Funny Pig In Mud Cake

Here is a funny pig in mud cake I made with a pig playing in 'chocolate mud'.

This piggy cake can be a cool way of teasing someone close, which is exactly why I made the cake. The person I made the cake for is often nicknamed ‘piggy’ in the family and we decided we would tease her more on her birthday by making her a pig themed cake, this time a messy pig in mud cake!

This was a fairly easy cake to make, and can be assembled pretty quickly too provided the fondant pig and the chocolate fence has been prepared ahead of time.

How to Make Funny Pig in Mud Cake

Here is what I used to make this cake:

  • One square chocolate cake – I made an 8 inch square chocolate cake and covered it with chocolate ganache. I used my favorite chocolate cake recipe and baked only one layer. Since it was a single layer cake, the cake height was approximately 2 inches only. The cake was for a small family event so we did not want too much cake. Since it was a single layer, I did not layer it further, so the cake was not filled with any icing. But off course if you want it to be filled, you can always layer the cake for filling or you can bake 2 cakes and sandwich them together.
  • Chocolate ganache – I made the chocolate ganache based on my recipe here. In fact, I made the ganache one day ahead so that the icing would thicken and be of the right consistency of the cake.
  • Chocolate covered finger cookies – I bought these from a local store and used them with fondant to create the fence. These are basically long and thin cookies dipped in chocolate. 
  • Fondant – There was not much fondant used on the cake. I used it to make the pig, to hold the chocolate cookies fence together as well as for the tiny flowers on the cake. The pig was made using pink fondant (I used Wilton fondant for this – I don’t normally use Wilton fondant but had some extra at home and the pink was very suitable for the pig, so I used it). To hold the chocolate biscuits, I used black fondant while the tiny flowers and leaves were made using yellow, red and green fondant.
  • Birthday message plaque – I bought this from a local cake decorating shop. It was made of plastic and has a pick so it was easy to just poke it anywhere on the cake in a upright position.

And here is how I assembled this pig in mud cake:

  • I baked the cake, levelled and placed it on a cake board.
  • I then covered it with generous amounts of chocolate ganache. Using a palette knife, I created the spikes effect on the chocolate ganache on the cake
  • Once the whole cake was covered with ganache spikes, I positioned the cookie fence on the cake. I poked the fence very gently into the cake. I made a total of 4 of these fence and placed them at the edge of the cake, forming a ‘closure’ for the pig.
  • I made the fondant pig a few days ahead. I do that for all my fondant figurines to give them enough time to set and harden.
  • I also made the chocolate cookie fence a head of time. To make this, I simply rolled long ropes of black fondant and tied the chocolate biscuits together to form the fence. I must admit, this was not very easy to do, and it took me a while because it was kind of difficult to hold the cookies in place while tying them with soft ‘fondant’ ropes.
  • Once the fence was in place, I place the fondant pig in the centre. The chocolate ganache was enough to hold the pig in place so I did not use any picks or glue to hold it. I then dabbed some chocolate ganache randomly on the pig to give it a messy mud effect.
  • Finally, the flowers and leaves went on, and followed by the birthday message plaque.

And that’s it. My funny pig in mud cake.

Hope you enjoyed this sharing !

Happy Caking :)

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