Marshmallows Cupcake Decorating Idea

This marshmallows cupcake decorating idea is super easy, so easy that you can even get your children to do it with you!

I did not make these for any special occasion, I just happened to bake some chocolate chip cupcakes and had some mini marshmallows at home, so I decided to try and pair the marshmallows with my chocolate chip cupcakes. I must say, both were definitely an excellent combination as the cupcakes finished very quickly at home!

Marshmallows Cupcake Decorating - Here is how I decorated the cupcakes

These are the supplies I used to decorate these cupcakes:

  • Cupcakes - I made the cupcakes using my chocolate chip cupcakes recipe. The recipe produces batter that is not only rich in chocolate taste, it also calls for addition of chocolate chips in the batter which gives the cupcakes the  occasional crunch as one bites into the chocolate chips. 
  • Chocolate Ganache - I used ganache to cover the cupcakes as well to stick chocolate chips on the marshmallows. 
  • Mini marshmallows - these were store bought and come in mini sizes, perfect to be put on cupcakes. I used a mix of pink and white mini marshmallows for this cupcake decorating project.
  • Chocolate chips - these were basically leftovers from baking the cupcakes. 

Mini Marshmallows

Chocolate Chips

And this is how I assembled the cupcakes:

  • Once the cupcakes were baked, I let them cool completely. The cupcakes turned out only very slightly domed and I did not level them. And while waiting for the cupcakes to cool down, I made the chocolate ganache.

  • Once the cupcakes were completely cooled, I covered each cupcakes with a smooth layer of chocolate ganache. 

  • Next was the decorating part. I poured the mini marshmallows into a plate and chose the pink ones for the first layer on the cupcakes. While the ganache was still soft, I attached the marshmallows all around the diameter of the cupcakes.

  • Next, I took some white marshmallows and arranged them all around the inside of the pink marshmallows circle.

  • And then the final layer of mini marshmallows was again in pink. I arranged the marshmallows such that they are well distributed on the cupcake and there is no apparent gap that could be seen in between each marshmallow.

  • Next were the chocolate chips. To make sure the chocolate chips stayed in place on each of the marshmallows, I used chocolate ganache as the 'glue'. I filled chocolate ganache into a piping bag and cut a tiny hole in the bag. I attached chocolate chips with tiny dots of ganache on the middle and centre marshmallow circles.

And that was it. My marshmallows cupcake decorating idea!

I made 2 versions of this design, using the pink and white layers in different combinations as can be seen below:

Hope you enjoyed reading this!

Happy cupcaking :) :)

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