Easy Mothers Day Cake

I made this Mothers Day cake for my mom many years back. It was a simple cake with a topiary design on it and basket weave pattern on the sides of the cake. 

Topiary Mothers Day Cake

The cake was pretty easy to decorate. I used buttercream and butter icing for the entire cake. The cake itself was a single tier cake and I did not layer or fill it with any icing. 

I was generally pleased with the way the cake turned out though I wish I had made the pot look a little better than how it looks on the cake. I particularly like the topiary plant itself with all the tiny pink flowers in it. 

Let me explain how I made this cake.

How to Make Topiary Mothers Day Cake

These were the main supplies I used to make this cake:

  • Buttercream - I used buttercream for all my piping work which includes the cake borders and the topiary plant. 
  • Buttericing - Butter icing is just a stiffer version of my buttercream and I used this to cover my cake.
  • Piping tips - I used a total of 4 different piping tips for this project. One is a round tip number 3 (for the wordings), star tip number 18 (for the rope borders), serrated basket weave tip number 48 for the basket weave pattern, leaf tip number 67 for the leaves and a drop flower tip. All these tips are from Wilton except for the drop flower tip which was purchased from a local cake decorating shop. I tried to find a similar one with Wilton tips but could not find one that is matching exactly to this. However Wilton has a couple of other drop flower decorating tips which can be used in place on mine. Here is how my drop flower tip looks like:
  • Disposable piping bags - I always use disposable piping bags when working with buttercream. They are the easiest as no washing is required after use!
  • Witlon Alphabet press - I used this to imprint the word 'Mummy' on the cake. I bought this press quite a number of years ago and cannot seem to find it online anymore, so I am unable to provide the link here).
  • Silver dragees - I used this as flower centres for all the 5-petal pink flowers I piped on the sides of the cake.

And this was how I assembled the cake:

  • Once the cake was baked, I leveled it and covered the top with butter icing. As I have mentioned earlier, I did not fill the cake with any icing, so this was just a single layer cake covered in butter icing. 
  • The buttericing I used was not tinted with any color hence the light yellow color of the icing is the natural color of butter.
  • After that, I covered the sides with basket weave designs. 

  • Next was the topiary plant and the flower pot. these were made by mixing my earlier cake crumbs (after I leveled the cake) with butter icing (something similar to how you make cake pops). For the pot, I added cocoa powder and formed the pot by hand. As for the plant, I used the same cake + icing dough and formed a half sphere with the guide of a small bowl I had. And then I added the stem with brown icing which I piped using my star tip. 
Easy Mothers Day Cake

  • And then I covered the topiary plant with green leaves (using my leaf tip) and added the tiny pink flowers in random order and finished off with more leaves around the flowers.

  • Next was the cake border. These were rope borders piped using my star tip. 

  • Once the border was done, I did the wordings. To do this, I used Wilton letter press, and imprinted the word 'MUMMY'  on the cake. The plan was to leave just the imprinted letters on the cake but after doing that I felt that the cake would look better with some color on the wordings, so I used my round piping tip and pink icing to pipe over the imprinted word. 

  • And for the final touches, I piped tiny pink flowers all around the sides of the cake as well on one on the flower pot and added silver sugar dragees as the flower centers. 

And that was it. My flower topiary Mothers Day cake was ready.

Hope you enjoyed this.

Happy Decorating :)

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