippo to a piggy.

I must say, this was a super fun cake to decorate, partly because I got a good chance at getting on at my sister, and also partly because I got to decide on the design. The cake itself was the bath tub and it was a rather small cake. The rest of the decorations were all in fondant and gum paste.

All in all, I hope you will find this design as exciting as I did decorating it.

Pig in the Bath Tub Cake Decorating Guide

These were the main supplies I used to decorate this cake:

  • Buttercream – Buttercream was used to fill the cake layers as well as to crumb coat the cake.
  • Fondant – The entire cake was covered in fondant, including the cake board. I used Satin Ice fondant in white, red, pink and blue. I also tinted some white fondant in moss green for the tiny leaves on the cake board.
  • Gum paste – I used very little gumpaste in this project ie to make the head wrap for the pig. I tinted the gumpaste in Ivory food color.
  • CMC powder – I added this to the black fondant when making Mickey’s ears.
  • Flower plunger cutter – I used this to cut out the tiny flower on the pig’s head wrap.
  • Square plunger cutter – I used the largest cutter to cut out the squares for the checked patterns on the cake board.
  • Shortening

And this was how I put the cake together:

I started by baking the cake first. For this project, the cake made up the bath tub. And I baked it in 2 oval shaped cake tins and that was the closest shape cake tin that I had to that of a bathtub. 

While waiting for the cakes to bake, I prepared the checked cake board. To achieve the checked pattern on the board, I simply used my square plunger cutter and cut out a reasonable amount of pink and white fondant squares. I then arranged them on my cake board that has been generously applied with shortening. The shortening acted as glue to hold the fondant cut outs in place and also made it easy to re position the cut outs without affecting their shape. For the edges, I went on and added square fondant cut outs even though parts of them were sticking outside the cake board. I carried on attaching the squares until the entire cake board was covered and then turned the cake board over and used my pizza cutting wheel to trim off all the excess square cut outs that were sticking outside the perimeter of the cake board. And then I turned the cake board over again and left is aside for later use. For easier handling of the square fondant cut outs, I actually left them to rest for a few minutes after cutting to allow them to harden slightly before arranging them on my cake board. That way, the square shapes of the cut outs remained perfectly angled as they were cut. 

Pig in the Bath Tub Cake

Once the cakes were baked and have cooled down, I leveled and sandwiched them together with buttercream. I then trimmed and refined the shaped of the cake to assemble that of a bath tub. To do this, I rounded the top edges of the cake. This was to become the bottom of the cake (i.e. the bath tub) and I did it this way as it was so much easier to carve the cake this way.  With the cake still in the same upside-down position, I applied a thin layer of buttercream and covered it with white fondant.

I smoothed the fondant well, trimmed off the excess and then, turned the cake over onto a cake board. Upon turning, the bottom of the cake was now the earlier rounded top of the cake and the earlier bottom of the cake has now become the top.

Next, I added the trimming to the top edges of the bath tub. To do this, I rolled a long thick piece of white fondant and attached it all round the top edges of the bath tub. I then carefully lifted the bathtub and transferred it onto my earlier prepared pink and white checked cake board. I placed the bathtub cake towards the end of the cake board to allow some space on the front on the cake for the birthday wordings.

Pig in the Bath Tub Cake

And then I made the fondant pig. I used pink tinted fondant and added some CMC to it so that the piggy would hold its shaped and dry firmer. I started with the body and then made the head. I added all the facial features including the towel wrapping (I made the towel with gum paste as it was much more elastic and was able to be twisted without tearing). I attached the head to the body using fondant glue and added both its arms. I then placed the body (without the legs) onto the bath tub cake such that the head was resting on the edge of the bath tub.

I then formed the legs and added them on. Next, I added the large blue fondant brush which I attached to the pig’s hand using fondant glue. The brush bristles were made with tiny white hand shaped fondant balls.

After that, I pinched lots of white fondant pieces in random sizes, formed them into smooth round balls and added them randomly into the bath tub. Where needed, I used shortening to them to hold them in place. 

Pig in the Bath Tub Cake

With that, the pig and the bathtub were done. Next were the cake wordings. I cut the letters in white fondant using my FMM block letter cutters. I arranged them on a brown fondant plaque which was cut by hand using the pizza cutting wheel. For added deco, I used my old Wilton pattern press tools to press the scrolls designs around the edges of the brown fondant cut out. I attached the letters plaque on the cake board, right in front of the bathtub cake.

Finally, I added some tiny hand rolled red roses and hand formed green leaves on 3 sides of the fondant plaque cut out. I secured these in place with fondant glue.

Pig in the Bath Tub Cake

And with that, the pig in the bathtub birthday cake was complete.

Hope you enjoyed this sharing.

Pig in the Bath Tub Cake

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