How to Make Ocean Waves on Cakes

Ocean waves on cakes is a great decorating idea for beach themed cakes. Here is one such idea I used for a beach birthday cake I designed for an 18 year old girl recently. 

How to Make Ocean Waves on Cakes with Fondant

In fact, I used 2 different types of sea waves effect on the cake, one which is 2D (as can be seen in the image above and is also what this tutorial covers) and the other is a 3D effect (the swirls of fondant on both tiers) which is covered in a separate tutorial here.

I have also put together a full tutorial on how to assemble the beach birthday cake and you can see it here.

Now back to the 2d waves tutorial I am going to cover on this page. See below for the main supplies needed and how I put the waves up on the cake.

How to Create Ocean Waves on Cakes with Fondant:

These are the supplies needed to make these ocean waves on cakes:

  • Ocean Waves Cutter - I bought this cutter from an online shop. This is just one cutter and I used it to create 2 different types of sea waves on my cake.
  • Fondant - I used Satin Ice fondant in white and colored it blue with Wilton Royal Blue food color.
  • Sugarcraft knife - This is one of my favorite cake decorating tools. I used this handy tool for cutting off excess fondant ocean waves from my cake.
  • Shortening -  I used shortening as the glue to put the waves up on the cake.
  • Ruler - the ruler was used as a guide when trimming my fondant waves. 

And this was how I assembled the waves on my cake:

  • First task was to tint my fondant. Only very little coloring was required for the waves so I dipped a toothpick into the food color bottle and used only that to color my fondant.

  • Next was cutting out the waves. Like I mentioned earlier, I used the same cutter to produce two types of waves and it all depends on how the cutter is positioned on the fondant.

  • The first type I made were the rounded waves. I used these for the first tier of the cake. To make these waves, I rolled a long thin piece of fondant (making sure the width is as what I wanted it to be and the length enough to cover the sides of the cake) and placed the cutter with its bottom side upwards.

  • And then I pressed it into my fondant strip. Since the cutter in open ended and I wanted my ocean waves to be seamless, I simply lifted the cutter, and placed it next to the cut pattern so that the waves are cut seamlessly.

  • And then, using my ruler, I trimmed the bottom to make it even.

  • To attach the waves on the cake, I brushed the cake with some shortening and then carefully rolled the ocean waves loosely and unrolled it as I attach it to the sides of my cake. To make sure the pattern appears even all around the cake, when unrolling the waves towards the starting line, I adjust it so that the design overlaps consistently. 

  • And then I used my sugar craft knife and cut the excess waves off. 

  • See how the design appears continuous after joining:

  • Next were the ocean waves for the bottom tier. Again,  I used the same cutter, but this time, with the pointed waves upwards and the rounded waves at the bottom (this essentially means placing the cutting in the opposite direction as compared to the earlier placement). And I used my ruler to guide the cutter so that I get the waves in a straight line and the width is consistent.

  • And this was how the waves turned out:

  • And I attached it to the cake the same way as I did for the earlier waves pattern.

  • And this was how the cake looked like with the fondant ocean waves on both tiers. 

  • These waves were the base decoration on my beach birthday cake. I went on to add more fondant elements to it and this was how the cake looked like upon completion:

Hope you enjoyed this ocean waves on cakes tutorial. If you have any comments or queries, please leave them below and I will revert as soon as I can.

Happy Decorating :)

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