Manchester United Cake

I made this Manchester United cake for my brother’s 23rd birthday. He is a die-hard MU Football fan and was smiling from cheek to cheek when I presented the cake to him. And he was so careful in cutting the cake, he made sure no one accidentally cut the logo. Such is his love for Manchester United!

This was a buttercream cake, and was fairly easy to put together. The only thing that took me a bit of time to make was the logo.

How to Decorate a Manchester United Cake

These are the supplies I used to decorate this cake:

  • One 12 inches by 10 inches rectangle cake. I did not have a large rectangle cake tin of that size, so I used by smaller cake tin which measures 6 inches by 10 inches to make 2 cakes and joined them together to get the 12 inches by 10 inches size. The cake itself was made using my butter pound cake recipe.
  • Buttercream icing – I divide the icing into two – one which I tinted green and the other I tinted white (for the lines on the football field). The white portion was very small as I only needed it for the lines on the field. The cake border is of a darker green tint, and what I did was use the left over green icing after covering the whole cake and added more green coloring for a darker shade of green.
  • Fondant icing – The Manchester United logo was cut out of fondant. I did not tint the icing, instead painted the logo after cutting it out of fondant.  I also used fondant for the birthday wishes on the cake. These were cut out using Wilton alphabet cutters and painted in gold.
  • Plastic goal posts – I purchased these from a local cake decorating store. They actually come in a set of 2 goal posts and a few football players. I did not want the players on the cake, so I only used the goal posts.
  • Manchester United logo template – I prepared this template by tracing the MU logo onto a parchment paper. And in doing that, I made sure the logo is of a size that I want on the cake.
  • Wilton round piping tip and grass piping tip.

And here is how I decorated the Manchester United cake:

  • Using the MU logo which I traced onto a parchment paper, I cut it out of thinly rolled fondant. I then traced the details on the logo onto the fondant cut outs using my sugarcraft knife. The idea is to transfer all the outlines on the fondant so that I can paint it following the outlines. (I used a similar technique for my Ben 10 cake and Bob the Builder cake.)
  • Each letter in the phrase “Manchester United” were cut out separately.
  • I left the logo and the letters to harden overnight. It’s easier to paint and work with fondant when it’s nice and dry.
  • Once the logo was set, I painted it with red and yellow, using an actual MU logo as a guide. I also painted the letters and once all the painting was done, I arranged the letters “Manchester United” on the logo.
  • As for the cake itself, once it was baked and cooled, I levelled the top and attached both cakes using some buttercream. I then covered the whole cake with a thin layer of buttercream.
  • Next, using the grass tip and green icing, I piped the ‘grass’ on the cake. For the sides, I used a star tip and piped long vertical rows of icing. I finished the buttercream piping with a border for the cake using darker shade of buttercream and grass tip.
  • After than, using white buttercream, I piped the lines on the football field cake. Then I placed the plastic goal posts on each end and slowly transferred the MU logo onto the cake and in doing that I made sure I left enough space for the birthday message to go on the cake.
  • Finally, I arranged the birthday wish fondant cut out letters on the Manchester United cake.

And that is how I decorated this Manchester United cake.

Hope you find this sharing useful.

Happy decorating! 

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